27 Yrs 2 Children BBL, TT, BL, ARM LIPO!!! Future Almonte Doll. Dominican Republic, DO

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So i was in contact withYily first for a BBL, TT,...

So i was in contact withYily first for a BBL, TT, BL and she replied back to me in a very timely manner i was happy with that. Then i read sme reviews about her that i didnt like so i changed to Almonte due to the lack of horror stories ive read. Exited about the transformation and still doing alot of research and saving because i still want to have money after surgery!

Ive got pretty consistent wish pics

Soo i been seeing alot of wish pics on here and notice some of them are of different body types yet they're being posted by thhe same person. I dont know if its avoidable but i'll try to post my wish pics that i feel are consistent with my body type and how i want to look. Afterwards ill post "Idol-Butts" which are butts that i admire and am fascinated with but wouldn't necessarily be my wish for my body yet they are fabulous and perfect for the woman it belongs too. (Geesh i made it sound like bootys are a product) well anywho!

Okay so here are a few honorable mentions! Not really my wish pics but definetely a nice body

I wont go into much detail about these photos but when i saw them i just really couldnt say oh wow i want that but however they do fit these ladies nicely and maybe you guys would want to have their look so i figured since this is a help page why not post the ones i dknt like and give everyone a fighting chance to be marveled at i mean dang can they live!!!! Hahahaha

Time for the anonymous photoooss yaayyy

So of course we all wanna stay anonymous because, duh we want to be proud of our bodies! Not proud of our ability to save up some thousands of dollars and take pride in our perfect carefully selected Doctoras sculpting skills and besides even though half of our outcomes tell the world we got surgery due to our enormous amount of change, we still blame it on our dedication to the gym, not our relentless dedication to realself! smh This is our gym though, okay! It takes alot of hard work to screenshoting these damn tips and doctor reviews and we spend a hell of alot of time researching our realself friends' pages and going over our options and budgeting and sacrificing food and working in the costs and making sure we go without certain luxuries, like spluging at the mall for clothes we hope to one day never again be able to fit, unless your already in a size extra small and girl gone gain that weight to get that booty wit yo skinty self more power to ya okay! Anyways so anonymous it shall be BUT please believe the WORLD GONE SEE OUR ASSES IN EVERY DAMN GYM FROM HER TO AFRICA TO EUROPE AND AUSTRALIA AND IN EVERY DAMN VIDEO!!! WE GONNA BE ANONYMOUS NO MORRREEEEE!!! HEY WE SPENDING CLOSE TO YEARS IN THE DAMN SHADOWS OF THESE ALREADY WORKED ON FEMALES BEST BELIEVE WHEN WE GET OUR WORK DONE WE FINNA BE IN EVERYBODY SELFIES!!! Besides we doing all this to make sure we healthy enough to get the surgery we aint lazy by a long shot we aint given up on mour bodies by a long shot we may not be able to get the booty we desire with squats i know i squat a hundred a day and yea i got a booty but i still cant get rid of this extra skin my son left me with( and pizza and hot cheetos and soul food too they helped too) and some of us really would hate a super muscular body with no booty! No maam no beuno i aint finna let someone i know live the rest of her life unhappy with the curves if anybody need a support system its us not them bimbos hollering im happy with my long back that happens to have a crack in it...shut the hell up no you aint trick you wish you had a amber rose blacc chyna deelishis ass too so quit ya ranting and gone save up that bonus or that school money or that income tax check and get what you want cuz when you alone in your bathroom taking them selfies and editing it to where it shows what you want the world to see then i got news for ya you just gave yoself plastice surgery!!! Anyways we doing research for the gods and we making sure we got everything in order aint nothing better than a determined woman with a goal from a dream and we giving hours to our bodies and going to doctors and checking blood counts and maintaining stuff im just tryna say im proud of us damnit we some bad bitches excuse my english hahaha but when we get our bodies right (me in particular) oh you gone wanna follow in my footsteps and get yo breast tight and yo curves right and booty insight (yes booty in sight and booty insight cuz thats what we doing both of them!)

(( U.S. Vs D.R. ))~well who does it better???

