33 Yr Old 4 Children Getting TT, BBL & BA - Dominican Republic

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Hi ladies Im hoping to get a tummy tuck, BBL, lipo...

Hi ladies Im hoping to get a tummy tuck, BBL, lipo and either BA or breast lift not sure on that yet. After so many years i have finally decided to do something for myself. I really hate the way my body looks and the million stretchmarks that I have. Im now done having kids and ready to have a beautiful body. Still undecided between Dra Yily , Dr Cabral and Dra Almonte. Wishing to have a flat stomach and hoping the scar is as low as it can be, I dont have much of a butt and I dont want it to be ginormous but I want it big with hips. What do y'all think? Any recommendations? Also looking to have this done at the beginning of December.


So I have been back and forth with Cabral but I'm not getting all the information. I ask him questions and he will answer one or or two questions. I have asked at least 5 times what dates he has available at the end of the month and still nothing. Has anyone else had this issue with him. I really want to go with him, but then I see the responses that Dra Yily gives and they are soo thorough. I want this done at the end of the month so hopefully I can get the info already.

It's getting real

I feel like a kid that is about to open a new toy. Dr Yily just replied and said I could have my lab work on the same day of surgery and they have Nov 30th available. So I have paid my deposit. Im beyond excited I cant wait.

Im not sure what all i need to take on this trip so I have emailed Sasha and hopefully she will reply soon, I only have 3 and a half weeks to be there. When I had made my decision of finally getting this done I started taking iron pills and vitamin C. I saw other reviews and most of them were taking them so I started to as well.

Also on Yilys email she says I will be able to sit and sleep on my back, I wonder how this will affect my booty! any of you know if this is true?

Just 2 more weeks

I can't believe I'll be flying out in less then 2 weeks... a month from now I'll be looking so sexy!!! I haven't bought anything, it's my daughters first bday party Saturday so I've been focused on that but next week I will definitely be purchasing the items Sasha sent me!!

Recover house

So I will be staying at Luxury RH!! Any of u ladies stayed there before, I haven't looked at their reviews but will do so in a bit!! I'm at work and my laptop is not working so I get to be on my phone and look at more reviews n wish pics!!

I still can't believe I'm actually doing this, I'm so nervous never excited all at the same time!!

2 more days

I have been a bit worried about my hemo level, and i finally received my results today and Im at 12.7 so i am good to go! I got the rest of what i needed and I'm ready. My best friend will be picking me up at 3 am (that just 12 hrs from now) so that she can drop me off at the airport! I'm so excited, the only thing that i dont like is that I have to take so much cash with me, wish there was something more convenient!

I will miss my babies like crazy, but I am leaving them in good hands. My daughters will definitely feel my absence but it will only be 10 days! Seems like an eternity, but next thing you know i will be posting my 3 month after pics. Time flies by so quick!!!

I am worried about pain medication, i wasnt able to get anything prescribed and they say their medicine isnt as strong, so i hope i will do fine. Ive had a csection before and i did pretty good, then again i had strong medication that helped me. We will see how that goes. By this time tomorrow i will be in DR and i will hopefully be on my way to get my lab work done!!!

Almost time

I'm just a few hours away from my new body, so extremely excited. Before I left my house this morning I looked at myself in the mirror and asked my self if I really wanted to do this? Will it be worth it? For a second just one second I wanted to back out, but I looked at my body once more and I have been unhappy every single time I look at the mirror, I don't feel sexy and that is definitely not how I want to live the rest of my life. So here I am at the recovery house getting my things ready for tomorrow!!

Wish me luck ladies!!
Dra Yily de los Santos

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