31 Yr Old Getting a BL and BBL with Dr Almonte

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I am super excited, finally booked surgery. i have...

I am super excited, finally booked surgery. i have been considering this surgery for 8 years now and i finally found the courage to just go for it. Been stalking Dr Molinas for a few years and i love his work (i want a nice conservative butt) but i finally decided to go with Mallol. Anyway i will keep you ladies posted. i live on the other side of the world and i am literally travelling 13 hrs just to get to NY, before i fly to DR.

Would be great to have an sx buddy. considering staying at Serenity 2 from Jan 24th - Feb 1st.

Choosing a Recovery House is Crazyyyyy!

So i decided on My Home Recovery House. My 3 choices were My Home, Serenity 2 and Sea Lily but My Home has hospital beds and since i am getting my butt and boobs done, i know sleeping is going to be a total nightmare.

Current Stats

Bust : 40
Waist : 31
Hips : 40 - 41

Hoping For:
Bust : 38
Waist : 28
Hips : 40 - 42

Okay so let me explain, i am going to tell the DR MALLOL not to be aggressive with the LIPO, because that is really one of the reasons why ladies may not heal so fast. My waist is 31 inches and i will be super pleased with 28 inches.

Also, i am going to ask for not too much fat in my butt...maybe 700ccs in each butt (is that a lot or a little? lol) maybe a little more because i plan to sit my butt down all the way home on the plane ride. My Hips/Butt is currently 40 inches and i do not want anything over a 42. I am actually hoping i can measure in at 38 inches before the surgery so that i can get up to a 40 with surgery.

I wasn't s kidding when i said i wanted conservative. I could probably achieve these measurements through a more intensive work our programme but i would really like to improve the overall shape of my butt (no projection, but full at the bottom bit) and i really want a breast lift.

What i need

So i forgot to post up pictures of the RH from their website. I am not buying a bunch of stuff that i will end up having o use for, so i a just going to purchase the Barbie box from Diamond Recovery Care and then add on the scar treatments.

I think i am also going to pay for the basic package with DR Mallol and just do my RH and transport myself, will also buy my post op meds.

Can anyone recommend anything for post op pain (thinking about getting my doc to prescribe Percocet or Vicodine so i can take that along. I will also ask Dr Mallol what he recommends and let you ladies know.

Dr Fatima Almonte???

Guyssss, Surgery is less than 2 weeks away and I am thinking of going with Fatima Almonte.....aaaargh! I dunno

Doctor Change

So guys i booked my date and paid a deposit with Almonte, and i am booked for valentine's day.....Jeez! Had to stalk Leslie for a date and someone cancelled. What to do with my mallol deposit?...hmmmm

Flying out to DR tomorrow!!!

I can't believe I'm actually going through with this. I cancelled this trip so many times in my head but it's finally going to happen. So I couldn't get my recovery box - i was not able to get in touch with Diamond care and I tried the phone lines, online form, WhatsApp...Jeez! I stalked them but nothing. I'm going to get my supplies in the DR and hope for the best. Anyone going to Almonte between now and the 27th or staying at my home feel free to hit me up...I'm ready!!!!!!!! Well not really but kinda....will upload some before pictures when I have a minute.

Old Post

Had my blood work done at CECIP, we'll see what the results are like tomorrow. I'm exhausted. My Home RH is great. I'm fed, watered and off to bed. Will keep you guys posted.

Flat aside

So I finally had surgery yesterday....it's a whole long story. I got to the DR on the 11th and my haemo was 10.6. That was really frustrating for me and I had to wait 9 days getting iron infusions everyday. By the 20th I was at 12.0 so I was good to go for the 21st. Had the Lipo sculpture and a bbl and let me tell you the pain is reallllll!!!! But bearable really. You have to be mentally prepared, I heard this a hundred times but.....talk to you guys later...tired and super swollen. She took out 6.5 ltrs of fattttttt!

7 weeeeeeks!

It has been 7 weeks since I had surgery. I have so much to tell you guys but can't do it right this minute. I'm back to normal to be honest, still wearing my faja at least 12 hrs a day. My skin is still a little sensitive and I still get swollen when I'm not wearing my faja. Been a long road!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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