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Hey all, can't believe I'm starting my review!!!...

Hey all, can't believe I'm starting my review!!! i´ve been on this site reading everyone else's reviews and its just funny how I'm now am writing my very own. Well i always knew i wanted to get this done but it was not until i this year i was like i have to do this for me, not for other people but for me and for my happiness, that is the one and ONLY reason why i´ve found the courage and go for it. I´ve prayed about it, cried about it, laughed about it with friends who didnt think i was serious but i am. First thing i had to get out of the way was myself when i did that i finally accepted that this is truly something i really really want and it really does not matter how anyone else feels about it, and the people that love me will still love me after my surgery, but more importantly i´ll be happy with myself and my life again. So i am going with Duran !! Team Duran !! i loooooove this woman's work, its undeniable! So of course i tried to write to her email and on Facebook lord i tried and tried and all of the sudden i was on instagram and one of the girls on there wrote under one of Duran´s pictures to get a hold of SurgiCoordinator who then would help in no time, well it took like 2-3days before i heard back from her but everything went fast after that, so thank God for her, she is such a great help if i have questions or if I'm worried about something she´s a great help. You do have to pay her like 200$ though.. lol yep but hey it was worth it to me i had tried to get a hold of Duran for months and with her help i had got my quote/paid my deposit and picked my date all within few days so hey I'm happy! I'm going to be getting surgery mid feb so if anyone are going around that time feel free to holla at me :) i thank God that there´s even a site where we all can help each other out. dont think i would be doing it if it wasn't for the support and help we provide each other on here its like a sisterhood lol ya´ll know what i mean! I'm thinking about De La Paz Recovery House i really like it but not 100% on it yet. I will be posting pictures of myself of course, i´ll try and do that tomorrow. :)

Stressing a little bit ..

So i need to find out what recovery house I'm going to, but I'm wondering do you just put a deposit down first or do you pay the hole thing and get your date ? and i was wondering and hoping you guys can help me out is it too soon if i pay for my recovery house or put my deposit down in september when I'm not going until february? Should i wait a little? I was just thinking i want to check as much off my long list of things i need to take care of as soon as i can. And if any of you have any good ideas as to where i should be thinking about going please let me know :)

Very confused???!

So here i am watching the days go by wishing it would go quicker, dreaming about my ass being fat and then the surgicoordinator sends me documents to sign, at first i thought already?? i thought it wasn't until i get over there that i would get the papers for my surgery and all that but as i read them i see its a disclaimer? and she wants me to sign it before get to the DR??? I'm very confused, and I'm not really liking this at all i dont know why i would have anything to be signing to the surgicoordinator the only thing i was thinking i was going to be signing was the papers for my surgery and thats not what that is. and i only needed them for my date so i didnt really think that i would hear from them unless they needed to remind me of something or of course when i send over my blood work before i get there but other then that i didnt really think there would be anything else coming. I'm very confused and not sure what to do but I'm not sure i feel right signing it at all. please talk to me ya´ll??? HELP ;/
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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