31yrs Old 1 Child - Dr.Yily 2.11.16

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Finally got in contact with doctor Yily after 2...

Finally got in contact with doctor Yily after 2 yrs I was going with Dr Duran but they didn't respond quick enough wit a quote and to come find out dr Duran and dr Yily has the same phone number different ext anybody going in Feb and has anyone stayed at the luxury recovery home I need more info please

Flighted Booked

ok so I just booked my flight I will arrive Feb 10th Sasha updated my trip thru email so happy

Purchased Personal Insurance

I figured that ill get my own insurance and save some money I got Geo Blue there with Blue Cross And Blue Shield for $26 for a $0 deductible worth $500,000 and listed my daughter as the beneficiary in case anything happen just being safe things happen


well today is my last blunt imma smoke I guess its for the good considering I been smoking weed for 22yrs I need this break well actually imma keep it up so Nov 30 til Feb 11th is well over two months and I wont smoke after to insure good healing results


Well I went today to apply for my passport don't want any thing delaying me from my surgery almost had a minor set back I noticed on the application she had that my ID expire in 2001 and it expire in 2021 see lil shit like that a fuck up everything cant go no where without that that almost made me think is this a sign I don't need to go another im not telling no one else im going mf always hav some negative shit to say

The count down

The count down has begun I have less than 20 days left for surgery

I finally did it

Where do I start oh I cried half of the plane ride to the D.R because that terbalnce wasn't no mf joke whole time I'm thinking why did I come any who made it out the airport in like a hour when I say they ain't playing wit yo ass coming in there country went in three different lines just to get out the damn air port and the driver Conrad was waiting really nice down to earth guy as well ass his wife CeCe I love her went straight to Cilpa did blood work paid and went to McDonalds ate about $27 dollars worth of food because when I go home it's a hit for that shit I've seen to many chics get surgery and go back eating all the wrong shit no beef no pork until I can start back working out which I will give it a whole 3 months I'm not thirsty to go showing off and doing to much Dr Yily is so nice and down to earth made me feel comfortable I woke up during surgery hands tied to the bed and felt everything literally I was hollering so much they gave me more medicine and it put me right back out woke up they gave me some soup and juice and water I'm really not in a lot of pain like I was earlier I was on they ass like where is the mf drugs lol but I'm sitting here just chilling watching tv tomarrow I'm going back to the recovery house Kindness is the shit so clean u can eat off the floor looks better in person than on the website I like the fact I can lock my things up and control my air because I can't sleep under to much cold air at night I'm a asthmatic and that shit makes me wake up stopped up but enough for tonight I'll keep u updated

7 days post op

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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