Surgery 4/8/2015 With Duran (Before & After Pics)

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Hello I'm 27 years old with no kids and I'm...

Hello I'm 27 years old with no kids and I'm scheduled with Dr. Duran in April. I'm so excited! I been lurking on Real Self since the end of 2013 and I'm finally ready to it. I'm 5'1, 137 pounds and my current measurements are 34, 29, 39. I'm hoping after surgery for 34, 24, 43 but we shall see. I obtained my quote through Jazmine at Bella Vita consultants who is extremely sweet, if you can swing the extra $200 she would be your best option. I paid her on a Friday and she had my quote ready by that Sunday. She has did my wire transfer which was $250 (Duran's Deposit) and $45 for the wire transfer. I'm considering booking with Real Recovery Armonia because the reviews have been good so far and it's pretty affordable with a bunch of good amenities included. The deposit for that RH is $100. I'm still in search of a travel buddy. I'm leaving for ATL on 4/7/2015 and returning 4/16/2015. I've already purchased most of all my supplies which I post those later. Here are a few wish pics that I'm hoping Duran can help me achieve.

Sharp Chest Pains Plus Surgery List

So I've already started collecting supplies for my trip with only a few things left to buy. I've gone though a few supply list on here, did some extra research on a bunch of products and put together a list that I think would work for me. Which is as follows:

***Arnica Cream/Tablets
***Bottled Water
***Lipo Foam
***Tummy Board
***Maxi Pads
Water Pills
SSStonic (liquid Iron)
Stool Softner
Vitamin C
Folic Acid
Iron Supplements
Pain Meds (OTC)
Antibacterial Soap
Alcohol Pads
Disinfectant Spray/Wipes
Baby Wipes
5 Maxi Dresses ($9 on EBay)
***Bobby Pillow
Pack of Underwear
5 tank tops
Flip Flops
Travel blanket

I started taking the iron supplements as prescribed on the bottle which are 65mg (equivalent to 325mg Ferrous sulfate) about 2 weeks and I noticed after only taking them for maybe 2 days I developed these really strong sharp shooting pains in my left breast and I started panicking! I googled it and breast cancer popped up on the screen and I really got nervous but I kept reading. I then remembered I started taking the iron supplements and the pain didn't start until after I started taking them. So I read the side effects of iron and chest pains was one of them. I stopped taking them for 2 days and the pain stopped. So I read that vitamin c would help absorb the iron so I combined a vitamin c supplement and so far no chest pains. I don't know if one 65mg of iron by itself is to much for my body but I didn't respond well to it. I see a lot of women on here double and sometimes triple their iron dose but unfortunately I'm afraid to after that. I'm scheduling a physical in January with my PCP and get some lab work done so I can know my HEMO levels and all that other good stuff. Has anybody else experience chest pains after taking iron supplements?

My Main Expenses

I have tried to thing of every possible thing I would have to pay and this is what I've come up with. I'm a planner and I like to plan things down to the T! Lol

Surgery $3,800
Flight $600
Recovery House $680
Medical Insurance $150
Massages $150 ($25 each)
Transportation $50
Post Op Meds $250?
Overnight Nurse @Cipla $50
Tourist Card $10
Compression Socks $35
Faja Stage 2 $150 (Duran's Cost)
Bella Vita $200

Grand Total $6,125

Forgot to add itch cream to the above supply list.

Booked My Recovery House!

I paid my $100 deposit with Real Recovery Armonia! I booked it from 4/7-4/17, I originally was gonna only stay until the 4/16 but added an extra day just to be safe. I'm gonna book my flight later this month through Delta because they are the only Airline departing from ATL to SDQ with no stops going and coming. When I return after surgery I want to come straight home without all the layovers so that's my plan.

