DURAN DOLL 3/2016 28 Years Old, 1 Kid, Ready 4 a NEWLOOK - Dominican Republic

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I'm 28 years old, 1 son, from Dallas, TX, 5'6...

I'm 28 years old, 1 son, from Dallas, TX, 5'6 weight 167 hoping to become a Duran Doll Spring Break of 2016. I been stalking this site literally since 2013 but decided February this year to go ahead n do it. I want to be more confident in my body as I were before I had my son in 2007. I plan on staying in the DR 7-10 days haven't picked a RH YET I'm still researching those but I'm going out on FMLA for 30-45days I'll make up something to tell them rather than I'm going to DR for surgery. Anyway, I been doing lots of researching on Yily and wanted to become yilyfied but Duran does her thing and I made up my mind finally with a final decision from a future Duran Doll to go with Duran. You guys I am so excited and I welcome you all to join n follow my journey. If any of you are booking a date second week of March 2016 feel free to become a buddy of mines and let's change our lives/ bodies together be each others encouragement n motivator. Please feel free to comment and I will respond promptly.

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Got My Quote Back From Duran Today

I asked for quote for lipo of all areas including inner thighs and fat grafted to butt and hips. I got a message from Duran saying she suggests Tummy Tuck, Lipo, & BBL for $4900. I'm saying to myself that's not what I asked you for but thanks anyway cause I'm confident in your work and your decision but I want to have more children so no need for tummy tuck right now. Anywho I emailed her back to give me a quote for what I asked for. I also sent a quote request to Yily as well to compare cause I love her work as well. I'll keep you guys posted!! Thanks for following me.

Got f/u email from Duran

So here's the follow up email from the office of Duran I want only lipo n bbl but she is still recommending TT WTF?? Here are sum photos of my preop do u dolls think I could pass with lipo n bbl only or do I really need TT? I plan on having more children at least one more!!!

Spoke with Durans office again

So I spoke again with Durans office and was told the quote for just bbl and lipo but at the physical evaluation in front of Duran she states I need a TT then so be it. I want fat added to my hips n inner thighs lipo as well. I've gotten quotes from both Robles and Yily as well but for some reason Duran still is the one for my body after researching her different social sites. Please please please I cannot stress this enough if any of you ladies are booking for March please let me know I'm looking for a buddy so I can go ahead n pay deposit for that certain date we agree on thanks.
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I hope and pray for the best and a speedy recovery.

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