31 Yr Old Mom Getting BBL, Lipo, & Tummy Tuck - Dominican Republic

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I'm still in between surgeons, my highest two...

I'm still in between surgeons, my highest two picks is Robles and Almonte. Cabral and Duran are still dangling. Wanting more of a natural look, but still some major work done. Still researching, if you have any help or advice please share. I DO know the risks, which can happen under any type of operation, whether it is in or out of the states.

Current Weight 174 5'2"

Finally decided with Almonte!! Paid my deposit today scheduled for June 20 2016!!

sooo excited! My sx buddies are going June 22, & June 23. We were trying to get all the days together but this still works. My husband will be coming with me and we will be staying at My Home RH

31 Mom of 2 Gastric Sleeve 7 Months Post Op, Ready for the Skin to Be Gone!

I have been researching the last bit, I was leaning towards Robles, but I have put down my deposit with Almonte. Still no word back from Duran and its been over a month. I have had gastric sleeve surgery July 2, 2015, I went from 247 lbs to currently 169 lbs. I am planning on getting Tummy tuck, full back abdomen, flanks, and armpit area lipo, arms, brazilian butt lift, and breast lift with augmentation as long as hemo is up. Last I checked it was 14.5 in January. I am keeping my Mirena in so I don't have my period to help keep it up too.

A few wish pics

Found a few that I'd like to come close to..

I'm down to 168 BMI is 29, hemo at 13.8

93 more days til DR!!! I can't wait. I wish I could have had this done yesterday. I can't wait to get rid of this apron of skin and anything else will be icing on the cake.
I've been hitting the gym like crazy, wanting the best results post surgery. I know Lesley told me not to lose but about 10-15 so I would have some for the bbl.

I'm getting sooooo excited!!

Just booked my flight!!!

Soooo excited!! The hubs is coming with me so it was $1712 round trip. I heard some dolls had issues coming back with drains using American Airlines.

82 more days!!!

I am sooooo freaking excited!!! Still at 167-171 so I gotta kick butt to get the best results possible. Lesley said to only lose 10lbs tops do to fat transfer for my bbl. Can't wait!!

I bought a hemoglobin meter...it was wrong...

I bought a hemoglobin meter called Easy Life (Pink) and it's way off. It's ranged from 12.1 - 18.5. I ordered a lab off walkinlab.com and went to my local lab to get an idea. Next day I got my results via email and it was a 14.5!!! So I am about 70ish days away... 10 weeks...I am going to keep taking the vitamins I am now plus kick it up a notch. I have only been taking the Floradix, Bloodbuilders, and beet root pills. I tried to try livers...horrible.. I literally about threw up!! Weight I'm down to 168.4 bmi at 29. I'd like to get to 160 by surgery date. Maybe less, not sure yet. I'm going to really focus on my legs and arms at this point so hopefully I will have more muscle to fill in the skin.

47 days!!!

I can't wait!!!!

40 days!!!!!!

Incredibly excited yet sooooo ready to already have this done! I messed around with a app,, I couldn't get the excess skin gone completely but hoping for the result on the right.

My Home Recovery

Arrived at the RH today, just got back from doing labs, had a great lunch and met one of my RS sisters!! She looks amazing. I realized I haven't posted much on here since I've been on FB.

Day 5 post op

Feeling ok, I had an appointment yesterday and also an appointment today to see Almonte. My faja is on the last dang hook and I'm about to die, they don't play around with it. Sorry I have so many social outlets to update so I've been trying to check in them. I will make a post later of what I actually needed at DR at my recovery house. It's crazy to pack all the stuff you don't need. But, it can be hard to get to places if you need something.

Pic updates

Forgot to upload the progress so far

16 days post op, I gotta update some pics

Drain is out yesterday, I am soooo happy to have it out! It was a bish!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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