34 Y/o, 1 Child, TT, Lipo, and BBL

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I need this. I have 1 child, and I have been...

I need this. I have 1 child, and I have been hidden behind my clothes for years. Everything I wear just doesn't look right, seem right, and feel right and I am not at all happy. I need to do this for me. I haven't dated in 3 years (after my divorce) and I have to say it is 100% because I am not happy with myself. All of that will change in march. I am interested in Dr. Duran in the DR. I have seen so many wonderful before and after pictures and reviews that I am 100% confident in her doing my surgery. the problem is, I want a BBL with lipo suction of the entire abdomen, flanks, back, and inner thighs, I think she may need to do a tummy tuck ( I don't really want a tummy tuck) because of my loose and stretch marks, but the down time for that is much longer than just the BBL with lipo. I will be heading wqon the 18th, hopefully I can have any pre-op testing then, and my procedure the day after. I wish I had a travel buddy, it would definitely make this process more manageable. I requested more info via this website from Dr. Duran, but received an email back from a "SurgiCoordinator Dr. Durán" who will handle all the pertinents including securing a quote and communicating with Dr. Duran for a fee of $200. Is there a way for me to go directly through Dr. Duran, or is this how she communicates with prospective clients, and it is in fact legit and I can trust surgicoordinator.

I GOT MY QUOTE!!!! yippee

Ok, so I literally just emailed the coordinator yesterday, and by the end of the day I got a quote!!. 4800.00 + 200 for the coordinator's fee. ok, Dr. Duran suggested a TT, BBL, and Liposculpturing. I really really did not want a TT because of the obvious, it's a larger surgery, but also because of the scar, and the down time, and the pure fact that I am nervous as heck to have a TT :-( I can see why she would suggest it, as you can see from my front pic, I have sagging skin and stretch marks. Liposuction alone may eventually make my sagging skin MORE pronounced because of the fat removal. I thought about the decision, oh for about 2 seconds! and decided to do the TT. I figured if I am going to go under anesthesia, and deal with this pain and anguish, I will do it only ONCE and I will NOT be leaving that OR table with a flat stomach and sagging skin! oh no hunny. Dr. Duran can take the FAT and the SKIN, I don't mind.
I am in the process of securing my surgery date which will be the 3rd week in march.

My agenda:
secure my surgery date
send deposit
find RH
book flight
start shopping for supplies
get a full blood work panel to see where I am with my levels
begin a vitamin/iron regiment
start exercising for cardio health walking)

Deposit Information

ok, so I just heard back from surgico, I received the deposit information; how much, where to send it, and who to send it to. laura, through surgico is having me send it through xoom.com which is a paypal company. laura stated in the email the deposit will cover her fee plus Dr. Duran's deposit amount. once payment is received, my date will be confirmed and how I am to arrive 2 days prio. I am very anxious to book my flights because the closer you get to your departure date, the more expensive the flights will be. next agenda: Secure surgery date after I send the deposit today!

I made my Deposit! OMG is this real?

I sent my deposit today via xoom.com. I am working with Laura through Surgico and so far so good. I am tracking my transfer to receive status updates on the transaction and once the deposit is received, I can then lock in my surgery date. That is all I need, because honestly, I feel like I can't do anything until I am secure with the date. I can't book my flight, I can't book a RH, time off from work can't happen. So, once I get confirmation that the deposit has been receive MARCH 21st 2016 will be the day of my awakening!! OMG I can't wait to shop for pants and dresses that aren't uncomfortable to wear. basically, I want a SNATCHED waistline hunny!!!! I graduate college in May and my graduation dress and pics...uh uh uh, the camera won't be ready! RED and fierce will be the name of that dress!!!

Locked in surgery date!!!