Real Recovery Armonia

As stated above I decided to go with Real Recovery Armonia as my recovery house of choice after surgery. I will try and list as much information as possible about them just incase anyone of you ladies are considering staying with them post op. Please feel free to research them on your own and not just take my word for it. This is your surgery, your recovery and your life so please take the time to do some extra research so that you feel more secure about your stay. Also as a few ladies have had issues with buddies so please make sure you are comfortable with sharing a room with someone you don't know. I for one can't stand snoring, smacking, and sleeping with the tv on. Make sure u don't mind looking at the same person for 2 weeks straight hell I don't even like looking at my boyfriend for 11 days straight without wanting to kill him but that's why I've decided to get my own room. I would love a buddy to talk to down there but I prefer to room alone. Anyways here's the info on the recovery house.

*Single Room $85/night
*Double Room $75/night
•Guest $60/night
*Triple Room $65/night
•Guest $50/night
Quadruple Room $55/night
•Guest $45/night

*Night of surgery free
*Guest Rate in includes services

*$80 Roundtrip to and from Airport (price increased from $50 to $80 as of January 1, 2015)
*Free transportation to clinic and pharmacy.

Following Services Are Included In Your Daily Rate:
•24 hour care by our professional nursing staff
•3 daily meals and 2 snacks
•Free transportation to clinic/pharmacy
•Laundry services
•Housekeeping services
•Flat screen tv with cable/English channels
•Air conditioning

*$25 per massage.

*Cipla Overnight Nurse $50

*Organic Meals $100
•Includes 3 meals a day for your entire stay.

Contact Info
Real Recovery Armonia
Calle Mustafa #20 Ensanche Naco
Santo Domingo, DR
Tel: 123-456-7890

My New Wishful Thinking Pics

Lira's body is so freakin bad! If I could do a snatch and run on her body I would! I'd even be somewhat fair and leave her mines lol

BMI (Body Mass Index)

So the lovely and very informative Jazmine from Bella Vita Consultants was nice enough to post a BMI chart from Dr. Miami on her Instagram and now I'm want to share it with u all! Your BMI is very important for those considering surgery. Duran requires a BMI of 34% or less at the time of surgery and I believe Dr.Miami requires 32%. We tend to worry most about our Hemo levels but neglect our BMI but both can prohibit us from getting surgery and obtaining our dream bodies.

BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It is important to know what your BMI does and does not indicate about your weight, health and lifestyle choices. Your BMI is calculated from your height and weight.
•Underweight: BMI below 18.5
•Normal weight: 18.5 to 24.9
•Overweight: 25.0 to 29.9
•Obese: 30.0 and above.

People with very low or very high BMIs tend to have the greatest health risks. Even so, BMI is only one factor in your overall health. For example, if your BMI falls into the normal weight category, you will still have a higher risk of health problems if you:
Smoke cigarettes
Do not participate in regular physical activity
Eat lots of nutrient-poor foods with added fat and sugar.

If your BMI is in the overweight category, you will have a lower overall health risk if you:
Get regular physical activity
Have blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels that are within normal limits.

List Of RH Recommended By Bella Vita Consultants

List of recovery houses recommended by Bella Vita Consultants. The ones listed have been recommended by past clients and I'd you decide on a recovery house not listed that's fine as well.

Angela’s Recovery House
$65 USD/Night + $150 USD/Transportation
• Daily care
• Meals
• Massages*
• Wifi
• Cable TV
• Laundry services
Massages are available for an additional fee of $25/massage.

*Daisy’s Recovery House
$60-$85 USD/Night
$50 USD/Companion Rate
• Nurse (on call 24hr)
• 24hr surveillance
• Patient care
• Meals
• Wifi
• Transportation

*Recovery Armonia
DOUBLE ROOM:$75 AND for guest $60
TRIPPLE ROOM: $65 AND for guest $50
QUADRUPLE ROOM: $55 AND for guest $45
Nurse for your clinic stay: $50
Organic food (entire stay) $50
Airport trans: $25 each way
• 24 Hour Nurse Care
• Transportation
• 24 Hour Security
• Wifi
• Cable
• Massages*
• Meals
• Emergency Services
Requires $100 security deposit to make a reservation

