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Hey you, who ever is reading this.. Well today I...

Hey you, who ever is reading this.. Well today I start documenting my experience with trying to get scheduled, and ultimately Duran Dolled up :). First lemme tell u a little a bout myself. I'm Mexican n Puertorican, 5'6 and about 175-180. So far here are the things I have got done.. Boobs... Tummy Tuck (no lipo) Nose job and occasionally a lil botox.. Now that u know what I've done here is what I plan to do.... I want a Brazilian Butt lift... Things back there just aint looking like they should lol... I also want to get aggressive lip on my stomach, flanks and back area as well as get lipo on my arms... At first I really wanted to stay in the U.S. So was looking into Andrew Jimerson I don't know if u watch Love and Hip Hop but they got some bodies and I think he is who they go to. Anyways he is from Atlanta and is amazing however, is wait list is bananas (1-2 YEARS) depending on how u pay. Even if you pay cash which I intended on doing with his fast track option the wait is still crazy like 6-9 months I'm like hell no aint nobody got time for that.. Anyways and as u can see I am impatient. Well I have been only waiting lemme see about 15+ years for this. It was just gonna be too expensive like 11,500-12,000 no including flight and stay rental meds etc.. So anyways my BFF who also plans on doing this and who is the one that put me on to this doctor was telling me oh girl u got to see her works its awesome this and that as soon as I heard "international" I was like NO girl don't do it its not a good idea if something happens no one will touch u here etc. Well after seeing Durans photos on Google+ omg I was in love with her work and wouldn't have no one else but her do my surgery.. She is young but beautiful and her work is amazing Just pull her up and u will see for urself and it helps that her prices are AMAZING! Well $3800-$4000 (from what I been seeing) I haven't got a quote yet hopefully this Friday.. So yes Dolls and future dolls its crazy nuts trying to get someone to help u that speaks English. I FINALLY after stalking her office got ahold of Elizabeth (which happens to be my name also by the way) her English speaking representative and she told me that she will review my email with my pics and give a quote and book a date in a few days.. I could have jumped up and down shouting for joy because I really want an appointment for like late Oct or sometime in Nov I will be disappointed if I get anything later... Now its OMG I need a passport... I need to look for flights and all that... P.s. I have been up almost all night every night just looking at these blogs which really help someone like me that doesn't know what the heck to do or even how to look for a nurse or place where they take care of me etc.. If anyone wants to give suggestions or just follow my Journey u are more then welcome... cuz it starts NOW!
To be continued........

Okay so no answer.. :(

So as directed by Elizabeth I called Dr. Durans office. Spk with Elizabeth and told her I sent them an email with all their requested info (my pics.. height weight etc) and still have not received a quote which I would like to get so that I can schedule an appointment right away. She asked me for my email and said she would email me within a couple hours and I waited very patiently after about 4 hours I called back they said she wasn't there and to call back in 2 min.. I called back and an hour later so my friend could be there that speaks Spanish and they said she wasn't there and wouldn't be back until Monday. OMG here we go AGAIN!... I would love to work for Dr. Duran I think ima tell her that when I see her.. They totally need someone reliable and speaks better English... Still totally looking forward to getting an appointment so we shall see :)
To be continued.....

Again no quote :(

I called and spoke with Elizabeth again. I have great luck in contacting her but I have the worst in getting a quote which I have to do of course before booking the date. So this is the 3rd time she asked me to call her back which I will be doing tomorrow. She said she gave a list of emails to the doctor and mine was one of them. But still no response though. I also sent her a message via facebook... Well we will see tomorrow...


Oh p.s. I got the paperwork to do my passport. I am going to go take my pic tomorrow and that way by Friday when I get the copy of my birth certificate I will have everything I need :) They said it shouldn't take that long that right now is not a huge travelers time so that would be fine.. OOOH I forgot I left out something very important too...I have been anemic since I had my oldest daughter so about 18 years. after reading blogs I seen that she requires ur levels to be up there so I tested my hemo and it was only 9.2.. I have got other surgeries this is the first time I ever had to worry. I looked into what I need to take and I bought iron pills 68 mcg and taking 2 plus gonna start eating chicken liver every day until my surgery. YUCK!! but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! :)

