27 Year Old Mother Of 3. Looking To Have BBL & Breast Augmentation - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hiiii Beautiful Ladies And Gents. I'm A 28 Year...

Hiiii Beautiful Ladies And Gents. I'm A 28 Year Old Mother Of 3 Boys. I Am Married And Have A Step Daughter That Lives With Us Also.

To Begin My Story I Was Always Very Very Slim. After Having My First Son I Lost All My Weight But With That My Breast Were No Longer Perky. They Were Still Small Like Before But Lost Volume. After Having My Second Son I Lost Most Of The Weight But My Stomach Wasn't Completely Flat Like Before. Then Comes My Third Son!!! I Gained More Weight Then Both My First Two Pregnancies Put Together ????. I Lost Very Little Weight Currently Weighing 163 lbs. I Know I Know Not Huge But The Fat Is In The Wrong Places.
I Spoke With My Husband About Getting My Breast Done And BBL. He Hates The Idea And Said He Loves Me The Way I Am. After Explaining To Him That I Don't Feel Comfortable In My Clothes And Hate Have To Wear Double Push Up Bras Everyday He Understood. Posting Some Before Pics And Also Wish Picts.

Which Doc Yily or Duran

So I have been doing some research on realself for a while now. Before finding real self I had my heart set on Doc J curves in Atlanta. Boy is he expensive!!!! But seriously after seeing Dr. Duran and Dr. Yilly work I fell in love but torn between the two. I have reached out to both beautiful ladies and received a very quick response from Dr.Yily's assistant.

Happy to say I will not be on the journey alone. My sister and best friend are going to be my surgery buddies. My sis is getting a BBL also!!!!

Wish Picts ????

So I'm uploading my wish Picts I'm in love with K. Michelle and her body. Lol so that's the look I am going for. Really what my body to match my face and the beauty within.

More Picts of me pre op

Can't wait to have a beautiful image in the mirror. Until then wishful thinking.

Quick update

First thing I put the wrong age. Lol I'm 27 years old lol. Born 1988. Tried to change it. Secondly I have received quotes from Dra. Yily the latest for 6,900 but it included way more then I want for instance it had tummy tuck and breast lift I do not want either of those. I only want the bbl with breast augmentation. I emailed back asking for a new quote. Also received multple emails from Dra. Duran assistant still no quote yet.

Buttt I have decided to go with Dra. Baez. I sent her an email just waiting to hear back. Excited about this entire journey.

More wish picts

Sooo I got another quote from Dra.Yily. $5150 but its wrong yet again. I wanted the all inclusive quote for Lipo, BBl and Breast Augmentation. Instead I got it for Lipo, BBL and Breast Lift. I emailed again for the correct Quote. Once I receive that I will be ready to put my payment down. She is the only Doc out of 4 that has given me a quote and did so right away. Looks like I will be a YilyDoll!!!

My sister and I are ready to set our date.

So I finally got the quote I was looking for from Dra. Yily. $5,400 for everything. My sister decided to get the same procedures. I have emailed Dra.Yily for open dates in April and May. Hoping to get in in April so I can be close to myself again by my one year wedding Anniversary at the end May. Will keep you ladies posted. Also more wish Picts. Of course they are of K. Michelle. Lol

Baez contacted me

So I finally got to speak with Dra. Baez. She told me I definitely need a tummy tuck. Something my husband and I don't want to do also I feel I don't need it my stomach isn't saggy its solid. Any who she quoted $6,800 for TT, lipo, breast augmentation, and bbl. Nothing included in that but labs and first faja. I will pass on that. I didn't want to spend more then $6000. Huh well still waiting for dates from Dra.Yily so I can send my deposit.

Extreme Update

Sooo. My sister and I have our date and will be making our deposits tomorrow. Our date is March 22nd, 2016. I am extremely excited. Only thing I have gained a few lbs from stress and sweets so I have some work to do. Plan to loose 10lbs before surgery something I can do in 20days thanks to my family diet plan. Well good luck ladies.

In back

So I have been MIA for a while on my posts but still checked in from time to time on my fellow realself beauties, especially Yily Barbie's. Well my sister and I applied for our passports a week ago. I'm getting more excited and nervous at the same time. My hubby keeps touching my body saying how he will miss it but I told him he will really love the new one :). March is around the corner and I'm ready.

Question on Birth control

So I have read that some ladies stop their birth control 2 months before surgery and some don't. Please let me know what is best. I only ask because with my new birth control my cycles are really bad and Iasts for months at a time. I know my blood level will be low if I do stop mine. This is the only thing I'm worried about.

More updates

I forgot to mention I have decided to add chin and arm lipo as well. I figure may as well get a new start with everything. Its an additional $300 for both.

Hello again ladies

My sister and I received our passports yesterday. Its really getting real. I'm more excited everyday and more nervous everyday. My sister has already booked her flight due to it being the last non stop flight from her home in Atlanta. I will be booking mine later this month. My flight will meet in Atlanta for a layover then we will be on our way. Its only a 3 hour flight from Atlanta. It will be 6 hours total for me. I'm really scared about the flight I have never been on a plane and my fist experience I will be alone unless I talk my husband into coming which is what I am leaning towards. That's my baby if I tell him I'm scared I know he will come with me.