*Silhouette Recovery House
$85 USD/Night
$40 Airport Transfers/each way
• Patient care
• Meals
• AC
• Cable
• Emergency generator
• Transportation
• Long distance
Requires a $100 security deposit
*Kindness Recovery House
$100 USD/Night – Single Room
$85 USD/Night – Double Room
$75 USD/ Night – Triple Room
$65 USD/Night – Guest Rate
• Patient Care
• Meals
• Hot water
• AC & Ceiling fans
• 32” flat tv

Updated Supply List

So I just received some more of my supplies in the mail and in stores:
•Boiron Arnica Gel ($9.79 eBay)
•Boiron Arnica Tablets 60ct ($10.85 eBay)
•Chux 25ct ($11.75 eBay)
•Bobby Pillow ($0 with promo code just had to pay s&h fee of $14.99
•Kotex Maxi Pads 56ct ($6 @target)
•More Baby Wipes ($2 Family Dollar)
•3 Lipo Foam Sheets ($7.50 each
• White Tees 3 per pack ($6 Family Dollar, I bought 2 packs= $12)
•Ensure 2 six packs ($8 each at walmart)
•Deer Park Water 2 twelve packs ($3 each at walmart)

I lined the bottom of my suitcase with bubble wrap. I'm also gonna cover the top with bubble wrap after since I'll be carrying Ensure and water bottles and I don't want them to burst and get everywhere. They are rough on luggage at the airport so invest in bubble wrap if you're traveling with liquids. I opened the Kotex pads and they are pretty thin but I'm not taking them back so they will have to do.

Yaaasss Amber!

Just thought I'd bless y'all with these amazing pics of Amber Rose's bangin body! I could only wish to come close to this after surgery. I'm praying to the booty gods please make me look like this lol

Tourist Card

Alright I went ahead and pre purchased my Tourist Card online at:
It was $10 and it's good for 1 year from the time of purchase. U can purchase it in advance or buy it at the airport. I recommend purchasing before your trip because according to the realself vets it cuts down on having to wait in line but it's up to u. The Tourist Card is a tax the Dominican Republic charges its visitors. Its legal base rests on the Law 199-67, which establishes the acquisition of such card as a requirement to enter national territory, for tourism purposes, without the need of a consular Visa. It's a requirement ladies and it's only $10 :-)

Lira Why U So Bad?? Huh? Why?!

I can't stand this heifer! She is just soooo bad! I need Duran to work her magic on me!

Extra Lipo Foam Sheets

So I ordered 3 ContourMD lipo foam sheets from Amazon and I received them last week and when I arrived home today I had 3 more! I guess they accidentally sent the first order because I was wonder why it came so fast. I double checked to make sure I wasn't charged twice and I wasn't. I guess I'll add these extra 3 to my other ones and I'll have a total of 6! Anyways I'm so excited I only have 2 months and 11 days to go! PCP visit this Friday to check hemo levels and everything else

Duran's New Cancellation Policy

Jazmine of Bella Vita Consultants just posted on Instagram Dr. Duran's new cancellation policy. If anyone is a no show or cancels appointment less than 14 days prior to surgery will be required to pay another deposit.

Top Wish Pics

I officially have 2 months left to go as of today until I'm a boarding a flight to DR! I was going to book it today but the prices shot back up so I'll wait until Tuesday or Wednesday when it's $75 cheaper. Delta clearly got me f**ked up!

Flight Booked

So I went ahead and booked my flight through Delta for $575 I'm pissed because Delta had it for $475 2 weeks ago but I hadn't gotten paid yet. Anyways i booked nonstop flights going and coming back because I want to come straight home after surgery. I'm staying 4/7-4/17. 1 carry on bag and 1 checked bag free through delta which is awesome. Glad I can check that off my list! 1 month 20 days to go. Can't wait!

Hemo 13.4

So I just got my test results back and my hemo is 13.4! I'm so excited! Now I really feel like all my ducks are in a row. I didn't do any fancy treats just 3 teaspoons of SSStonic with orange juice, 1 b12 vitamin and 1 folic acid vitamin once a day for 2 months and I've done that everyday since November so I'm hoping it's over 14 by surgery! So excited.


