29 Years Old, Mother of 3, Wife of 1.....Ready to Get my Body Back - Dominican Republic

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I am 29 years old and the mother of 3 under the...

I am 29 years old and the mother of 3 under the age of 5. I have been married to my husband for 11 years....yes I was young, and this is his present to me. I probably will not post any photos of who I really am, but I do act, and I used to model. Although I only weigh 128lbs it only looks good in clothes. I want to look good without them. I believe that Dra. Yily can make that happen for me. I opted for a BBL with lip to the arms, inner thighs. That is 300 added to the quote above. The above quote is for the surgery and RH but nothing else like medicine, overnight nurse, blood transfusion etc. Initially it does take a while before the office will contact you. I sent a quote request on April 3rd, and I heard back around the 8th. I had to resend my pictures as well as basic information and I was quoted 4050. If you add everything that you will need not including supplies that you bring, for me it comes out to about 5100. Looking through emails it looks as if everything was finalized on the 18th with me staying at the Serenity RH. I have booked my flight as well and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to receive an update or not after sending flight information. If you have any questions or if I left anything out that you guys would like to know, just ask. Also if anyone else is having surgery June 7th let me know.

Wish pics

These are 2 of my wish pics...(Draya & some girl with a nice butt) and pictures of me after kids. Again I weigh 128. I have a little fat on my belly area that will not go away. My stomach only gets flat like the pic showing my stretch marks if I diet drastically for a week or two. I am not interested in a tummy tuck because my stretch marks are mostly above my belly button. With a tummy tuck they'd just be below my belly button...so I'm ok. They fade pretty well once I get past 2 years of not being pregnant.lol I can live with them. I also will be getting thigh Lipo so that I can get my thigh gap back..outside of jeans, and some upper arm Lipo. In reality, I Just want the bbl for the Lipo....and then a cute booty second. I have an ok butt, butt it can use a "lifted" look.


I recently moved here from Hawaii and I had not even thought about going to find a primary care physician. With 3 kids that happen to get sick often because one is in school, I find it hard to really take care of myself like I know that I should. I’ve seen the pediatrician more times than I can count. Anywho, I went for a checkup on Monday. I guess it’s peak season because I made the appointment a month ago, and that was the only office in a 10mile radius that had openings before I left for DR. I had a general checkup and blood work ups done. I remembered them being able to tell you right after a finger prick what your hemoglobin was, but alas, they did not have that machine in the office. I had to wait 2 days…..for awesome news. My hemoglobin is 14.7. I was so anxious, and here’s why… - I have Alpha-Thalassemia - I have struggled with anemia all my life - I have the implanon in my arm and I believe I can thank it for my results. - My anemia was due to VERY heavy menstruation. - I have had Hemo levels of 6 and felt totally normal. I am beyond excited. I just knew that the lady on the phone was going to say my level was like an 8 or a 9 and I would have to reschedule my surgery or not have it all together this year because I would have to go to a hematologist. I started taking blood builders and Vitamin C at the 2month mark. Before that I was taking Folic Acid (400mcg), B12 (2500mcg), Ferrous Sulfate (Iron 325mg), and Vitamin C (500mg) two times a day. I am saving all of those until after surgery because the megafood blood builder has all of those in it. They are expensive ($16 for 30) so I will finish them first.


Also...the Spring Valley Vitamins are only $2-$3 each at Walmart.

Dr. Miami Booty Buddy

This came in the mail today! On the website it says priority mail shipping, but it was shipped by fed-ex. It took about a week to get here. $117 with shipping. I have taken it out of the package and I believe that this one might be better than the other two on the market based on the back support. I tried just the butt cushion and there is no way i can sit straight up for an entire plane ride. With the back part attached you're just relaxing with your butt out :) I'll be sure to post pictures of it on the airplane so that you guys who care can see how it works out.

Less than a month to go

Packed...a Sort of

I'm trying to take as little as possible. I chose to take a carry on because I didn't want to risk my luggage getting lost. I also want all of my possessions with me going into another country. I guess I can post a list of everything that I packed as opposed to listing everything here.

List of Supplies

This is a list of everything that is pictured, and not. The RH that I will be staying at has supplies for me to use like chug pads, gloves, etc. I purchased those things but I will not be bringing them. Things like make-up, and shaving cream will be used for my return home. The P-Ez pouch is only in my purse because it will be there on my return home. All of my toiletries abide by the FAA regulations and are under 3oz. The blue pouch is kind of empty but once I go through screening things will be moved over to that pouch. It was purchased at walmart and already had things in it. the clear pouch was purchased at target. I will not be bringing my laptop only a tablet.

Almost that time...

