28yr Old Mum of Two. Seeking a BBL and Breast Lift - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hey guys, I have been reading reviews on this...

Hey guys,

I have been reading reviews on this site for a few months now and have finally decided to go ahead with a BBL and Breast lift! Due to all the reviews I have decided to go with Dra Yily in the Dominican Republic.

I am from London, England and primarily I want to know if there are any ladies who will be thinking of travelling to the DR for procedures with Yily. Please message me and comment if you are as I just want to know if it would be a great idea to buddy up (I am going alone as my Boyfriend is dead set against me doing this ??).

I want to know about flights, what to bring (after surgery care stuff as I am clueless) recovery houses, how long you stayed out there for etc etc.

Please if any ladies have been to Yily for a BBL please let me know how you felt about her as a reliable SAFE surgeon as I already think her BBL's look amazing.

Thanks ladies


Buddy Required??????

Hey Ladies,

Hope you are all doing well.
Well I am looking for a Yily buddy who will be having surgery in July 2017. I have finally decided to book my surgery date with Dra Yily after all my research etc. I know the date is just under a year away however due to work and child commitments I am unable to get sufficient time off until then ????....So moving forward I've decided to go with Yily's "All inclusive" package meaning the RH is included in the price. I'm flying from London so I just wanted to know if their are any other future dolls who want to buddy up???

Also as I have such a long time to prepare myself I need some info on what to bring with me. What medicines to pack and other necessities as I am clueless.

Please comment as all advice is welcome.

Booking SX Date and how to pay deposit

Hey ladies,

I finally decided on a SX date with Yily which was 24/07/17 however this date is NOT available (arghhhh!!!). I am so stressed out right now as I have to have a specific date due to work commitments etc. I am looking for a date between the last week of July and the first week of Aug. If there are any potential Yily dolls who have surgery booked between this period and no longer want that please please let me know as I would be willing to take that off your hands lol.

Also dolls from the UK who have had surgery with Yily how on earth did you send your deposit over to her????? I don't know if I should send it via online banking or at a Western Union etc. Please share ladies.


Booked and Confirmed

SX date booked 07/05/17!!! I'm so nervous but excited at the same damn time ???????????.
Purchasing my supplies now as I want to be prepared and have everything at least 6 weeks before I leave.
I have already started taking iron, folic acid and vitamin c so I am physically ready for this journey.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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