I can't believe I only have 24 more days until I'm boarding a flight to DR! I'm super excited and maybe a little bit scared but I no God will be with me then and all of my days. I remember thinking months back that it would take forever for my time to get here and damn how time flies.

Contacting Duran

I've been getting a lot of private messages asking how to contact Duran............... I can't really help much with that. I emailed her and played the waiting game and still no reply. Seeing as to how I'm a very impatient person I paid $200 to Bella Vita Consultants to obtain a quote. So the best I can do is suggest Bella vita Consultants where you're guaranteed a quote but it comes with a fee.

Love My PCP!

I only have 17 more days and I'm uber excited! I finally sucked it up and went to see my PCP today and asked her if she would prescribe the meds I would need so it would be covered by my insurance instead of paying out of pocket in DR and to my surprise she said yes! When I obtained my quote from Duran it said the meds would cost around $150 but on recent reviews ladies have said it's costing around $250, $100 more than we're being told. So just a heads up save $250 for meds. So ladies with insurance just suck it up and ask your PCP, the worst they could say is no but at least u asked. I ended paying $50 for everything including the heparin shots and saving myself $200, so it's worth the ask. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get everything in my suitcase smh. Anyways if anyone has questions feel free to ask.

Bromelain and Arnica Tablets

So I was advised by Jazmine of Bella Vita Consultants to start my bromelain and arnica tablets 2 weeks prior to surgery until 2 weeks after, so I started yesterday which marked 2 weeks until surgery for me. Arnica and Bromelain supplements help aid in the recovery process. Bromelain helps relieve the swelling, especially of the nose and sinuses, after surgery or injury. Arnica is common homeopathic medicine given to patients before and after surgery because of its ability to reduce surgical shock and minimize bleeding. Just wanted to share that information.

Natural vs Surgery

Ok I'm so sick of these girls on Instagram getting mad about girls who have had surgeries. Talking about we need to be happy with our bodies and that girls who get surgery have low self esteem. I'm sorry but these heaux kill me, like they don't wear no weave, make up, or fake nails to enhance their appearance, girl bye! The difference between us and them is we can afford it to fix the things we don't like and they can't so they want to down others for wanting to better themselves. I have really high self esteem but hell if I want to look even better in jeans and clothes that's my business. And they kill me with that line "oh y'all girls hollering about y'all natural but I know for a fact y'all went to DR and paid for it" and so what if they did?? And the main girls hollering this be weaved out and face drowned in make up which it's nothing wrong with that but how can u be talking about natural and u ain't all the way 100? I'm sorry y'all I just had to vent.

Surgery In 2 Days! Now I'm Nervous!

It's almost time and for the first time since I booked my surgery I'm extremely nervous. I've prayed about this but tonight I think I'm going into deep prayer and ask God to be with me and to bless Dr. Duran and her team, let me return home safe and in great health.