YAY I FINALLY got my Quote

Okay so yesterday I called the office and spoke with Elizabeth she said I called too late in the day to call in the A.M. So she could have the doc give me a quote. So I was like okay here we go again this was like the 4th time being told to call back the next day. Then today I called and spoke with Elizabeth again. She asked my email and pulled it said she see's my pics and info and confirmed my name and then said okay I will email you a quote in the next few minutes. So 30 min later I had NOTHING.. Once it hit an hour I called again. Elizabeth said be patient mami, I will send the email but you have to wait. I was pissed like really (thinking ill never get it). So I went to sleep so I wouldn't be pissed I would up for the 5th time at 5:30 am to get in touch with them and nothing.. But to my surprise I had a email from the doc giving me a quote for $4000. Which includes my BBL and Lipo to my arms. I'm still not sure if I want arms lipo but sooooo excited now!!!! yay :) Now I have to hurry and put the deposit and hope that she still has openings for late Oct early Nov...


So trying to get my Hemo up I ate liver today (chicken liver) for the first time. It was not nasty at all like l thought.. Thank God too because I am gonna be eating it everyday for lunch for the next month in 1/2. :) I am gonna try and send my deposit asap because I want a appointment for next month Which I am HOPING she still has.

before and hopefully after

Here are my before pics and my wish pics

hemo up

OMG soooo happy that I got my hemo up to 10.8 from 9.2 in just 2 weeks... Gotta keep taking my 2 pills of 68 mcg and chicken liver :) Im gonna try calling tomorrow morning to see if she will set me a date for October 20th. anyone else going around then? HOPEFULLY she will have this date

Looking for a partner :)

Looking for someone that is going to have surgery in October/Nov 2014 timeframe. Someone maybe to share a room with. I think I am going to try and stay at Angelas recovery house. I added her to Facebook and she responded to my message right away :) She is very sweet. I asked her If I can bring my man she says no she only keeps ladies to make everyone as comfortable as possible which totally makes sense but now I am going solo...


So this morning I called and spoke with Elizabeth was trying to find out what dates for next month they have and also how to wire the money for deposit. Omg my girl said oh we don't have 10/20th available but we have one slot for 10/21 she said you want that date? I said Hell yeah! Omg sooo crazy excited :) one month count down and OMG I have NOTHING> not even my passport. Going to get that tomorrow... Omg crunch time for realz.. plus I wanna lose 10 pounds... Wish I could find someone on here that's doing their surgery next month too...


Can anyone please give me names and prices for recovery houses that have working wifi and provide transportation from/to airport.. soo not sure who to select... I don't want to pay more than like $75 a night.. oh p.s. when you pay the recovery houses do you pay in US money or DR money?? so not sure how this works

booty shower party

I was thinking of havinga booty shower party with my friends hahaha. Like a baby shower but for my new booty arrival. LMFAO.. Thought of some cool games like "Pin the Booty" getting adult diapers and see who can make the biggest a** with balloons... and my man wants to make a A** cake :) I thought it would be a fun thing to have before I go and they can all bring me a supply from off my list. Like the bobby pillow.. Foam stuff ensure pads etc... :) what u guys think?


Can anyone suggest a place for after garmet and how do we know what size or kind to get.. Does duran have some if we didnt get a second one.. I dont want to buy one n then it be the wrong size


So I been taking 68mcg of iron every day WITH ORANGE JUICE that is very important because it helps ur body take in the iron more. I also ate chicken liver like twice and in less than 1 month my hemo is up from 9.2 to 12.2. I just went to the doctor yesterday for blood work I was SUPER happy.. I was so worried I wasn't gonna have enough time to bring up my iron level. THANK you JESUS!! so also I am upset with myself I gained 5 pounds like a fatty. URRGHH.. Gonna try and juice for 2 weeks so I can at least drop what I gained. Buying a juicer this weekend. I also picked up several things yesterday. Got a $3.00 Boppy pillow yesterday which I was so happy about. Got it from a girl selling it on FB very clean too Im just gonna make a new cover for it going to buy the material at fabric store so Im not sitting on a boppy pillow that is blue with little sail boats on it LOL... Also bought a few maxi dress, a few nightgowns and slippers.. Gonna try and get everything I need by next week. I don't want to be looking for stuff still on the last few days. Dang kinda sad that Im not gonna be here for my daughters 19th bday I scheduled the date during her BDAY :( bad momma. I did it because I wanted it before my bday which is NOv 2 and I had to give enough time to receive my passport and all lands right around her BDAY. I will make it up to her.. Anyways, Just so excited try not to think about it every second of every day but u dolls know ITS HARD! I never looked at soooo much A** in my life or my man either. Im like babe what about this one or that one Im sure he enjoys it though hahaha. Well DOLLS, ttys :)


So I just checked the status website for my passport and saw that it was received and pending YAY>.. I paid for expedited processing so I really hope I get it in 2 weeks. Booking my flight on Friday which I haven't done because I was worried my passport might not come in time.. before I book my flight gonna reverify with Elizabeth they still have me set for surgery on Oct 21.

flight booked.