I sent my deposit a couple of days ago to surgico, the deposit was verified and the funds were ok for transfer today. I received notification that the funds were successfully transferred and that's when I emailed Laura today. within a few hours she CALLED ME! 3 times to talk to me about my surgery date and procedures. My date is March 17th 2015, it's official! I received an email immediately after our conversation which reflected exactly what I need; meds, clothes, etc. So far, so EXCELLENT!!!! lol


I am a bit in shock to know that my surgery is next month!!! I have been slowly gathering my supplies, trying my hardest not to bring too much. I plan on having one suit case I will check in and one small carry on/purse. I really don't want to be pulling, reaching, or tugging after surgery.
March 17th is my surgery and I will be staying at Paradise Recovery house, which is booked. I can't stop looking at clothes that will accentuate my waist, and just look good!
I will keep you guys posted


wow. less than two weeks left before I am snatched back like a rubber band hunny! I am ready I am ready I am ready. Going to another country to have a major surgery is a big freaking deal!!! but I am trying to remain positive and optimistic. I have told all of two people what I am doing because you know there are trolls and grimlins everywhere knocking anything the next person tries to do in order to make themselves happy. I need this for ME and only me. Too many people don't realize the struggle a woman, a mother goes through especially after having children and their bodies change dramatically...overnight!!! It is hard to adjust, and some women never adjust. I want to feel great! and I can't wait till the 18th...which is the day after my surgery, because then, it will be all finished, and I will be resting at the RH :-)


This is like the damn NYE count down!!! I am in complete shock, am I really doing this? at the same time, I have so much I am doing trying to get everything straight, that I really don't have time to sit and REALLY think about what I am doing. The mind will play tricks on you and will convince you not to cut your own damn toe nails due to a possible nic. granted, having major surgery is not like cutting your toenails, but it is still a decision, a decision that I have decided to go through with. Pray for me as I will pray for all of you.

Wish pic

4 days Left until i am in the DR

I am ready to get this show on the road.


I will be flying out tomorrow and my knees are weak. OMG ok, no turning back, all I can see is me in a sexy dress for my graduation in may...a waist cinching dress of course :-) Oh, below is a list of what is included in the price at paradise recovery house that I got off their website. I will be printing this off and bringing it with me...yaaasssss hunny!!! I prints everything..lol
I will be staying from March 16th-March 25th, if you will be there during that time, email me.

Our Prices included

Doctor Care
Nurse Care
Nurse call bottom in all beds
Dish Network
Hospital Bed (specify during the reservation just for Tummy Tuck is required)
Free United State Calls
English Speaking
Tablet for use as Translator
English movies with more than 500 news movies
Portable Safe
Segurity Cam
Segurity 24/7

US$75.00 Per patient without Transportation
US$100.00 Transportation (Between airport, hospital and recovery House)
US$55.00 Non Surgical accopanions
US$30.00 Per Massages
US$50.00 Nurse at the CIPLA per night

We request US$100.00 to book your dates , Will be deduct from your total


I found part of this list on this site, I just added a few things to it, I hope it helps. You may not need nearly all of these things, but there may be something on here you didn't think of that you may actually need. Ok dolls, pray for me, I will be flying out tomorrow :-)

Lipo foam
Ab board
Arnica pills
Arnica gel
Arnica cream
Vitamin b12
Folic acid
Stool softener
Vitamin c
Gas pills
Advil pm
Pain meds
Muscle relaxers
Antibacterial bar soap
Vaginal wash
Vaginal wipe
Diva cup
Compression socks
Measuring tape
Chap stick
Boppy pillow
Front clip bras
Baby/body wipes
Facial wipes
Hair ties
Bug repellent
House dress
Makeup(mascara, liner,concealer)
Granny panties
Fleece blanket
Gym shoes
Black summer dress
School books
Head phones and buds
Tape recorder
Gatorade packets
Clorox wipes
Paper hospital tape
Advil pm
Silicone scar strips
Maxi pads
Panty liners
Garbage bags
Granola bars
Phone charger
Camera + charger
Laptop + charger
Vaginal wash+wipes
Wound cleaner
Toilet paper
Peritoneal wash bottles
Hand+surface wipes
Alcohol pads
Outfit to wear home
Shower cap
Mouth wash
Manilla Folder
“just in case of an emergency” letter
Shower shoes
Face wash
Face moisturizer
Skin peel

ok..here goes..