My Arrival

Hey everyone! I'm waiting to go in for surgery but while I wait I'll tell u all about my arrival. So I flew in yesterday but my plane arrived about 30 minutes late and it took forever to retrieve my luggage. U have to stand in line to purchase a tourist card once u get off the plane but I'd already purchase mine online so I skipped that line. I retrieved my luggage and turned in the papers they give u to fill out on the plane. The lady working that line was so freakin rude but I let it slide since this ain't my country and I ain't trying to go to jail. Anyways when I went outside to look for my ride there was no one there to pick me up from Recovery Armonia. I was seconds from panicking but I found a taxi and they took me to the recovery house and it cost me $40USD. On the way there u could see the beach on the left and on the right it looked extremely poor and straight hood. When I got to Armonia Myra the owner greeted me and she was very sweet. She said there were no more single rooms available although this was booked months in advance. She had the driver take me straight to Cipla for my labs and x-Ray. When I arrived I met Elizabeth, Duran's English speaking assistant. She gave me a cup to pee in and told me to take it to the labs downstairs. Also she now ask to see the email that duran quoted u. If it says labs include they deduct $220 from your surgery total but if it doesn't they only discount you $60. I was like oh hell naw. So basically duran puts it in some emails but not all so make sure u check before u come. It was on my email from bella vita so I'm good. I got my X-ray and blood test done and went up to Dr. Diaz office to wait with his patients that were staying at Armonia. Oh the driving here is beyond ridiculous! We return back to the recovery house and I paid for my stay, overnight nurse and transportation one way since I paid $40 to the taxi. I met most of the girls in the house and they are all very nice and bodies are straight snatched. Most are Diaz patients and their A**es are perfect! Anyways I slept in a single room while one of the girls are away at surgery but when I return tomorrow I'll be in a double room with someone. Myra feed us grilled chicken, rice and beans and salad, it was good. Then an hour or 2 later tried to feed us again but I declined. Elizabeth said no eating or drinking about 8:30 last night. I went to bad and woke up at 5:30am. Our driver arrived at 6:30am and dropped us off at Cipla around 6:45am. I saw Duran who is very nice and pretty but when I was getting my consultation here assistance kept interrupting and cutting us off in the middle of our conversation. Hemo is still 13.4. She marked me up and now I'm here waiting to be taken down to surgery.

Top 5 Important Tips To Remember!

1. Save all your receipts! If u made a deposit through PayPal to bella vita being it. If u wire transferred it bring proof. If u paid a deposit to the recovery house bring proof. Save everything because they will try and say u didn't pay.

2. Learn a little Spanish if possible because the language barrier is horrible. Every time some speaks to me in Spanish I have to look at someone who speaks both English and Spanish for translation. Also I think it makes it easier for people to take advantage of u. I now understand how it feels when a Spanish speaking person tries to converse with me in America and I don't understand. I feel like an outcast :-/

3. PATIENCE!!!! I'm the most impatient person in the world but being here waiting to be seen has taught me the true meaning of the word lol. There is no system on who goes first, at least not with Duran. I came in first and made it downstair to a room last. (I'm still waiting in the room lol)

4. If traveling alone stay at a recovery house. The women there are very supportive and understand what you're going through. Plus the recovery house feed u all day long lol.

5. PRAY!!!! If anybody can fix something when it gets broken God can. He specializes in the impossible and He will do miracles on your behalf.

P.S: Duran charges $150 for medical insurance and she has yet to ask me for it. Where no one ask I'm surely not gonna tell lol. Be safe dolls.


Ok so yesterday I went into surgery around 4:45pm. They gave me the blue pill and wheeled me into surgery before the blue pill could take affect. Duran came in and told me we were about to start once the anesthesiologist came in. So he comes in and he's not very nice. He slams this board under my arm so he could sit my arm on it to put the IV in my hands since it's hard to find veins in my arms. Once he did that about 30 secs later I was out. I woke up while they were liposuctioning my back and I felt the pressure and I told duran and she said she was almost finished. Next thing I know I woke up in a room with 3 girls and I was shaking real bad and I was extremely cold, I thought I was gonna die. So then they took me into my room and I was still shaking and a nurse came in and said Duran said I needed a blood transfusion because I had lost to much blood so I paid $220 right then while I'm still shaking like a crackhead. Duran came in and asked was I ok and I said I'm sooo cold and she said that was normal. That had to be by far the worst of my experience because I couldn't control the shaking. I passed back out and woke to a nurse giving blood and I was no longer shaking. She gave me water and 2 pills and I threw up everywhere. She wiped off my face and hands and stuck a chux under my hand so I wouldn't be laying in the throw which she should've changed my freakin sheets. I would back up around 3am, 5am and 7am because the nurses kept waking me up. It was disgusting because they left me lying in my blood and throw up. Myra the owner of the recovery house never send my overnight nurse which I had paid $50 for so I was left overnight by myself. One Cipla nurse couldn't find my vein so she kept sticking me and I wanted to tell her to get the hell away from me. Finally around 9am 2 ladies came in to put my faja on and remove my bloody sheets thank God. Then maybe an hour later Duran came in and asked me if I liked my body and to release me with my prescriptions. About 45 minutes later they removed my IV and Cather and then about another 30 minutes they came to take me to the driver to go back to the recovery house. I came to the RH and I been walking around like I ain't just get surgery. I finally took my faja to use the restroom and these hips are super big and my waist is snatched! Booty is big too! I'll post pics of me wearing my faja but it does me no justice. To be honest after that shaking I would never do this again.

