34 Yr Old Future Dra Yily Doll for 2016 - Dominican Republic, DO

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*Treatment results may vary

Was a originally going to see Dr Jamison in...

Was a originally going to see Dr Jamison in Atlanta For lipo,TT,bbl the cost was 16,000 after doing extensive research,reviews,YouTube documentaries I found that everything that people were saying above him was not much different than any of the other doctor reviews/ complaints and expectations why pay 16 grand when I can pay 6 grand and still look good! Dont get me wrong I love his work but now I'm loving yily even more can't wait to go to the DR

How to get a almost Free Boppy Pillow for BBL recovery

Hello Ladies for those of us who will be having BBL SX will need a support pillow so your butt doesn't get flat we need it to stay nice a JUICY!!! So if you go on Nursingpillow.com and select a printed pillow or a minky pillow its more if u want the minky then enter in promo code F9F4359C9 after that all you should pay is $14.99 for S&H. if were like me and your children are older most of us don't jus have one laying around the house and most of these pillow start at $24.99-45.99 so I had to jump on this deal even tho my sx date is may I hope you ladies find this info helpful act now I'm not sure how long the code is good for

Deposit Made

I had the hardest time trying to secure my deposit but finally its done $300.00 USD


Flight booked and let me say it was not cheap I've been watching this prices since January Because I'm not in a State with and international airport it made the ticket expensive plus I wasn't about to due no 12-20 hr layover not after SX that crazy anyway the cost was $664.36 booked through INSANELY CHEAP FLIGHTS also KAYAK had some ok deals

Patiently waiting

Waiting on the excitement and anxiousness to kick in it doesn't feel real yet lol I guess 87 days is to far away to be excited........

Not gone worry me!!

I'm feeling frustrated just when I think I got this surgery thing altogether something else throw me a curveball!!!!! smh went to see my PCP today he gave me three vaccinations the antibiotic, pain pills which is all great one of the antibiotics is not covered by my health insurance which makes it $80 ???? and my short term disability will not cover cosmetic surgery so I'm not going to be able to be off work far as long as I thought!!!!!???? waiting for my hemo to come back hoping everything is all good with that.........
On the bright side I got my drugs! Thank the Lord


Here a few pic's of sum of my supplies I still have a few more things to get but this is a good start........

Thinking about changing Doctors

Since I started this journey I knew that if I couldn't go to Duran it would be Yily hands dwn but as the days grow closer I really want my results to be amazing so I've been lookn at other girls results and im loving the king of asses Cabral his review are the same as most of the DR doctots my only concern is that he often burn his patients but his results as far as the BBL is ALWAYS ON POINT! And I know every person is diff and yes my health is top priority over looks but man I want it all feeling conflicted!!!! Usually I'm a very precise person and once I make my mind up about something I stick with but I did send an email to cabral for quote jus to see wht he says lord pls take the wheel would also like input/pics of any cabral Barbies

Almost but it good enough

Today I got my lab results from my PCP and my hemo is 12.6 really you can't be serious !!!!!!! lol 1 damn point away the requirement is 12.7 for SX but I ain't faded I'm sure I'll have that one point plus some by may I'm trying to be around 14

More wish pics

I dnt want fake or really big I wnt full,round, projection!!!

Helpful Info

Here's some helpful info I picked up on my everyday research on RS LOL yes my everyday.........
I can't help it I'm addicted anyway. Websites for your Tourist card is (touristcard@dgii.gov.do/tturistaweb/home) Reasonable faija is (Beautibybellavita) To register your trip with the embassy go to (STEP) Smart Traveler Enrollment Program not sure of the web address but google it it sure come up. Also For the upcoming SX ladies who want to check hemo before going to DR and dnt have Ins or dnt wnt to make an appt with your PCP its a website called (personalabs.com) were you can pay for a CBC test for $42.00 take paperwork to a lab and have test run I think u receive result in mail in two days not really sure bout all the details like I said before this is things I've soon other Rs sister's have tried hope its useful.............

