28 Yrs Old BA, Lipo, BBL - Dominican Republic, DO

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I have been following RS for the last 2 yrs and I...

I have been following RS for the last 2 yrs and I have finally decided on a doctor and have done enough research to finally feel confident enough to choose a Doctor. I will be going to Dr. Duran. I love her work and for my body type im confident that she can make my expectations a reality. I am 5'2 130 lbs and 34B. I have not had any children yet so one of my main concerns is to be able to breast feed. If anyone has done a BA with Duran and can share their experience i would appreciate it as I only mostly see breast lifts. In addition to a breast lift I would like lipo on my flank, chin, arms, back and stomach (pretty much everywhere lol) I would like to have more projection and fill in the indents i have on my hips. I will post a pic of myself soon.
She has quoted me 5800 (hoping to convince her to leave it at 5500) and I have booked my date for Sept 7th, 2015. I know it sounds far away but I would like to do it after my wedding in August. This price does not inclide the labs, or recovery house. I find it to be pretty pricey but I love her work and I believe it will be totally worth it.
Any one thinking of doing any surgery for these dates? I look forward to hearing from you girls. I appreciate this forum so much as I have learned most of what I know on surgery on Real Self. Thanks for sharing.


Hi Everyone!
So after all these years of research and flip flopping between Doctor Miami, Dr. Duaran and Dr. Molina in Dominican Republic as well as a number of Doctors in Colombia I have decided to go with Dr. Harold Paz in Cali, Colombia.
I have received a quote for approximetely $5500 for the following procedures:
Breast Augmentation, Lipo on arms, back, stomach and chin, BBL, Bichectomia (Buccal Lipectomy which is like a face lipo contouring aroung the cheeks) and labioplasty. The technology and level of experience is like no other. I have heard so many great things about him and I am really excited. I was able to obtain my quote via Xiomara from Sophistique Solutions. In addition i also have to pay $800 for post op care such as meds, fajas, massages etc. She also has an RH and I have seen pictures and it looks great. She explained that she only hosts about 6/7 ppl max which is great because I dont want to deal with so many people and I prefer a more personalized service. She charges between $85-100 per day which includes all meals, transportation to and from as needed, as well as a nurse. She sounds so nice I cant wait. If you want to obtain a quote for any doctors on Cali you can go thru her she has her info on IG and she doesnt charge. If anyone has any info, pics or personal experiences with Dr. Paz please feel free to message me. Thank you


Hi guys, well im finally married and got my life together lmfao.
I went back to my original plan which was DR. I will be having surgery with Dr. Julio Molina on November 16th. I just purchased my flights. Shit is getting real.
I am getting breast implants (about 450 cc's hopefully he agrees), lipo on stomach, flanks and back, and BBL. I will also do a small procedure where he will suture the bottom of my earlobes because i stretched them in the past. My quote for lipo and bbl is 3800 and for the BA is 1500. I found a great deal with jet blue and my flight each was was only $98. Im very excited. I have been waiting for this procedure for the past 4 years and its finally happening. I absolutely love Dr. Molina he always answers all of my questions no matter how many times i bother him. He is very knowledgeable and his top priority is his patients health. He has never had any fatalities or major complications. I have decided to stay at Marias Recovery house. She charges 75 per night which includes WiFi, transportation to and from airport as well as all doctors visits and pharmacy/faja runs etc. They have hospital beds, nurse 24/7 which are bilingual (although i speak fluent Spanish), air condition, cable, 3 meals, snacks, unlimited fresh juices. It doesn't get any better. She only requires $100 deposit and you pay the rest there. I am very much looking forward to my surgery. Any ladies staying at Maria's RH those dates I will be staying for like 2 weeks.

Every one complains that she takes forever to answer emails but i received a response withing 4--5 hours. She was very sweet and straight to the point.

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