Waking Up During Surgery

I forgot to add that when u wake up during surgery it's extremely hard to breathe.


Sorry I haven't updated in 2 days the service here at Armonia sucks. They feed u a lot but I have only been able to take a few bites and I have them come take the food away. I think it's from the Lipo because my greedy a** is always hungry. I hate this faja I think it's the devil. Dr. Duran hasn't approved me for massage yet but I can't wait because my stomach is dying for one. I have a drain but not one that u carry around its a small piece of tube hanging out my back that leaks into maxi pads. time to eat so I'll be back later.

Recovery Armonia Updated Review

Recovery Armonia is not a bad place to stay I just had a hard time because Myra the owner forgot to send me a nurse and trust me u need a nurse overnight. I was left covered in blood and throw up because I had no overnight nurse there to help me so it was a traumatic experience. All the other ladies had one. Myra did refund me back $50 for that and another $80 because she didn't have any single rooms available for me although I booked months in advance. Her finance lady tried to charge $100 for a deposit I'd already paid but $80 for round trip to and from the airport and I had to show my email where I'd paid the deposit and I had to remind Myra I'd supplied my own transportation so I only owed $40. The wifi here is not great but I've met some great ladies so far so you'll have plenty of ladies to talk to, it's like a sorority house lol. Yesterday night Myra still hadn't refunded me the $130 back so I went to ask her about it and although she seems sweet she tried to get a little attitude. She had 4 excuses about my $50 refund for my overnight nurse and they are:1. I never paid for one. 2. Duran was suppose to supply one. 3. She'd already refunded me. 4. I never told her about it until last night. I'm usually a very nice and understanding person but at this point I was no longer smiling. I said in the nicest but serious way possible "duran was not suppose to supply the overnight nurse because I paid u to do that. U have not refunded me back any money and I told u about this first thing on Thursday when I returned back from Cipla so at this point I need my money" so then she says well I'll give it to u in the morning because it's late and I don't have it and she was mumbling on about something with a little attitude. So I said I'll see u in the morning so this morning after seeing 3 times and I'd barely spoken to her she came and gave me $120 and is bringing back $10 from the market today. Crazy part is if she'd just given me back the $50 I would've never mentioned the other $80 but since she threw them 4 excuses at me I brought up the other $80. I'm nice person but I will not be taken advantage of. Like I said before if u paid for something bring your receipts because they will try and get over on here because we're tourist about 4 girls here said they tried to overcharge them but they had their receipts. The food is good until you've eaten it enough so some of the ladies when out to eat or ordered in. They make your bed everyday but I decline because I'm just gone get right back in it so I save them the trouble. Some nurses will clean u up better than others and I tip $5 whenever I feel they are extra helpful and they come back to help. It is one skinny lazy nurse here and she never does but of anything but whatever. They wash your clothes if u need them washed daily. There's a bell u can ring for them to come but I never use because I feel like I'm being lol so I just get up went is great because it's making my recovery easier and faster. Some of the ladies went to the beach I believe they charged them $20 and to the mall was $10. They clean 24/7 so no worries there but still bring disinfectant wipes. I think that's about it. I would recommend u stay here just make sure u keep receipts and do your own calculations but thats anywhere u go here, just be smart. I'm not quite homesick but I do miss the food back home. When I get back I'm getting some crablegs, potatoes and corn on the cob!