Got got to get Hemo up

Started my blood builder Monday a few dolls said it works I hope so im willing to try anything at this point


Hey RS dolls I decided to write this review based on factual information that I researched via Google on deaths in the Dr since I've started my profile here on RS there has been nothing but talk about doctors who have had patience that died but there has been no new recent deaths since 2014 also a few dolls were saying that doctor Hector Cabral had 3 deaths I only found 2 that had actually been proven to be related to him I'm not here to discredit anything that anyone has said because if you think that is something that needs to be said about a doctor that people should know feel free to but alot of ppl jus take ppl words as truth and never really seek the truth themselves with that being said here's a list of the deaths that I Googled and found from the DR doctors it was a few more that happened in the Dominican Republic but was not related to Cipla and any time there's a death at Cipla you may jus hear Dr Cabral name because he is the owner of the Clinic. Someone stated that he was band from practicing medicine in the US he was never a licensed doctor in the US the article stated he was fined $20,000 for unauthorized patient care due to examining ladies in a salon where he then took deposits for SX in the DR he never performed 1 SX here, Ok here is a list of deaths I found may they rest in peace.....

Rachene Hutchinson died July 2014 heart attack (Dr Cabral)

Ericka Hernandez died Sept. 2013 after 17days of excruciating pain and high fever. I was wondering why she didn't return to the US for medical care maybe she was unable to travel not sure not judging (Dr Cabral)

Beverly Brignoni died march 2014 Embolism (Dr Lorenzo) he is not a doctor at Cipla but somehow this girl's death got tied in with them as been one of Dr Yily patients but thts not true

Yashica martes died 2013 this was stated by RS dolls that it was Dr. Hector Cabral but when I try to Google it no real info came up about this case all the other girls story was reported by some type of news coverage doesn't mean it's not true I'm just saying I couldn't find any information on it

Treena Jackson died Feb. 2014 after her third round of SX in the DR her lap band busted and punctured her stomach causing it to spill on to her organs making her become septic ( Dr Yily)

With all this being said dolls please stay prayed up and pick your doctor based on your research and how you feel in your heart about a doctor No One Is Safe in anyone's hands complications can arise with anyone please be mindful that you are going to a foreign country take all the precautions you need to be safe there are other doctors in the DR and they may have had deaths also but it was just not reported to the US reading all these reviews will have your mind in a world wind please take from it what you feel applies to you and if there's anything that you feel that I have left out regarding any deaths from any doctors in the DR please feel free to reply with a comment but I ask that it be factual information only not something that was based on a review from another RS doll I included the names and the year of all the deaths and if anybody wishes to go Google this information for themselves please do so I would advise you to so u can get the whole story and go from there

60 days!!!!

Man I have 60 days and its going dwn in the DR!!! LOL I'm so ready to get snatched.......

SX Buddy

Still lookn for a Sx buddy for May 30th thought I meet a girl from Ig but after we started DM back an forth I got and uneasy feeling about her like maybe she was trying Schema or set me up or maybe it was me being paranoid or her being unorganized it was one of the three LOL! I always follow my first mind dnt wnt to get to the DR and get robbed cuz I gave someone all the info of my whereabouts. I guess I'll jus wait til I get their hopefully I'll meet someone or Not either way im good god got me!

30 day to showtime

So as of today I now have 30 days before sx and im excited and ready mentally,physically,financially its going down in the DR!..................

12 days and counting

Today is day 3 of my Liquid diet I really tho I was going to very hungary but its not as bad as I imagine or im jus motivated. I have lost 5 lbs I'm already at my wt requirement for sx but this was a personal Preference Ive been trying to shed this last 12 lbs for a few months and been procrastinating but now its showtime

Runny nose

Ok know that I'm not supposed to take any OTC this close to sx but my sinuses are killing me 1,2, or maybe 4 Claritin should hurt lhh...... I'm ready dolls starting to feel excited and this Liquid diet is going great I lost 10 lbs this week!!!


I got my tourist card online today and prepacked a few items I guess I'll put up my before photos soon.......

Tic toc........

