27 1 Living Child in Need of Make over Tummy Tuck, Aggressive Lipo +BBL - Dominican Republic, DO

After researching and reaching out to several...

After researching and reaching out to several doctors I came across Emmanuel Mallol Cotes, I love how neat his work is not only that I love how detail the response has been compare to the other doctors. I first started out Alejandro Hernandez Pizzoglio, MD he was my first choice but he told I needed to loose a lot weight before he would work with me, I felt discourage but I knew that I want to have a thick full tone look so I kept searching. I reached out to Dr Malloy It took about 5 days to get my first response back . All my questions were answered in a. Timely manner. I made my deposit despite my nervousness so now my surgery date is 10/15/2016. I would love to have a surgery buddy.

Update on weight loss, Nov surgery yet!!

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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