Fixing A Typo

I meant to say the Internet service at Armonia sucks not the customer service sorry I just caught the typo

No Pics Yet

So I haven't posted pics yet because I discovered what I thought was just a bruise from the Lipo is actually a burn and its sitting right in the middle of my beautiful stomach. Once I woke up the morninjng of surgery Duran's assistant who does the fajas (an older lady) and someone else came in to unwrap me from this tight plastic wrap they put u in after surgery and that's when I saw it. I didn't trip because I thought it was a bruise that I see lots of girls have after surgery. So this was Thursday morning so when I went for my appt on that monday 4/13 Duran was looking at my body and saying beautiful but when she got to the bruise her face was like wtf! She looked at the faja lady and said something in Spanish and that's when she told me it was a burn and that I needed to put neosporin on it otherwise it would leave a scar. Now my face was like oh hell no! Duran applied some cream to it and left. The faja lady put my faja back on and put the lipo foam back in and I went back to the recovery house. Thank God there was a nurse there from the U.S.A who'd gotten surgery also but by another doc and she help me start treating it. So now I've been home since Friday 4/17 and I feel like it's getting better. When it fully heals I'm gonna start applying ScarAway scripts because my stomach was scar free before surgery.

Forget The Burn! Here's The Pics!

My measurements before surgery
My measurements after surgery

Before Pics

Here's some before pics. I'm happy with my results so I will not be going for a round 2 and I hope my journey has helped a lot of u ladies. Feel free to ask questions, I'm a vet now lol

Best Massages in DR

Check out my massage lady in DR Her name is Yaniry Rodriguez. She does very gentle but effective massages. They do hurt like hell though smh so it's best to hire someone who will be gentle. She's $250 for 10 massages and $30 for individual ones and u can also share the package with a buddy. Her cell: 829-877-4232 whatsapp: 809-828-8872


Here's a list of what u need, leave that other mess at home!
1. Baby Wipes- a lot and non scented. U will be tired of the smell by like day 3
2. T-shirts- go inside faja, about the size u wear now
3. Underwear- to wear outside your faja because u vagina will be out at the bottom and u can walk around in your faja and panties or if your faja is getting washed u can wear a t-shirt and panties.
4. Thick Pads- to go inside your faja. U need at least 50 pads. Them thins I brought were a joke.
5. Neosporin- cuts and burns
6. Ensure- I didn't drink mines because they were nasty but u are suppose too.
7. Water- the bottled water there is nasty.
8. Post op meds- have your PCP prescribe them because DR will try and rip u off. Try to charge a person $500 and the person left and went to another pharmacy and got them for $150.
9. 2 or 3 sundresses
10. House shoes
11. Fanny pack
12. Chux- maybe 25 if that.
13. Arnica gel and tablets
14. Bromelain
15. Hibiclens- sponge baths
16. Water pills
17. Laxatives- didn't need but a few girls did.
18- gauze and medical tape to cover drain whole once removed.
19. Toiletries
20. PEZ
21. Gloves- for nurses and massages if they don't have any.
22. Disinfectant wipes- clean toilet and sink behind yourself especially when sharing a room.
23. Phone charger
24. Alcohol pads- not many
25. Sleep aids- sleeping will be hard.
26. Itch cream and Benadryl!!!
27. Flip flops
28. Robe
29. Blanket
30. PASSPORT!!!! Bring it everywhere!!!

Bring Extra $$$$$$$

Please bring extra money!! A lot of girls were down there with no extra money and hadn't done a drop of research. One girl needed a blood transfusion after surgery but didn't have the money and guess what they were not going to help her so her friend loaned it to her otherwise she could have DIED! Idk who her doctor was but most doctors will cover it and u pay them back. I also wondered what would've happened had I not had $220 on me.......... u have iron problems the treatments are about $300 if u need a blood transfusion $220 if u have or had asthma u will be sent to a specialist that extra. If they find something wrong with your heart when u see the cardiologist u will have problems. Bring money for massages. U need money for a stage 2 faja and socks with Duran $185. I can't even fit my thigh in my stage 2 so that was $150 wasted. At Armonia if u wanted to go the beach, mall or dinner etc it was extra so I'm saying all this to say be smart and BRING EXTRA MONEY!!!