Tic toc is the only sound I hear in less then 48 hrs I'll be flying to the DR and now Anxiousness has kicked in I know I want be sleeping anymore LOL so well im so ready! Follow my sx journey on IG at manonbadazz_barb2016 im try to post on RS and IG every step of the way

The wait it ovet

on the plane headed to Miami then SDQ im keep ya'll posted wish me luck

I made it to the flat side!!!

Hey RS dolls I made it safely to SDQ thank you Lord I got tho customs and immigrationin in less then 30 mins were my driver and house management was wait and yes they are married lol so cute anyway I'm now here at my RH and yes Serenity is the truth.... friendly staff that speak English,wifi,good food,clean,hot water im winning lhh????.Right now its me and 4 other dolls at the RH 2 had SX already us 3 go tomorrow all of them have been really nice so far. Labs an SX tomorrow with Dr manon yea I put yily dwn she still my gurl but I had my reasons oh well GN I'll post more tomorrow about my trip to the hosp.

round butt side

Hey Rs dolls sorry ive been off the radar but man this recovery process aint no joke please take your time and to heal properly make sure you eating getting rest and fluids in I'll write a more detail experience about my trip soon I promise but for now everything has been more wonderful my rs is god sent,doctor,dolls,nurses at rs and at ceilp,driver,house manager overall everything is great

OK dolls my review

I arrived in SDQ on May 29th and stayed at Serenity RH the driver Conrad and his wife Sisi who is the house manager was waiting for me when I got there I got my tourist card online so I didn't have any problems at the airport plus since I came in on a Sunday things were fairly quiet at the airport which I was pleased with I got through customs in about 30 minutes. Anyway Monday was my sx I arrived at Cecip around 8am I got all my testing and labs done in know time there was no lines or other dolls waiting I was damn I'm I the only one getting sx.....Ya'll probably wondering why my at cecip in the first place well two weeks before my sx I switch doctors why? I dnt know intuition I guess, So after my testing They put me in my room it's around 9:30am where I wait for my hemo results and making from doctor Now I've seen pictures from other dolls of the rooms at cecip my room jus looked like a regular hosp room it wasn't no glass walk in shower and nice decor lhh just nice clean room which was ok with me. About after an eternity Dr Manon asst Rossa comes in an I pay her the 3,950 left of the 4,200 for liposculpting, Bbl,Tt,chin lipo I didn't have to pay insurance,nurse or blood transfusion she then tells me that my hemo is a 13 and I can have all of my sx an that the dr will be in to mark me up Im like thank you Jesus. Dr Manon comes in looking and smelling like a million dollars he is so handsome and sweet he hugs and kisses me marks me up answers all my questions and concerns,explains the sx then tells me someone will be there to take me to the OR about 10mins later an man comes with a wheelchair I'm like no Blue pill? he wheels me to the OR doors an call for someone So a lady comes and introduced herself as the anesthesiologist she takes me from there into the OR room the room looks small but not outdated she asks me ifvI have allergies in then starts a IV two seconds later I'm laughing my ass off for no reason So I'm assuming I must be High they lay me dwn and its lights out I did wake up during sx for a brief moment it was toward the end I felt him stitching me but no pain jus movement and pressure my mouth was super dry I asked for someone to wet my tongue and they did and I went back out woke in the recovery room with my faja already on I called the nurse all night long for random reasons lol and she came everytime never any type of attitude of nothing well that's all for now I'll write another review later on my new body

looking fabulous

Hey dolls sorry Im late posting my results but if ya'll been following me on IG most of you have seen my new body but I ain't want to leave my RS fam out so here yall go let me kn what ya'll think

2 mos post op

Well barbies & Dollssorry I've been MIA recovery kicked my ass but I made it I'm officially 2mos post op I can't thanks my doctor Dr . Manon enough he is truly a gifted Surgeon and he's not just in the business of making money he is very caring person aslo. As far as my healing process its coming alone all my scars are healed my ass is seating lovely ???????????? now my back thts another story its stiff and half numb I get this burning sensation in my lower back if I leave my garment off for to long no swelling thank god but I still wear my garment 75% of the time right now im jus enjoy my results. the next step is to start back working out again so I can stay looking great
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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