I made it to the DR 4am wed morning, flight everything was good my driver from paradise recovery was waiting to pick me up as soon as i got out of customs...awesome!!!..get to the RH after 5 am ( with traffic, paradise RH is about 20-30 mins from cipla ). Went flr my preop screenings and blood eork7 at 10:30 am...now here is the kicker..i never got my results..i asked and asked and asked. Ok, i go back to thr RH and asked the nurse for my results all the till 9pm..she said if there was a problem cipla would call.. ok so that made me feel good ( remember my sx date was for the next morning. ..thutsday) . So, i go to cipla thursday morning ready for my sx and Dr. Duran reviews my results and my hemo was 11.7...it was too low! I could not have sx yesterday. Duran set up an appointment for me to see a hemotologist...more money, she perscribed me two iron iv,s, pills, 2 different iron injections ( for a total of four shots) an iron drink, and something for my wbc,s which were a tad bit low... also i am drinking beet juice, oh yes..to add insult to injury...i just got.my period today. One of thr girls said to drink plenty orange juice which helps cut down on the amount of bleeding. Any wjo6, Dr. Duran said she will do the sx on monday. All of this ( extra money spent on pills, delay in sx, more money for a longer stay, and now having to change my flight all because i wasn't religiously taking my iron). Please ladies taking your iron! With orange juice or vitamin c...


So here i am today..taking all of these things when i could have just did want i neede to do at home. If you have your period, i would suggest eating some spinach, some green leafy vegetables..beet juice just to compensate. So hopefully i can have the sx on monday..i met a few girls off realself a couple are staying at the same recovety house as me..they are amazi g ladies..one of them had her sx on mon or tues...the other one who i was suppose to fly back home with had hers yesterday. There was another girl i met on realself i saw her at cipla yesterday she had her sx yesterday as well...all three were tt bbl and lipo.

just some pics

3 weeks post op tt, lipo, bbl

Feeling sore...my back which is where most of the lipo was done is still very sore and tender...sort of like a shearing feeling when i move. My stomach feels tight!!!!!!!! Clenched! !!!! And i feel a pulling at the top of my abs which prevents me from standing straight up.
My first shower was last week monday and it was sooooo weird...but good. My skin on my torso get so dry and tight it feels like if i make a sudden move i will just rip open. I have to lather on lotion front and back. I am only 3 weeks post op...i don't shower everday but i do bird baths everyday...i will shower ever 3 days at least until my incisions are completely closed...right now they are not. My belly button has a bundle of crust in it plus i can see sutures in there...i want that to resolve without getting it completely wet everyday...moisture in dark closed areas can lead to all types of nonsense growing and reproducing. I clean my bellybutton everyday with alcohol and i clean my belly wound every other day...i tape it back with surgical tape after my shower and after it is completely dry...i put a thin layer or wound dressing to keep it from drying to much and to prevent the wound from sticking to the surgical tape.
This ordeal has been so hard and trying for me...pain discomfort burning sharp weird sensations as my nerve endings heal....
I will update next Monday and hopefully i can stand up straight

frustrated! !!!

Please tell me why would a surgeon use non disolvable sutures on a patient who traveled from another country to have surgery? I had to remove the knotted sutures from both sides of my torso once i realized here it is four weeks post op and my wounds haven't closed, underneath both butt cheeks, and my back. I have two spots on my tummy tuck scar where the sutures are protruding, and also my belly button is a suture haven. The sutures in my belly button and tummy tuck scar are disolvable BUT when they are not under the skin how can they dissolve, they just stick out and itch and cause discomfort.

lopsided hips!!!

Omg it seems like i am having issues left and right. At first i thought it was just me..but now i know it's not. My hips are uneven, more fat was put into my right hip than my left uggghhh

6 weeks post op

I feel good. my back is still an issue and my torso still get very swollen including my back. my back still is stiff and tight!!!! feels like my skin is stretching to the point of want to split, that's what it feels like anyway. also there is burning and tingling of my back.
I love putting on clothes and not jiggling every time I walk...lol lol
my wound is healing just fine...everything is nice and closed
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