Okay so here a little rant and ill post some pictures okay first things first i live in The United States (that sounds funny since ive never had to ever say that before lol because obviously every conversation ive had with anyone ever has been her in the states and they obviously know where i live...lol but anyways) i live in the states and im thinking of going to DR for surgery. well i think people who are negative about this are just ignorant to the many benefits the DR offers.
2. That being said you can not teach someone how to shape a booty just right to fit your body. They have to have experience and practice with sculpting a live human body not a doll. Some doctors in US only have experience with certain body types, ergo, they havent the skills to know the outcomes of every patient they operate on! Now in a more plastic surgery trafficked place like DR these Doctoras know over time how to master the art of sculpting! Theyve had almost every type of body there could possibly be thus giving them the leg up on experiences over the US.
3. Example time! They've had multiple multiple MULTIPLE HANDS ON EXPERIENCE with all types of patients:
the ive lost tons of weight and now have left over skin patients, the super skinny and want aggressive lipo WITHOUT THE BURNS patients, the nagging picky over what you can do for them patients who swear they can do this surgery better than you patients, the anxious crying scared 'i change my mind for the hundredth time' patients, the overly researched on horror stories about you and stress over everything patients, the box booty grandma who wants nicki minaj booty patient, the outdated bootied momma who just tryna get her groove back from the early 80's patient, the look like she had three kids but never had a pregnancy virgin patient, the had too many kids and my stomach super stretchy patient, the breast super big butt i really want a big booty patient, the im not even a female but you better not jack up my breast and booty cuz i gotta stay fabulous patient, the nobody in my family or race has ever been born with the booty i want but make it look natural patient, the i go to the gym and i squat like a mothe f-er but my booty look like a apple instead of a peach(because some of these big booty "squatters prolly lying to me about how they really got them glutes) patient, the list goes on and im sure we all know one of them patients but best believ a doctor in the DR has operated on them and we all have seen their outcomes! No not tryna over look the deaths but will you feel a certain way about US doctors that has been the cause for major Burns and Nerve damage and infections and misplaced bootys!!! Every patient is different which means every doctor is different when operating on them! Its important to know your own past and take into account what you need to be cautious with! Its up to all of us to stay educated on our chosen doctors ask them questions and so on and so forth!
4. The recovery homes in DR are more attentive overall as a whole than any youd find anywhere else! Its a community of women competing to prove they can care for you better its like a daycare center one opens up near a huge apartment complex and now two more down the street competing to get those parents to switch their kids because they can do it better! The competition a plus and a negative because of course that brings out the shadiness in people.
5. Um soo when women that Live in DR wanna have surgery its best if they come to US? And on that note... the US is the only place Plastic Surgery is practiced? If not then why are they the safest place? Ohh because of you having to travel to a foreign country and thats not safe? You're thats why its dangerous for Americans to go on cruises lol petty i kno
6. The price for the service! Enough said i think, i mean would you rather pay $900 for John to wash and flat iron your hair because his beauty salon owner is a billionaire and he might have a shop that smells like roses and your seat may be cushiony and soft and recline at the shampoo station even though Johns hairstyle be mediocre? Or would you rather Lisa who charges you $100 for a very unique wash and style with hair extensions and a bang that she knows will fit your face and compliment your style and she'll even clip your ends and bump and curl the bottom of your hair and give you laid edges and baby hair you aint even know you had but um she in the hood doing your hair in her mommas kitchen and her kids bad and dont listen and if your friends find out they might clown you but your hair banging for days and they all gon be hella jealous and when you get home you know you might even get a raise at your job for looking like a boss b*tch and your ex Boyfriend gonna wanna come back? Well if you want John then the US is right for you and im sure you will be very happy and if you want lisa then make sure you take ALL THE VITAMINS SHOTS XRAYS TETANUS SHOTS HEALTH SCREENS HEART CHECKS and anything else to ensure YOU ARE HEALTHY and go get you boss life! I mean the DR is right for you and im sure you will be happy! Ill post some pictures of my inspiration for this review.

Hemoglobin level 13.6!!!!!!!!!!

Soo i had my first physical and wow my hemoglobin is perfect i can honestly say im excited about surgery now although im finna try to get it to a 15 im Blessed right now THANK YOU JESUS! WHOOOOOAAAAA DOGGY!!!

All in one!!! Okay so basically this is all "forthebody" lol

Now in my experience i havent really seen a whole one stop shop page with everything that i need and its pretty time consuming to stay up for hours researching and i dont like the thought of anybody being ill prepared due to lack of researching because he or she couldnt afford the time to research. I understand its very strenuous to stay at the computer when we all obvious have more important things like kids and full time jobs to attend to and with half of the girls whose already had surgery hardly ever coming back onto real self and updating i figured its our newbie duty to research and spread the word, Soo first im going to do a couple of honorable mentions, heres a list of ALL the pages ive saved to my phone and the tips they all helped me with! Minus a couple of them that i screenshot so u can still see their names in my photos where i screen shot!

Booty4real •
Zulu princess•
Ms snatched•
Cray cray

I have the supplies they told us about and the things i figured i would need. I kept their names on some of them and some i edited out for text messaging purposes. If you happen to see your supplies then thank you for your tips! Im only making this because this is whats in my phone to help me and these are the photos i have saved in an album titled SUPLLY AND TIPS AND DEMAND which is basically my go to photos for encouragement tips and check list. I may be missing something but so far ive been revising this list for a couple of days now and i think its finally ready. Some of the items on this list are recurring but thats ok because i like choices and ao do you. I will try my best to not upload private things but if i do plese inbox me to take your titties and bootys down and i promise i will lmao i just use them for my own personal wish stash and supply wish stash.