Ultrasound Body Massager

In DR the masseuse would began my massager by using an ultrasound body massager and it really worked. I went on eBay and purchased one and I'm hoping to get it soon because I'm still extremely sore. I also purchased 4 additional bottles of ultrasound gel.
Description of the product:
It uses 1 Mhz ultrasound and inrared heat energy to massage and treat tissues/skin effectively, as well as perform slimming ultrasonic massage to sculpt body contour, eliminate excess fat, tone muscle, stimulate healthy body function through cell rejuvenation and body metabolism rehabilitation.Ultrasound is known for its strong pain relieving properties in many cases such as strong chronic back, elbow, neck pain, muscle pain and joint pain.

New Pics

Here's some new pics but I swear they don't do my body any justice. Maybe it's the black that's throwing it off but my waist is tiny and my hips are huge in person. I wish my butt was bigger but oh well I'm not going back to DR lol.

Making Friends While in Recovery

Ladies getting international surgery can be really hard especially when traveling alone so my advice would be to make friends while in the recovery house. I traveled alone and came home with at least 5 friends I will keep in touch with for life because we share a special bond. In the recovery house we all were nude and they saw every inch of me so u damn right we are gonna remain friends lol. After everybody seeing me naked and me seeing them I'm so comfortable with myself now I don't care who sees me lol. We text daily and are even planning a vacation soon together. What better way to show off our new bodies. Another good thing about staying in the RH and making friends was when u didn't speak Spanish at least one of the girls in the house would translate for me. Me and a few of the girls swapped life stories, at times we cried, we vented about wanting to go home, complained about the discomfort of the surgery and rejoiced about the greatness of God. Some women were off to themselves and we'd start talking to them and they'd loosen up. Maybe 2 girls out of 20 stayed in their room but whatever. There wasn't any drama amongst the girls which was shocking lol. U can rent a hotel or apartment but I don't think it would be as much fun as staying at a RH, those ladies at the RH are going through the accept same thing as u so u can lean on them for support and supplies lol. Good luck to u ladies having upcoming surgeries.

Lipo and Fat Transfer Videos on Youtube

Omg! I just went on YouTube and tried to watch videos of the actually procedure being done and I can't believe that was me on the table one month ago to date. I only watched maybe 10 seconds before cutting it off. I had refused to watched them preop because I don't know if I would have be able to go through with the procedure. Has any of u dolls ever been able to watch the videos and still done or considered the surgery? I was just grossed out lol.

Ultrasound Body Massager (UPDATE)

Alright ladies so I've using my ultrasound body massager on all my lipo areas and its been working great. My skin feels super soft and I barely swell up anymore. I use it maybe every 2 to 3 days or however often I feel I need it. I give it 2 thumbs up and recommend it to anybody of u ladies considering lipo. Anyways as for me aI had a fluid pouch right above my vagina and that's gone and I've been using scaraway strips on my scar and its being to fade. I'm not back to being as fast as I normally am and I get extremely tired quick, especially after walking up a flight of stairs. But overall I'm doing great and very happy with my results next I'm up I'm gonna tone up my legs so they can match this amazing body. Best of luck to all u ladies and men on your surgery. XoXo

Medications You'll Need

I had my PCP prescribe everything off these lists that I couldn't get OTC. When I got to DR Duran said I didn't need anything extra.

List Didn't Post Above

Second List

2 Weeks vs 6 weeks Post Op

Here's some updates pics of my process. I definitely feel like I've lost volume my waist fluctuates between 28-26 if I wear my small faja it will go down to 26. If I wear my medium faja my hips and butt is between 41-40 if I put my small faja on it goes down to a 39.5 which isn't good. I'm thinking of just having the medium faja taken in because if I lose anymore volume I'm gonna be pissed. I do love my body through.

Faja with Lipo Foam Combo

So I've been wearing my faja with 2 lipo foam sheets and my waist has gone down to a 25 from a 28. My medium faja keeps my hips at a 40 and my waist at a 26 but the small faja takes my waist down to a 25 but my hips to a 39 which I hate but that lipo foam is the best and I highly recommend it.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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