29 Years Old from the Bronx, NY in Much Need of a BBL and Lipo

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Hello Dolls, I have always thought about getting...

Hello Dolls,
I have always thought about getting surgery since I was a teenager and for the past 3 years I have been looking into going to the Dominican Republic to get my desired look. I am hoping I can contact Dr Duran but I also have backup doctors in mind. I am looking to get a quote and have surgery done by Feb 2017. I am 5'6 and weigh 172, I am determined to have surgery done by 2017, My emotions have been up and down and I just want to feel better about myself. I cried to my husband feeling like if my body isn't attractive anymore and no woman wants to feel that way. I personally know I have body image issues and feel that this procedure will give me the boost in confidence I want in every way possible. I am tired of feeling down and getting emotional its taking a toll on me. At first I was scared because of all the negative things you hear about getting surgery, but then you go to the clubs here in NY and see half of the girls who work there have gone to DR and came back gorgeous and with the most incredible bodies ever ! That will be me very soon :)

Some of my wish pics

These bodies are exactly what I am looking to have !!! Loveeeeee it

finally filled out the forms to receive my quotes

I contacted both Duran and Yily now waiting for my quotes fingers crossed I am nervous but now I am one step closer to making my dream body into a reality ! its taken me time to come to this decision but now I have no doubt in my mind !! pray for me and I pray I get a fast response I contacted Yily via email and whatsapp and Duran through surgicoordinator lets see how this goes.

Quotes from Both Yily And Cabral

Okay so I got quotes from both Yily and Cabral now here is my concerns etc ...
I love how informative Yily's quote and email was very detailed and step by step as well as included a all inclusive package ... Cabral on the other hand was straight to the point price little detail and I felt more like a number rather than a person/patient with questions if that makes any sense ... no information about RH's which its not like if I dont know how to require the information it just wouldve been nice to be given options from him. Now maybe I am being dramatic but its like I felt I would like to have more information just like my response from Yily. Crazy part is Yilys work and Cabral's work lord the difference. Yes I am aware of his history but I also know someone personally who has gone to him recently and lord her body is freaking something out of this world she looks so goddamn amazinngggggg !!!! on the other hand Yily I love her work as well but I wonder if she will achieve my ideal body goal. Cabral has been the doctor for the chicks in my wish pic. I guess I am all over the place lol and torn between the two.

Looking for a RH SX Feb 20

I am leaning strongly toward cabral but he doesnt have a all inclusive package so I guess I need to find my own RH any recommendations ??

undecided ...

So I finally received a quote from Duran which the quote was definitely great but for the time I am going supposedly she is overbooked and isn't taking any more patients for the month of february but she still quoted me for the dates I choose so i'm not sure how that works out then I ask them (surgi coordinator) if she will be available for those dates and that it wasn't a mistake *CRICKETS* no response .... Sooooooo I have also came across another doctor Tania Medina and I was floored and obsessed with her work !! I just sent her an email with all my information got a response very quick thanking me for inquiring about her etc now waiting for the quote. So far I have 3 Quotes from the best of the best Cabral, Yily, & Duran ... oh and btw duran said that due to the pictures I sent she cant tell if she can do Lipo I might need a TT but ummm if that was the case why didnt Cabral and Yily suggest the same ... not sure but I know I don't need a TT but I guess doctor knows best and Whoever I decide to go with will know whats best for me. I am so excited and just dying to get this all started. My Birthday is Sunday and this is going to be my birthday gift to myself after 29 years on this earth I am finally going to do something I've been wanting to do since I can remember :) #Dirty30 I am so excited. Question Dolls What Vitamins are like mandatory to purchase prior to surgery and when should you start taking them ?

Tummy Tuck Fear

Both Medina and Duran suggested a tummy tuck .. Duran said depending on when she sees me in person and Medina suggested it period so I emailed her back asking if maybe it would be best I dropped some pounds and if that would make a difference or is it for stretch mark removal like what is the reason for the suggestion. I am afraid of the scarring after a Tummy Tuck and the pain. I can deal with a few holes from Lipo but a entire scar across my stomach. Don't get me wrong I have seen amazing results from TT but I don't feel its for me :(


I have made my decision dolls !!!! I will be a Cabral Barbie Feb 2017 we spoke this morning and I just feel more comfortable with him and I know he will give me the results I am looking for I am so excited now its grind time !! I need to book my RH asap !

RH dilema

So I had contacted Serenity at first and they are all booked up for Feb I have been speaking to Wendy from High Class she is a sweetheart by far. I am still looking for RH options that are in condos with security. I read about one of the girls on Real Self recently stood at a RH and was robbed outside of her recovery home and had a gun put to her head and a gun was put to the drivers head they took all her cash and her passport lorddddddd that seriously concerns me !! so right now I am still trying to find an RH and I want to book by Nov 15th so please drop your suggestions ladies thank you in advance <3

change of date

So I have decided to push my date for April being that Feb is so close and I havent been able to prepare myself financially its been hectic especially with the holidays but god willing I will definitely make my way to DR in April I need to contact Cabral I also wasnt expecting his change on a deposit which is $250 and its honestly great but I was so not prepared for that change. Also I had no luck finding a RH due to the fact they were all booked for the dates I was inquiring about that stressed me out even more !!! So hopefully i have better luck now and will start working on everything tomorrow


My stress levels have been ridiculous lol from booking a RH to going back and forth with doctors I have obtained quotes from almost ever doctor in DR no exaggeration. Cabral has been giving me a damn run around and of course like always the one word responses via WhatsApp are literally getting under my skin ... I have spoken to Medina and Laura from Surgicoordinator in reference to Duran and that has worked out a whole lot ! By next week god willing I will have everything in order and figured out :) Which makes me so excited ! I will keep you dolls updated on whats going on. BTW I did find a RH and I am going with Bodied Recuperations Spa I love Emmy she has been a complete sweetheart !!

Great News Ladiesssss :)

So after months of going back and forth making friends on social media with other surgery buddies who have gone to DR with different doctors I have made my official choice and sent my deposit to the doctor I felt was best for me.... (drum roll) Dra Duran yesss I am extremely excited I will be going in late Feb or the beginning of march I will update more but I wanted to share the news and give you Dolls an update being that its been months lol <3


SOOOOO freaking excited everything slowly is coming together for my dolls that are going February 19, 2018 with Dra Duran or any surgeon in DR, you can add my SX instagram: Kingmariilyn_sxduran follow my Journey more there I will post here as much as I can but for more active updates thats how you can reach me :) xoxoxo

Lets Pray Duran works her magic on this Bawdy

Currently me from the side my butt looks good but I have major hip dips and my ass is wide but looks flat from the back :( i want more hips and a full round booty and my waist snatchedddd
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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