28 2 Kids Mommy Make over Needed !! Dominican Republic, DO

I've been a member on Real Self for about a year....

I've been a member on Real Self for about a year. However, i've been wanting this procedure done ever since my second daughter and she's now 4. My intentions were just to lose this stubborn fat and weight from flanks, stomach and everywhere us moms get and put the fat where I would love for it to go my hips and Butt! I was going to go to Dr. Jimerson in Atlanta, Ga and even put down my $500. However, I chose to not go with him for personal reasons and now going with Dr. Duran in DR!

Duran emailed me herself !

I had the price listings from Dr duran's secretaries and HERSELF the other week! And i'm so relieved and determined to know that i'm really following thru with this process i'm getting bbl and lipo. I really want to get breast augumentation but can anyone give me feedback if thats too much our body for one procedure. Also I know were suppose to stay 10 days The most I can take off work is 14 days will I be able to function lol? On top of that I have my husbands support thank GOD even though he thinks I don't need it but I gurantee when i'm done he wont complain. if anybody can give me answers on my questions ill appreciate it FUTURE DURAN DOLL !!

Wish pics

These are a few of my wish pics I'm definitely looking for more curves and definition that's why Duran is perfect


As you all know my new doctor is Dr. Duran ! Looks like shes getting booked pretty fast ! I want to sell my deposit for Dr. JImerson (Dr. Curves) that I put down for $500. please comment below or dont hesitate to inbox me ! thank you !

Putting down my Deposit next week!

Sending out my deposit next week.Already getting supplies started.. i'm last minute with a lot of things but this WILL not be one of them ! Praying for all you dolls with Duran thats going soon!

My PRE OP PIC ???? so sad DURAN work your talent !!

As you can see I have a mommy body 4 & 6 year old saggy everything ! I'm sharing this with you all ladies because I TRUST that this is our safe zone ! My body definitely needs work ! And I feel comfortable opening up to you all ! I pray for peace of mind smooth recoveries to all of us !!! Smooches

More wish pics DEFINITION & curves

Wish pics

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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