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Going to see Robles in December!!! I'm very...

Going to see Robles in December!!! I'm very excited, I've been wanting to do this for about 2 years now. I have a nice body and shape I just want to perfect it! I'm traveling by myself and I'm looking for a buddy! Also if you've been to Robles or if you can even give me tips it would be greatly appreciated :-)

No tummy tuck Lipo only....

So I did the question and answer forum on RS with my pictures asking if I needed a TT or would Lipo be good on my body! I got about 10 surgeons telling me that my body is in good shape to have excellent outcome with Lipo only! Thank GOD! I really didn't want to go through that pain and be stuck with a TT scar! Many surgeons out of the country were suggesting a TY for me. But I really didn't think it was needed! Now I can finalize my total and be at ease.

Wish pics

I was told by one doctor that I already have an hourglass shape. I'm hoping for outcomes similar to these pics :-)

Hemoglobin Check

I did blood work last week, my hemo checked out to be 13.5 yesssssss!!!

Morning vitamins

Along with some B12 for my hair nails and skin....

Night vitamins

I take right before bed, I read about how the vitamin C helps break down the iron vitamin to absorb in your body. Iron taken with many victims won't even take most of the time. So that's why I do these two by themselves. Hemo 13.5????

Juicing Everyday

Saving them $$$

Ok! So I have picked a doctor and paid my deposit. First I was going with Robles until I found out that I could get the results I wanted without the tummy tuck. Then I was stuck on Yily. However I was following a few dolls who weren't too happy about their results. The results were good but not what they asked for and I want to get what I pay and ask for! Now I've paid my deposit to Mallol!! He answers all of my text, I've sent my deposit and I'm saving these coinnnnnnsssss for December!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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