October 2016 Duran doll in the making!

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Hey there dolls! I'm 27 years old,160 lbs mother...

Hey there dolls!
I'm 27 years old,160 lbs mother of two babies born by c sections,ready to transform my body!
I always had small hips with no ass with a stubborn muffin top (every girl's dream smh) that didn't go away even with the hardest constant workouts! But now after kids,my body is destroyed,flappy,and full of stretch marks and I'm ready to change all of this! I'm tired of not wearing what I want,and always have to look for clothes that conceals my imperfections.
I was always insecure about my body and I refuse to see another birthday with me feeling this way! It's time to do something for me finally..
I contacted many doctors,but my top picks were
Dr Cabral
Dra Duran
Dr Salama
I contacted the 3 of them but so far I only got a reply from dr Salama!
I heard dra Duran was hard to get a hold of and I don't have time for that..so now it's either between dr Cabral or dr salama for me..

I will keep updating this blog and hoping to get this procedure done in September!
I'll attach just a wish pic for now and then I'll add my before pics :-)

Contacted surgiCoordinator

Helo again..
So I gave up on Duran contacting me back already! Looks like it's not going to happen and need to start making arrangements,so I contacted SurgiCoordinator and we will see if Laura can get me an appointment with Duran! Fingers crossed

Got a quote back from Cabral

But daaaaamm looks like prices went up!
It's between Duran and Cabral now..I like be Cabral's work..we will see

Going with Duran in September.

ill be traveling al the way across the universe (literally) for this procedure,and Cabral gave me THREE different quotes so far! He went from 4500 to 3200 to 3500 within a week..I don't feel safe with this situation..I want to have a certain number,certain date! Not just show up there and "hope" I'm seen by the doctor.
My procedure will be in 4 months so I'm getting really nervous!
I need to make my reservations for the hotel (won't stay in a recovery house because I'm traveling with family),airplane tickets,visas,start buying things for after the surgery and such..not just sit here and wait for Cabral to make up his mind.
I'm still waiting for a quote from Duran though,but I'm confident in my decision now.ill pay my deposit and set a date soon.

Sad news (breastfeeding and surgery)

I just learnt that I might not be able to do the procedure because I'm breastfeeding :-( I mean I already knew I couldn't breastfeed after I get the operation because of the pain meds and all and was planning to pump in advanced to feed the baby till I'm off meds..but now I learnt this it's better to not have any surgery while breastfeeding because of the hormones and all and it might affect my results because my body now is not in its "normal" state and j should wait between 3 to 6 months after weaning my child to even think about any elective procedure :-(

Duran is booked till October!

I got my date! I'm both Nervous and very excited!

Deposits paid!

It's official now yay :-) I paid the deposit for Duran and for the recovery house.
Now I'm getting really nervous..

Let the count down begin !

Ultimate wish pic.

I'll be showing Duran this!

So annoying

Can't be the only one who finds this pop up very annoying!

Surgery date swap!

I'm now scheduled for the 17th and I want to change it back to October 18! (My original date).

Please write me if you are interested.

I have changed my date to one day earlier.Now I'm scheduled on the 17th of October.I changed recovery houses too because now I'm

We will also be flying in the same flight back home! Yay.

Flight is booked! And Dr Miami booty buddy will be ordered soon:-)

Also I'm now putting my surgery supplies list together and will order them all soon.

Still looking for a date swap

I'm looking to trade the 17th of October to the 18th.

Just 2 weeks till surgery!

I been very stressed out but I'm almost done packing (yeah early) and just trying to remember everything I will need.

I'll update again once I'm in Santo Domingo

More lipo

I'll get (if possible) chin and arms lipo as well!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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