Okay so here is my own personal records of my total costs with almonte and what i was going to get with yily and her prices dont

Yily-All inclusive 5,800 LIPO BBL TT BL
or bbl thigh arms tt bichectomy (cheeks fat taken out) or bbl tt cheeks arms 4300 rh quote was extra $750

Almonte-$5550 BBL LIPO TT BL arms if HEMAGLOBIN high(rh was included for extra $850)

Cabral- $6200 TT BBL BL LIPO no rh

NURSE no rh

Baez-6500 TT BBL BL LIPO no rh

Massages 250-300
Nurse 50
Recovery house 750-850
Flight 400-600
Passports 160-280(expedited services)
blood transfusion 250
Medical insurance 150
Compression socks 20
Fajate 2 140 (90 on amazon)
Extra carried items 520
Extra cash 200
$ Have already 3000
$ Need for surgery 3500
Need for extra 2200
Total need 5700
Total: $8700-$9000

Dr. Heiddy (809) 563-8982
Whatsapp- 809-383-2115
Nicolasheiddy@gmail.com english baez says drained well

Nurse Zara nurse
(829) 690-0799

Medications: 70-115
Zeal heart health medicine
Vicodin (can fake ear infection dr will give prescription for ten did it multiple times)
Percocet if all else fails for pain
Tylenol w codine
Headache medicine
Folic acid
B complex
Vitamin c
Iron pills
Hema plex pills
Pill organization for month or circular
Fish oils
Hibiclens (pre sx wash up cleaner safer skin)
Yeast infection medicine (cause in case over antibiotics ph level bad)
Thermometer for checking for fever
Gas medicine before and after
Medi gloves to clean urself
Scar away strips and gel
Cotton balls/swab
Water gallon a day (for swelling)
Summers eve douche but no recommended douching is bad prefer a ph cleanser keeps ur vag smelling good and healthy
Anti biotic ointment
measuring tape cause we wanna know
Thrombocid bruise cream
Benadryl dr approved for itching

Carryon bag like michael kors travel purse
Large suitcase
Rolling suitcase for over head in plane
Flight clothes really cute ones witcho cute self
Sunglasses cause you a fake celebrity in the airport
Neck pillow for comfort
Booty buddy 70 dollars on ig
Master lock case
Fanny pack under clothes secured around your waist (they take yo money then they prolly took you too)

Travel bag items:
Extension cord
Maxi dress
Faja 2 (dont wear foam under it to airport will strip at customs)
Compression socks (not too tight)
Tank tops
Loose shorts
Loose pj pants
Granny pannies
Front zip sports bra
Thigh slimmers
Compression shorts horizontal slit

Small items bag:
Picture of your wish person to give to Dra.
Picture of your children and significant other to sit at your bedside and cry too cuz you really miss them but they want you to stay them days to recover
Hand sanitizer
Nivea skin tightening lotion
Anti bacterial soap
Glasses contacts case
Tooth brush
Tooth paste
Spray deodorant
Mouth wash
Shower cap
Shaving cream
Pineapple juice
Bug spray
Hard TT tape
Personal napkins
Lip vaseline
Alcohol spray
Wash cloths
Plastic ware
Hand mirror
Small flashlight
Sleep spray
Silver paste
Ambi fade cream
Swedish bitters
Suction cups for showering with drains
Rolled up towels behind knees
Palmers oil vitamin-e
Antiseptic spray for incisions

Big stuff: 100
Boppy pillow
Small blanket
Lipo foam pad
Foam roller half
Ab board
Maxi pad
Puppy pads
Temperpedic pillow
Lysol before n after sprayed
Yoga mat
Swimming floaties to roll up under back
Pedicure and manicure before you leave toes gonna be out alot and you might not understand "ew look at her feet im not massaging her you massage her no you massage her ok lets get Jose to massage her" in spanish


When you are about to get marked up for surgery by your Doctor make sure you bring a bikini bottom that you would most likely wear after surgery so that when they mark you up for the tummy tuck incision they know or can have an idea of where to cut the line so that it can be invisible while in the swim suit! Yess we all want to make sure when we running on the beach our Tummy tuck line isnt visible! So if your like me and prolly have a swim suit you know you cant fit but bought it anyways cuz you were hopeful then yes bring that one and if your also like me and have to hold your belly up for the surgeon to mark on you well then just ask the kind assisstant to hold it up for you while the doctor marks you up! Its okay to have to hold it up sometimes i mean its great use for when your typing on your laptop i mean you hardly even need a desk your shelf of a belly helps you out in that category although we all would prefer the shelf of a booty instead! But oh please believe you better enjoy it while it lasts cuz i promise you, you wont be able to type on you laptop when you shelf of a belly in inside your ass, so you're welcome!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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