I'm nervous now. Lol Its finally getting real that I have to leave my family for 10 whole days. I'll loose my mind because of the quietness and not hearing somebody screaming Mommy! I'm not really worried about the pain. REALLY! I've pushed 3 kids out of my hooha with no medical pain relief I think I'll manage. If it's any different, I swear I'll let you guys know. ; )

I'm home....2 weeks post op....WTF did I get myself into

This is just a quick recant that I wrote as things came along so that I wouldn't forget....

Got to hospital at 630-45 got a room at 728...saw Yily at 930. I was taken into surgery a little after 1pm. I was never given the blue pill and I was never marked before surgery. WTF! A lady came into my room a little after one. She put a gown on me and started and IV in my hand. I get into the operating room (not a CIPLA, it didn't look old to me as some have said of CIPLA...maybe this is why Yily moved to this hospital. Her office is still at CIPLA though) and the lady asked if I already took the blue pill. I tell her that I was never given one. She says she'll just put something in my IV. I didn't have time to panic or worry or wuss out because whatever it was worked fast. I'm not sure if I woke up during surgery. No I didn't see Yily, and I woke up when they were cleaning my naked body. I wasn't cold after or shivering as some say. I did get an epidural. I was semi-aware when this was happening. I wasn't in any pain afterwards either. When I got back to my phone it was about 4pm. My nurse did repeatedly say how strong I was because I was awake and doing things for myself right after I was wheeled in. I was literally awake from the time I was getting cleaned until about 11pm. I didn't really need to pay for a nurse. I didn't even get sick when it was time for me to eat. At that point I started to worry because I thought I might not have gotten what I paid for since I wasn't in any pain. I was sore, like I just worked out for the first time in forever. Oh, I Got soup at 6. And please remember that you eat or drink nothing the day of surgery. I wasn't sleepy at all. I would try but I would keep waking up every 15-20min. Not because of pain, but because what ever they kept giving me in the IV for pain/sleep wasn't enough to keep me asleep for longer than 2-3 hours if that that night.

The next day: Blood pressure checked at 6:20am medicines administered after breakfast, about 8 dismissed about 935 after Yily came and looked at me. They put me into a medium garment which was obvious to big because the sides bent in, but whatever.


I did not need a blood transfusion. My hemoglobin was at a 9 when I was discharged. That meant that I would be given my $250 back. Please be advised, they only do refunds (for blood transfusion and things not performed during surgery like Lipo to areas that would have been extra) on Monday's and Friday's, be aware because they do not tell you this when booking. So if you have your surgery on a particular day and you are not staying that long you may miss out on getting your money. Please keep all receipts. They will not give you your money back without them. They also do not give change. I paid in all $100 bills. If you need change back it will also be given back on those two days. They say that your surgery is an all inclusive package, it is not. You go pay for your surgery and only your surgery the day you get there. My cost was $3200.
- when you are picked up from the airport please be ready to pay your driver $100. Yes that's right. When you get to your recovery house be ready to pay them, and when you get to the hospital have the $50 for your nurse, and the money for your masseuse as well.

Here is a bit of information that my Team Yily folks might not like....
Yily is a rude bi$&&! YES! SHE! IS! Trust and believe it! You've heard it else where, you've heard it here, and it's true. You don't want to believe it, she'll be different with you......CHILD PLEASE!
My interaction:

I said, I'm supposed to get a small faja and was given a medium, then she said no I told you that you have stretch marks...something something.
I said what does stretch marks have to do with the two indents on my sides from the faja bending because it's too big, she cut me off and was like can I talk please.... I didn't hear anything after that, I had already been there waiting to be seen since like 630. I left at 1030. She only said get more massages and change garment in 4 days. She is not the one who checks you when you go in, her assistants do. I kid you not, it was about 45 women wanting in that room to be seen. If y'all are smart and can do that math, all those surgerys were performed between The span of 5 days. Please account for the women who didn't have appointments that day. As far as appointments go, there are none. First come first serve. That means who ever puts there name on the piece of notebook paper first gets seen first.
They are so disorganized with there write on a piece of paper walk in appointments. Duran isn't any better. Her waiting room is always packed ands hot as shit. My room mate went to her.

Whomever did my surgery... Did alright.

I was suppose to get Lipo to my arms and inner thighs along with my bbl. That didn't happen. Only this week am I starting to see "bigger" changes. My husband finally told me how he really felt, he said dang, not I'm starting to feel like I didn't waste my money! Hahaha my bbl looked like they forgot some areas and my stomach wasn't complaining flat when I got home. I almost looked exactly the same except I was 10lbs heavier. This week the water from the IV's they give you is almost out of my system. I think I'm down about 9lbs of that weight now. These pictures are right after. I will take some the next time I take the garment off.

Just took off my faja...and took some pics

I just took off my faja...put on a size medium underwear...and a tshirt. These are the best angles I could get by myself. Sorry for the glare...my bathroom has a huge window.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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