Getting close

So I finally ordered my plane ticket. Cost me $800 due to me picking the shortest flight with one stop in Atlanta to meet with my sister. I called to get our seats next to each other once I get to Atlanta. I'm solo scared to get on the plane alone from Milwaukee to Atlanta. My husband decided to stay home with the kids until I get back. He's taking me and picking me up from the airport. I will be ordering my supplies from Amazon today. Also went online to get the tourist cards for my sis and I. I read from someone's review that it cuts time in half once we reach DR.

Its getting realllll

March 22nd is right around the corner. I have ordered all of my supplies. I am now preparing for my 28th birthday on the 12th. Fun day with the kids, even more fun night with my husband. I can't wait for this to be over. Lol I want it so bad. Its all I think and dream about. I hate my current image in the mirror. I'm just hoping Yily gives me what I want. Well until next time ladies be safe. Love :)


Got my lab results today hemo is 13.9!!!!! Going to continue to take all my vitamins because I stopped my birth control and I know my cycle will be starting and will be bad :( I can't wait until the surgery is over so I can get back on them because without them my cycle lasts for months at a time. Well happy about my levels and being cleared for surgery.

Less then 4 days

Leaving in less then 4 days. Don't know how to feel about this journey anymore. I was happy but I swear people can pull you down. Was told I'm insecure for wanting surgery. I'm far from that. I feel just like going to the dentist to get your teeth fixed is no different from fixing anything else on your body that your not happy with. I guess that's just my opinion. Well until next time ladies love ya and continue to be safe.

We Made It!!!!

Sitting in Yily office a I'm typing this. Excited and nervous still. Already missing my husband and kids :( So this has been a long day for me. Up at 3m o my first plane right. It was actually not scary at all just hate the ears popping. We have had our xray done and blood work just waiting on the cardiologist which is taking forever. I have already met one young lady who is having surgery tomorrow. She was told she will be the first patient. Hopefully its not too many more that came before we got here. Well I will update more later. Until then stay sweet.

Made it to the other side ladies

So I tried to post on the 21st when my sister and I got here. My first plane ride actually was great I wasn't scared at all. We arrived and our driver was waiting for us with a sign with our names on it. We went straight to Cipla. Got labs and x-ray. We stayed in a beautiful hotel the first night through Yily due to no open beds at the recovery house. It was great. My sister had to get extra tests done so our first day was extremely long. Day of surgery my sister decided not to get her boobs done. Meeting Yiliy was amazing she greeted me with a big hug and kisses. She is a very beautiful woman inside and out. She tried to talk me into tummy tuck I decided against it and only wanted the lipo, bbl, and breast augmentation. When I woke up from surgery Yily was by my bed side telling me my breast didn't get done. I was so sad I couldn't sleep. She told me she would tell me why in the morning. She arrived in the morning and told me she did aggressive lipo and I lost a lot of blood. When she checked my blood she saw it was a B and they couldn't give me a trnsfuion due to it being a rare blood type here. Hard to get. Overall I am happy with my results. I HAVE A BIG BOOTY SMALL WAIST AND FLAT STOMACH!!!!! My only concern is my skin retracting. It looks kind of how it did after giving birth to my children. Empty. Well Luxury Recovery House is great. Beautiful women, great service and really good food.

First pict

Picture from today

Stomach flat. Go for first massage today.

First massage

First massage went well. Very painful but I felt a lot better afterwards. Hope my pictures are clear for you ladies. My stomach looks dark at the bottom but its really my tattoo. I am loving my results and can't wait to surprise my husband. I'm missing him and my kids like crazy.

Day of surgery and 4 Days post

Some Picts to show my progress. I'm in love with myself

Now and then

Just a short update. Been in a lot of pain since I have been home. Yily told me at my appointment with her 6 days post I needed more compression and need to get the stage 2 faja. So when I went to get my refund for my breast I bought one in a size small since I had made it to my last row on my stage one medium. This one is a little more comfortable due to the straps being smaller. The pic with the purple panties is me now taken yesterday. The pink is from before. When I bought these underware they were for a girl time emergency and were way too big. They always slid down under my clothes. Now their a little snug and keep going in my butt. Lol I like my results. Hope the swelling on my stomach and back go down soon. And my butt gets bigger :) well continue to be safe ladies love you all.

Took my mesurments and weight

My before weight was 176lbs measurements may have been different from when I started my journey but thy were 36, 32, 41. My current is 168lbs 34, 29, 44. Can y'all say Yily did her thing. Before weighing and taking my mesurments I tried on some of my old and new clothes I bought for my new body. I already wore a medium but it was snugg. Tried on my dresses and due to my small waist I need size small!!!! I'm beyond happy. I have to be honest I've been in a lot of pain. My upper back is holding all my fluid. My husband helps with massages but today he said he paying for my lymphatic massage because he doesn't want to see me in pain. Here they are $110!! The cheapest I found was $65 but it's a man doing the massages and I don't want any man other then my husband touching my body or even seeing me naked. Will post more Picts soon.


I haven't posted in a while. Things are going OK. I took my stage 2 faja in 3 inches on each side. I'm a little sad about my results. Yily did not do my hips correctly. She missed fat in areas on my right side. Due to that I have a very noticeable lump. I get depressed looking at it. I will be sending her an email to see if she would be able to fix it. I hope she doesn't give me a hard time. Other then that the healing process gets better everyday. I have my massages every two weeks and wear my faja all day everyday.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I Love Yily. She is a beautiful woman inside and out. She is very sweet. I am happy I chose her to do my surgery. I can never thank her enough.

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