Already a Yily doll..going for round 2- Dominican Republic

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I'm 5'7" 185 pounds and excited to have a new me!!...

I'm 5'7" 185 pounds and excited to have a new me!! I've decided to go with Dra Yily de los santos cause she's the bomb at sculpting!! I've sent my deposit, got my passport, booked my flight and locked in my date. It's approaching fast and I've never been so ready. I'm getting a tummy tuck, lipo in my back, flanks, waist and stomach and BBL. I'm contemplating if I should have lipo in my inner thighs. This site has helped me a great deal with preparing for this surgery and I thank you all. I will be sure to post a lot of pictures when it's all said and done. I'm flying with my boyfriend and we are staying at a hotel near by. Yay!!! It's almost time 41 days to go.

So frustrated!!

Ugh!! My boyfriend broke his arm and we're leaving to DR in 2 weeks. They say he needs surgery. Could this be the worse timing or what?? How is he supposed to take care of me?? And how am I supposed to take care of him?? He decided to be impatient and jump his grandparents fence instead of waiting for his dad and his shoe got caught in the fence and he fell. This could of been prevented. My sister says it's a sign I shouldn't go. She's not too fond of me going to DR for surgery and now she's using his arm as a reason not to go. I know she means well but this has been a dream of mine for a really long time. Wish me luck guys..oh btw I just added a before pix and a pix i manipulated with my plastic surgery app.


10 days til surgery

Ok so my boyfriends doctor has given him the ok to travel so it's on like donkey I have all my supplies and I'm packed for the most part. On Monday I will be headed to the bank to convert US dollars to Dominican Pesos. It's getting real and I'm starting to get nervous.

3 days and I'll be yilyfied!!!

Just came from my bank and they convert USD to Dominican Pesos for free so i decided to do it in the states..everything is coming together now just gotta play the waiting game...I'm hoping while I'm there I'll have time to enjoy the country..I'm told it's so beautiful..I wonder how much fat she'll be able to take out of me? I'm afraid I should have tried losing weight...ugh it's too late now but atleast I know I'll have enough to fill in these hips and give me a donkey booty lol...I'll keep y'all posted!! Take care!

Made it to the other side

I will post my after pix as soon as I'm up for it. I had my surgery yesterday and I'm now back at the hotel. I will have a detailed review added ASAP! I'm in bed relaxing but I can tell you it was all worth it!

Some pix

Just a couple pix..I'm still very swollen and have a long way to fully recover but u can already see the drastic change

Another pix


Massage time

About to get my first massage. I'm scared and excited at the same time. I feel all this fluid in me which I need out ASAP! Luckily I've met some great people out here on my same journey which is making this a lot easier. I'll let y'all know how the massage goes.

A few more pix

Still very swollen but here's a few pix..this is 2 weeks post op. Still very happy with the results.

8 months post op

Here are some more recent pix..I'm going for round 2 in May 2015..I want lipo in my arms and chin..will try to gain some weight for a second BBL

More post op pics

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