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I found a b&a picture on Instagram and the thought...

I found a b&a picture on Instagram and the thought of cosmetic surgery became real to me. After losing 70lbs with 30 more to go my bmi is now 31 & my hemo 13.5. I Thought I would have to deal with fat rolls n no ass. I lost a lot of weight but my belly is still fat and I have no booty. I've been all over IG, RS & FB looking at docs. I am considering Goinh to DR for the curvy looks for surgery. I contacted Dra. Robles & sent pics & above details. I got back a forward message with one section that seems updated which was a recommendation for a tt, lipo of armpit, waist, back & bbl for $5200 which includes a garment & RH stay 10 days & meds. To add ba it was $6500. I think I may do Breast later I'm still undecided.

Now my focus has been on how big do I want my butt. I don't want colossal but I think a little bigger than average. People say almonte & Duran is great for big booties & yily & Cabral for snatched waists.

For me I don't want to be tiny waist, I like being a size 12, hopefully a future 8-10. Plus I have wide hips already. I just want to have no back rolls & I want a booty.

So I guess I'm still considering Robles, I will try n get a quote for Duran (although her price doesn't include a RH). And I'm curious to learn more on Almonte.

Almonte, Robes and Duran quotes and possible sx date March 2015???

Ok so far since I began this RS page I have contacted three doctors. See below the information I was given from the doctors above.

1) I contacted Robles bc of the few dolls I follow on Instagram. I have read in all the FB and IG posts that Robles is the truth for TT. ((Now I sit and consider my current belly verses possible "after" belly and i don't think the scar matters too much...now don't get me wrong! i want a nice, clean cut with minimal saying, but I haven't seen some of my other choices as having horrible tt scars.)) Now back to Robles, I contacted her through email, then tagged her on IG and the app whats app. She responded the next morning and I had a quote the same night. I asked for a BBL and Lipo, she advised I needed a TT and lipo of armpit. Her amount was $5200 or $6500 with breast lift included but suggested I come back for breast in rd. 2, but would do it if my hemoglobin(iron level) was above 13. Her price included a 10 day stay in a RH and one garment,pain meds and 24 hr nurse. I started hearing more about Almonte being a great doctor for plus size frames.

2) Almonte was another dr. that responds well (leslie her assistant speaks great english). When I emailed her, and whatsapp her she also responded fast. It took 2 days to get an email but she did reply to my whatsapp message in one dyad let me knows got my email request. She also quoted me $5,200 10 days with RH and a garment, meds but she also recommends breast un the second round. Her quote was for TT,full back, abdomen, flanks, waist and under arm area plus BBL. I feel almonte is more detailed and her message was actually written, not just copy and paste and forwared to me like i can tell Robles email was. Instantly I feel like its a more personal connection and more personalized. I asked about a RS discount as I read she offered on here, she said she can honor it for $250 off my price. But i have to book by 11/7, which is 3 days away and her deposit is $350. So we'll see. Now of course if you are considering sx in DR then one has heard of Duran.

3) So for Duran I got nothing! LOL, apparently she is harder than the president get in touch with. I've emailed different days and time of days, stalked her social media and whats app shows my messages are being read. and i called twice, this am i was told to call friday for a quote -_-

So i'm sure i'm getting sx just deciding on doc, then when.....im considering march 2015

OK!!!!!! So Duran it is! Plus size Full lips, BBL, TT & My Home Recovery House

Almonte is tempting esp bc of her price which includes meds and the RH, but for me her BBL do not seem to be big enough for me, I have NO BOOTY and I want more projection and fuller bottom, nothing too big, but i think she's excellent for TT.............So I got the golden ticket! LOL, thats how I felt when my 20-somethng call was FINALLY answered! I was able to call her personal cell and caught her leaving the gym. She answered all my questions and used her iPad to look up my email address and saw the email (emails lol, bc I sent her at least 6). She asked if I was sure about my BMI (shade lol) and advised I need a TT, bc at first I was only considering lipo. She did verfy everything she told me by sending me an email while she was on the phone and she wrote the email with me on the line so she can get it done. My quote is $4900 for all mentioned above. She states my hemo must be 12 or higher and told me to call the next day they are open, bc it was a holiday the following day and talk to Elizabeth,her assistant. I called her office 2 days later and Elizabeth answered, I decided to get sx in Jan 2015 and her next avail was 1/28/15. She told me to send deposit and that was it!

So that was about a week ago (week ago *dancing* hehe).....and I still did not send a deposit bc in her "general information' email it said to not send deposit electronically for some reason, I called Elizabeth about that question and also I wanted know since I will be arriving 1 day before my sx if I would sleep at the clinic. She told me no, it would be at the RH. So I will be staying day 1 at RH, day 2 is my sx and will be at cipla, then day 3 on back at the RH. I will be staying 10 days after sx.

I choose the My Home recovery house bc it was where Almonte Dolls stay and I liked it when I was checking out Almonte for my sx. What appealed to me is that its new construction, has hospital beds, its $75/night and the staff speaks english when I called fluently. Seems to have decent reviews online so its a go for me.

Next step is to pay the RH deposit and buy my plane ticket. Also you can follow my journey on Instagram: @fatkisses

After lip that means no SUN! And 23 hrs/day in a faja!!

So for these reasons I had to be proactive in planning my sx for 5.5 months before my vacation and 6 months before my bday! I want to be thong bikini in the sun and no faja or only wear a faja when I sleep! The sun causes harm to your skin after lip and marks, be careful and consider this when choosing sx date! Also keep in mind to stop drinking r smoking before sx so try to schedule when not planning to be partying it up a few weeks later!
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