Bbl, Ba, rhinoplasty in Cali Colombia

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Im so new to all of this but I see how so many...

Im so new to all of this but I see how so many woman on here share their experiences and try to empower one another I totally love it. Well I'm really set on getting a bbl and ba nd my heart is set on Dra.Duran he work is truly amazing... Any Duran dolls that want to share any tips I'm open to relieving them.
Thanks dolls
God bless????

Quote time

So dolls I've been trying to obtain a quote from the infamous Dr Duran I've been emailing her back to back and still nothing . It stinks cuz you get a little discouraged when you don't hear back but thank god I'm a persistent person I won't stop til I'm happy lol. Any dolls wanna buddy up for March please let me know ????

Dr Villalobos it is ????

So after being on here for some time and looking, I've decided to go with Villalobos in Colombia his work is impeccable . Hopefully he can give me what it is I truly need lol. Anyone planing on going in dec- jan that wants to buddy up please let me know ????
Thanks for all the love dolls

More wish pics

Looking for a buddy ?? Colomobia

I'm thinking of going to Colombia in feb any dolls serious about buddying up please message me thanks and God Bless ????

Finally got my quote

Finally got my quote going to pay it now and will be going in February to Dr. Villalobos im Beyond happy still looking for a buddy if your seriously interested let me know . Thanks

So I was thinking

So I was thinking of just getting a bbl and Ba , and thought about also getting rhinoplasty and gluteoplasty as well. I initially got a quote for just the bbl and Ba and got curious as to the other procedures. I got a final quote I was more than happy with. I'm totally excited and looking forward to the new me ???? February can't come fast enough lol

Flight booked

So I paid my deposit booked my flight it's starting to feel real lol. Kinda scared to go alone but what ever it is what it is ... Anxious to get this going lol

Recovery house

Does any one know of a good recovery house in Cali Colombia ???


More wish pics

More wish pics... The time is getting closer

Freaking the hell out

So dolls I'm scheduled to have sx in February with Dr.Villalobos, and honestly I have a friend whom just got home from having sx with him and is currently in the E.R filled with seromas smh. I was told Dr.V doesn't use drains but has the incision reopened for draining during massages... That can cause infections and scares the crap out of me. Seriously trying to get all these facts in order. This sucks I was set on having my sx with Dr.V but I guess I'll be looking for another doctor here in the states...

Feeling better about it

Well ladies I'm feeling better about my initial decision to go with Dr.V. I'm so anxious to just get this going lol. Ordering the rest of my things this week. Colombia in February I'm so excited

Wish pics

More wish pics. No lie all I do is look at butts lmao and read other dolls journeys. I'm trying to prepare myself by finding out what to expect once I touch down and finally have surgery. God willing all will be fine. So excited

Ass ass asss

Wish pics wish pics wish pics

Can it be February already lol

Hello dolls, I'm super anxious to get this show on the road lol I've been ordering my supplies and have most of them. I'm beyond excited and anxious to finally feel good about me. More wish pics


Wish pics smh I swear this is how I spend my days lol

Sooo excited

I'm sooo excited it's not even funny lol


Pics pics pics

I'm ready !!!

I'm super anxious to get this over with lol. I'm still having trouble with smoking :(
I've cut back tremendously but in all honesty I'm still burning it down . Stressed out over all this. If any one has gone through this or something similar please let me know. Thanks dolls

Sooo Anxious

13 days to go I'm so ready lol

5 days til I touch down in Colombia

I'm beyond anxious. I'm feeling the nerves setting in lol but I have faith all will be well. I'll be posting pics before my surgery and after .

Bag checked it's take off time

At the airport waiting to board the plane supper anxious lol I so want this but honestly leaving my babies is so hard no lie I cried lol. But I want this so bad I want to feel good about myself

Finally here

Labs in the a.m I'm too exhausted to b excited lol . Sx Wednesday morning

Casa Arama

Well ladies here's the scoop. The house is really nice, and very clean the wifi works through out the house so it makes calling family and all that easy. The rooms are clean and decent size , the bathroom is also a good size. The staff are amazing very friendly & attentive and welcoming, they make you feel like your home. Now I'm Waiting on my anastesiaologist appointment & my appointment with Dr.V . Then hopefully all set for tomorrow

Surgery time

Super excited. I barely slept lol I was up every hour on the hour .

I made it to the other side

I want to thank god and all of you ladies for all the prayers and positive vibes. Surgery went well I must say. My boobs are killing me but that comes with the wanting nice boobs lol . I will post some more post op pics as I take them

Post op pic

Rhinoplasty is no joke

I can't breathe and it sucks :-( I'm trying to maintain positive but it's kind of hard when you're dry as the Sahara desert due to the rhinoplasty smh but on a positive not Ive met some of the greatest people truly feel blessed

First massage

Omg I wanted to die I almost passed out i don't know why but I got a bad hot flash and Felt the room spinning lol.

Tourist be aware

If your coming to Colombia from the states it's very important that you know what your getting into . This country is very poor and any chance they see to come up off a tourist they will. They see us Americans as dollar signs and will try to scam money out of you by any means necessary. I'm Spanish and still have to deal with the fact that these ppl try any and everything if your not familiar with the language I advise you not to come alone

So scary

seems like a conspiracy lol the owner of the rh the doctors the clinics everyone works together. So when my stolen money situation is brought up it seems to be a lack of communication, mind you they all work together. Lol you'd think that they would all work together to help fix the issue lol wrong now no one knows nothing . The clinic was never aware of money being stolen so that leads me to fuckin believe it's a damn conspiracy against tourist. I'm beyond disgusted that ppl would stoop that low . Mind you I'm Spanish and understand everything going on. Imagine someone that doesn't understand the language. They try to over charge you it's like do I have stupid written on my face???? I was stupid for coming here knowing these ppl are known for being shit bags . Girls don't be stupid like me smh. Use my story as a example cuz it sucks to be some where foreign wit nothing and everyone claiming you owe them and trying to over charge you.

Preop and Post op pic

Happy with the results but not happy with the recovery and the stress that's being put on me day after day def not a stress free environment

So scared

So today changing the tape on my butt I noticed I had a little bit of blood where my incision is on my butt my mind instantly thought the worst... I emailed my doctor to ask if that's normal... in all honesty I'm scared shitless . I got super dizzy and has to lay down. This is so depressing smh

Feeling great

So this healing process has been hell but I must admit I'm loving my results lol my boobs and butt implants are softening drastically I'm so happy lol. Can't wait til i finish healing desperately needing some retail therapy
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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