29 yo 1 child bbl and breast lift maybe with implant

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I have been on real self for about a year. I am...

I have been on real self for about a year. I am interested in having a breast lift and bbl. Not sure if I want implants because I actually want to go smaller but I want the super perky look. I a 5'7" 145 lbs and gainining slim 34dd so id prefer a 34 c. I originally wanted to go to baez as she does excellent breasts and bbl but shes going to be on maternity leave and does not do both at the same time. So now its btwn tania medina and duran. I just want nice wide hips ant high perky tits. Duran does excellent bbl and medina does great breasts.

Heard back from Duran the next day (sat morn)

Ok so after calling the office and speaking with Elizabeth she told me I would get a response to my email that day (Friday) or over the weekend. I received an email from Duran 8am sat morning. She asked about my health I will post the email and she told me that she would not be working the first two weeks of September. I requested 9/2 in my email . Will keep you posted

Duran isn't working the first two wks of september

so in the email Duran said that she wouldn't be working the first two weeks in September and I wanted to go on 9/2/2015. I replied w ith an alternate date late august and with the answers to her health questions. I replied on Saturday 7/4 the same day she emailed me but still haven't got a response. I probably have to call Elizabeth. anywho I sent my deposit to Tania Medina yesterday. Most likely I will go with her.

What Medina sent

I sent my deposit to medina on Monday while I'm waiting to hear back from Duran for an alternate date. Medina got back to me the next day confirming my desired date and listing instructions pre and post op.

My current situation

Confirmed with Cabral 7/2016

so I decided to have a baby before I get surgery lol. I'm due early March, Sheduled for Breast lift maybe with implants and bbl on 7/12/2016 with Cabral. May need tummy tuck but I'm going to prepare as much as I can to not have to get one. It felt like it would take forever but time flew. If everything goes well health wise I'll be moving my date up to June.

I've arrived

Here at Cipla just did my labs and had my blood drawn

Sx day

I'm at Cipla waiting for Cabral to do my surgery. I came in about 6:45am and they opened the office at 7. There were already about 4 other girls waiting. Did X-rays and administration where they copy your ID and take phone number then went to the medical history nurse. Now I'm changed into gown compression sox and slippers waiting for instruction to take my blue pill it is 12:09pm

More on the day of surgery

So I was instructed by the nurse to take the blue pill around 5pm. I was still up texting at 7 but after that have no idea. The next time I woke was during surgery. I felt the cannula in my stomach through my belly button of course there was a blue sheet in front of me. And I was morning slowly turning my head from side to side. Someone gently put their hand on my forehead and wiped it. Then I was knocked back out. I woke up when they put me back in the recovery room it was about 1125pm. I didn't feel much pain until the anesthesia started to wear off around 6 am then one of my legs and buttocks was in so much pain. Also you can't eat after surgery until 4 hrs later.that was hard.

Day after surgery about to get cleaned up and put in faja and dressed

Recovery at Highclass

I ended up switching from Serenity to HIghclass two days before my travel date. I believe that was divine intervention because I have nooooo complaints here at Highclass recovery home. My fellow surgery dolls have complained about their Rh's even switched multiple times lol. But I'm totally happy here. I have a single room, the home is right across the street from the ocean in a condo with security. It is CLEAN, the ladies here are so compassionate and attentive it's amazing. Not to mention the food?! Omg to die for and don't be afraid to ask for more. They keep you clean check on you periodically even if you don't buzz for them. The ac is cold but you control it, I use a fan because it gets too cold. They are clean polite and speak English. Anything you need they order from the drug store you don't have to leave this place except to go to Cipla. You can also order mcdonalds, Wendy's but I don't eat that. I would highly recommend Highclass recovery to anyone.

Food at Highclass


Post op pics

Of course I'm padded up and in pain. My surgery was 7/12. This is about two days later then 4 days later.

4 weeks post op

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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