BBL with Yilly 2016

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I have seen Dr. Yilly's work online and she seems...

I have seen Dr. Yilly's work online and she seems to have the best results. Everyone says she gives the tiniest waistline and perfect round butt. I'm looking forward to having some hips that will match my huge breasts. My body is a little uneven since I got my boobs done. They came out way bigger than I expected I like them though. I tried to gain weight thinking that would even me out, but it didn't look good. The fat went to the wrong places. I don't know weather to lose the weight or keep it until I get my bbl it really looks bad!! I haven't even scheduled my surgery date yet. I will do that this month or next because yilly said the price may go up after DECEMBER. So I will keep posting till my bbl . Hopefully that will push me to to it faster.

Pre-op pics

My boobs are too big for my body I don't have any hips and it just looks weird. This is also with the weight gain. I'm not sure how much I should keep before the surgery. I know you have to be about 20 pounds over weight for the surgery, but I'm not sure how much I'm suppose to weigh now or how much my boobs weigh without the weight gain. I think my normal weight before breast augmentation is 120. I'm 5"2. I now weigh 150

Pre op

Trying to get everything in order. I don't have a passport or a faja board or compression socks. I do have my down payment though and will be sending that soon. I just don't know what date to pick so I think I'll pick a date further than what I really want because you can move the date once. either way I just want to keep moving forward with this.

I really want hips...

,BUT not the very high kind that make you look like a midget. I'm already too short and have been called a midget before.

Pre op

Not liking this bad shape.

This shit is annoying & stressful

I went to get my passport they said I needed my birth certificate for that. Ok so went to get my birth certificate I sat down filed out the paperwork and at the very bottom it had a notice saying you couldn't get your passport with a certain type of birth certificate so i had to end up calling a number the clerk gave me because I wasn't born in this city & the number kept giving me other numbers to call. I mean I really don't know what I'm doing here so it's aggravating. After this I go to the bank before work they are slower then molasses people!! This is the 3rd time so I'm just going to have to make an appointment to send the deposit to Yilly's account because I'm not missing work to send money. What kind of sense does that make? I do need to send It though because all these obstacles are making me discouraged and I want to give up and go to one of these doctors near me.... No, I know yilly is more experienced. All this seems so easy, but I am always at work and you have to look pretty and dolled up at my job I almost got fired for getting fat when I gained so it takes forever to get ready and do hair and do makeup and spend all my damn time at work. I get paid well it's just I don't have the time for all this extra shit. I can't be running around on my lunch break and not even getting anything done. I'm going in circles right now. I snapped at my boyfriend yesterday for no reason. This shit is stressing me out. Im not dealing with this until I have time.

Fat & flat

Sent down payment to hold my date

I wired my payment yesterday through my bank and sent a picture of the receipt via email in the morning, but I didn't get a response yet. I know they are closed on the weekend so I just have to wait. I'm glad I finally got in to the bank to talk to someone. My banker sent me away the 1st time because she told me the address was wrong. People here keep trying to talk me out of sending money to the doctors like they are trying to scam me or something I let this one chick talk me out of sending the entire payment to Dr. Salama after I sent him $800 as a downpayment and at the time I had the entire payment which was over $8,000 because she thought it sounded fishy. I ended up spending that money and regretting it his work is also amazing from what I've seen, but I don't have that saved up anymore plus I'm still paying off my breast augmentation and other credit cards I ran up so that's why I chose Yily even though she is harder to get to she less than half the price including the rh and care, but still amazing results so I'm just tired of throwing away money and not getting what I want. My doctor who does my lip filler here offered me to do my BBL for $5500, but said he didn't have any before and after photos. I think I'll stick with Yily!

Surgery app wish pic

I changed my body with the surgery app of how I want to be shaped more or less.

Wish pics

Just some wish pics

Down payment went through

So my date is set and now all I have to do is get my birth certificate from out of town, get my passport, buy a plane ticket, and save money for the rest of my BBL.

I do plan on getting this surgery, but I'm not going to stay fat all these months and not work out. I'm going back to the gym Monday. I can't walk around like this anymore. I can gain the weight back a few months before surgery so
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Yilly gave me a Fast response. She was quick to answer any of my questions no matter how big or small and she gave me whole rundown of everything she needed and everything I needed.

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