4/4/16: 32 Year Old with Two Kids and Wants That Old Thang Back!! Tt lipo and bb Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi real self. This is my first time on this. I'm...

Hi real self. This is my first time on this. I'm 32 years old with two kids and I NEED this surgery. I want to get a bbl, lipo, tt . I contacted Dr Duran surgical coordinator Laura through whatsapp and got my quote like the next day. I'm so excited because for years I have wanted to do this. I'm just waiting on a response to my email about where to send my deposit so I can book my date so if any one is from NYC and is looking for a buddy I am trying for the first week in April. Let me know. Later dolls!!

Got my date!!!

So I received my sx date for April 4 and I am so excited. I really need a good recovery house to stay at. Hey doll do u guys have any suggestions?

Need to loose weight

I'm 5'3" 195 and I'm trying my hardest to loose some weight before my sx. Well I have three months to do it and I really want to get this done so I'm determined. So far I have lost 5 lbs by just adding more vegetables and fruit to my diet and ABSOLUTELY NO SODA NO JUICE !! I hate exercise so dolls if u have any ideas on how to loose 30 in 3 months let a sista know lol!!

Questions about taking meds to DR

Hey dolls. I have some questions about medication. I've read a lot of real self stories and their journeys about bringing your own meds (narcotics ) to DR because their meds aren't that strong. How do u bring that on the plane? Or do u check it in your suitcase? Isn't that like smuggling drugs lol? Idk I really would like to know anyone's opinion because I'm not trying to go to another country and be in pain for the whole time. I need the strong stuff. Later dolls !!

pre op picks

Oml. I can't believe I'm posting these pics of what I look like now. I really let myself go but after this surgery I know my body is going to be bananas!!

flight booked!!

Got my flight booked and now I'm getting nervous. Trying to find a rh house to stay at. Ladies what is a good house to stay at? All I really ask for is ac lol

Wish pics!!!

Made it to D R

So I finally made it to Dr and it is so beautiful here. The flight was easy and u would be surprised how many people are coming to do the same thing. I met one female that sat next to me on the plane that was also coming to have her sx done. Idk her name but thank u for calming me down and reassuring me everything was good. There was even a female that worked at the airport that just came back not to long ago. She said good luck on the recovery because it's a lot to handle. The driver was waiting for me at the airport. He drove me to my recovery house and it's really pretty and clean. I will post some pics. The staff so far are pretty nice. Ruth the owner welcomed me with a hug. My sx is tomorrow and I'm having so much mixed emotions but I just want to thank the man above for getting me here safely and I pray that everything goes smoothly tomorrow. Next time I'm on here I will be posting my experience on the flat side. Until then my loves!!

Almost 3 months post op

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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