SOOOO happy :) Just booked my flight through Jet Blue :) yay!!!! this is way too real now.. less than 30 days to go. Leaving for DR 10/18. Also bought my luggage today I didn't have a big enough suitcase. Gonna try and buy the rest of my meds tomorrow.


I got more supplies over the weekend. New suitcase... I got another cute nightgown, Pads, ensure, compression socks, white t's and "wife beaters" ordered Arnica tablets and cream and Urinal online today... Going to doc tomorrow to pick up my blood work results... OMG so also I sent confirmation to Dr. Duran and she responded same day. Showed her that I wired the $250 from my bank and was $45 I was like WTF I didn't know it cost money for that and then also that I booked my flight and she responded okay thank you I was super happy to see that she replied. I will however, be waking up super early to call them and reconfirm the date :) SO excited. will update again soon


Called at 5:30 am my time ... Elizabeth answered I told her I booked my flight n also paid deposit just wanna make sure she had me down n she confirmed she did n to be there at 7am on 10/20 to do blood work.. she said dr. Duran will check me out and see what all I want done.. soo excited less than 2 1/2 weeks left


So crazy happy. Got an email an hour ago that my passport is on its way and should be here in less than a week.. So happy! I was worried that they wouldn't have excepted my birth certificate because the copy I paid for was a lot more basic then the original... Anyways now its COUNT down basically 18 more days... I also got a package today with Arnica Montana tablets and cream which I ordered from Walgreens because they don't carry in store and was having hard time finding it. also my BFF gave me a bed pad cover for when Im over there and also pads to put under me which is great... I only have pain meds to get and the amoxicilan or however u spell it left. YAY!! All packed and ready spaghetti :)


Found out today my iron dropped. Really 2 weeks before surgery. Heck no but thanks to my new buddy she told me 2 take S.S.S. Tonic which I will be buying tomorrow.


So I am trying to really get my iron up when I went to the doc the other day they said my labs showed only 11.2 iron I was freaking out since I only have 2 weeks before surgery to get it up. I am not taking S.S.S tonic 3 times daily and also 2 iron pills 68mg and chicken liver every day!! Hopefully it will get up to at least 12 but im really hoping for more like 13. Also I was happy that my doctor got me amoxicillin and the only thing now I don't have is heparin... All my stuff is packed and I am sooo ready to go!!! :) I heard that a girl got her stuff stolen while getting xrays at CIPLA so now I am worried I need to get that money lock thingy from Home depot... Gonna check out what I can get this weekend to store my phone and money. I also have a buddy NOW :) so if anything we can hold each others money cuz TRUST me if my money gets stolen AINT nobody going home until its found I will call out a damn amber alert LOL... Well u guys its count down and Im crazy excited... :)

My buddy :) Tourist card :) Liop Foam :) Recovery house

So through Realself I found a Buddy that is having surgery the day before me and we just so happen to arrive at the airport only 20 minutes apart from eachother which is great. Thank god she has so much knowledge on the recovery houses and just a lot of stuff cuz I would have not taken a few things I needed and also would not have known to prepay and print the tourist card so that I would not have to wait in line for it. Ladies if you want to do this so u don't have to wait in line at the airport just visit https://www.dgii.gov.do/Tturistaweb/home. After paying just print it out and this will save some time. Also I just purchased some lipo foam from amazon @ $7.50 each this will help with making our faja more comfortable after the lipo so the tightness wont hurt us also helps with bruising. Well I only have 12 days left and Im excited I think everyone is sick of hearing about my trip but I cant help that its all I talk about.. also staying at Raysa recovery house. Looks really nice $65 a day n $150.00 transpo OOOH and I also didn't know we have to have a nurse stay with us the night of surgery and so that is another $50.00 OMG this stuff is just adding up

