31 Years Old 3 Kids I Being Researching for Years to Do a TT BBL - Dominican Republic, DO

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I was so scared about the scar after TT but I am...

I was so scared about the scar after TT but I am so tired of trying to hide my belly every time I tried to go out. I have the support from my family which is so important to me. I have a long way to go until the date of surgery and I always pray God for everything go right on this process. I work hard every day to support my Family and three kids because they are my priority, but I want to be happy with my self too and this is the reason why I'm doing this. I think I have chosen the right doctor to get the results I want. I am getting BBL, TT and BreaSt implantes. I have questions about having the 3 surgery in one day but the doctor Yily made me feel so secure about that I am going for all of those.

Is it ok to take multivitamins BComplex folic acid and vitamin C

Is it ok to take all this at once. Multivitamins BComplex folic acid and vitamin C and Iron everyday

Airfare already purchased ????????????

I was trying to get the cheapest price for my airfare tickets but I think I got a good deal ???? Jet Blue Non Stop Round trip for $438$. I sent the confirmation to Sasha who is a sweetheart. Like I said previously I have a long way to go but before it was 8 months now is only 7 months, the time is running, and soon I'll be at Santo Domingo meeting Yily and Sasha.

Counting Down

Hi Barbies, well I am just visiting the page every day to see the new post from other Barbies an Dolls, and I get more exited all the time but sometimes I get a little upset because the long waiting I have to do. My SX date is November and I don't see the day I will post a picture of Cipla lol. Anyway, I seeing a lot of results from Dra Yily and the barbies look amazing, it is incredible the shape and curves that Dra Yily does on those girls. Any suggestions or ideas on what exactly to bring with me that I will really use at DR after SX.

Hello today I am 198 days away from my big day

Like I state before. What I want to get done is a TT,BBL and breast augmentation. I was asking about what could be the reason for not to get the three procedures done in one day. I seeing reviews from otherS barbies who have the three procedures done in one day and they look amazing. So please if you have knowledge about this feel free to do comment.


Count Down, I being following Dra YilyS work for a long time since I decided to do this and I am convinced that she is my Doctor. I pray God that everything goes right for my journey.

32 Years Old, 3 Beautiful Kids. I Can't Wait to Feel my Self Again and Put Any Cloth I Want Without. Fighting with my belly.

Ok barbies, I finally decided to update my review because I am closer to my sx date and I am getting so exited. I am 144 lb and 5'6 tall. I'll be getting my surgery with Dra Yily de los Santos. I am getting Bra implant, tummy tuck and bbl. if any of you have advises please feel free and tell me because I am really nervous.

Need to put my Hemoglobin up ASAP please help

Well Doll I have 17 days left to do my surgery and I really need to put my Hemo Up asap. Please any advises will be great

What things do I need at the surgery day

I am scheduled for sx on November 16 and I need to know which items I really need to take with me to the clinic on the day of surgery. Please any advise
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I have to say that I feel lucky because I have heard that Dra. Yily get back to you in one week but every time I ask something her assistant or her self get back to me in the same day or a day after my question

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