its been awhile

Its been a little while since I gave n update.. ive just been preparing for the surgery getting everything together.. I have everything I need except heparin.. which I guess ill get there.. ive been seriously eating chicken liver EVERYDAY praying my iron levels go up.. I have blood work tomorrow n get the results friday im praying for a high number.. lemme tell u n not to be nasty but I have iron coming out of every whole lol.. my burps smell like iron my poop is black my pee smells like iron n if i pass gas smells like pure iron lol.. hopefully this is all a good sign.. so basically I am taking 2 68mg pills of iron... 8oz of beet drink ....3 tablespoons SSS tonic n chicken liver for dinner... I am gonna be leaving for the airport on saturday dang these days seem to be flying by now.. my kids r staying with my boyfriend he will be holding down the fort lord please give him strength n protect me on my flight n that I dont come into path of anyone with any sickness..ok hopefully next post I will be at airport on my way to DR ;) talk to u guys in a few days

Made it to DR

So I'm here Laying on my bed at Angelas recovery house... This lady is awesome I knew I made the right choice... Shes so motherly n kind hearted.. so the plane ride was a B I hate flying just get nauseous. . But when got off the plane had to go through like 3 different lines to show my passport. .. ladies prepay for ur tourist card so it's one less line.. I walked outside the airport doors and Angeles neighbor Teresa n her husband were holding up a sign with my name on it. . I was so relieved.. They were very nice. . U don't okay them either u give the money to Angela and she pays them.. I got to the house she was outside waiting for me and gave me a big hug and it was so sincere. I asked her if she wanted the money right away she said we r not gonna handle that until uget comfortable she had food waiting in the table for me and was very yummy... I took a Shower and wheni got out there was the best coffee ever on the dresser n and alsoice water. .. its veeeeerrrry hot here...While I was eating Angela was conversating with me and said sheis 69 I couldn't believe it shelooks 50 I was like Daaaamn... well that bring u all up to date tomorrowi have myblood work at7am n god willing surgery Tuesday. .. p.s. Did I tell u I no longer Have a surgery buddy We kinda changed plans at the last minute.. anyways pray 4 me 1 day closer n 2 to go...

had surgery 10/21

Well I crossed over like casper I'm a duran doll now.. Haven't been able to really see the outcome cuz I been in this faja but I have an appointment tomorrow with Duran so I goes I'll see than... gonna post my first pic ;)

appointment n massage

So I had my appointment with duran n she took out my back drain which thank god because it leaks everywhere.. well she didnt take it out another lady did.. but basically said I need to stay off mu butt as much as I can which unfortunately is damn near impossible since I also got a tt n have to lay on my back ; (..I didnt get tonask her how many cc I got because she rushed out shes soooo busy.. but she said she liked the results n im excited to see the better results when swelling goes down.. so yesterday I got my first massage a lady came to my recovery house n she uses a little machine thingy on u first puts oil on ur tummy then uses the machine... it gets warm n rubs it all over ur stomach then she massages all the liquid out which comes out of the back hole where the drain was or the tt drain... she said it help break down the bumps n helps to release the liquid which omg it did it released like 3 pads worth of liquid I felt better after n looked thinner.. it really works she charges $30.00 or if u get 5 or more $25. Each n does it for an hour I git 6 which is for every day I have left here... I feel a lot better but at times nauseous n dizzy but I just drink a lot of water to stay hydrated..I love angela still she is awesome n even more her assistant carmen she is awesome n soooooo helpful.. so glad I chose her... well although im not tired I am tired of writting haha here are a couple pics I took so far


Massages a must


Sooo necessary

its been a month n 1/2

Sorry to take so long to keep u all updated.. Gonna post pics of my current results.. I got a big old booty haha but wish I had a better cuff really don't have one ... Got a booty lifter shorts on amazon for like 12$ that I like tho I wear that under my faja to help which it has a little

its been almost 3 months post op omg what a change. .

I been having issues posting post op pics... ladies the booty greed is real i want round 2... i want a bigger cuff
on the bottom


Oh i don't wear my faja anymore i wear booty lifting shorts i got on amazon and a waist trainer which i love

6 months post op

Can't wait to do round 2.. just can't get enough.. I really never wear my faja which is not good but I just can't I wear my waist clencher all the time tho..


some of me


9 months post op

Just emailed duran again for a quote on round 2 with her.. bbl, lipo, arm lipo, lip fat transfer
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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