New York Yily Doll BBL + Lipo of full Abdomen, Arms, Back March 2015 w/ Pics!!! - Dominican Republic, DO

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*Treatment results may vary

Hi Dolls, I closed my old page, NYCBlackBarbie...

Hi Dolls,
I closed my old page, NYCBlackBarbie that documented my journey when I was supposed to go to Baez last month-that didn't work out thats a thing of the past so here we are. I decided to document my journey with a new page for my upcoming BBL in DR with Yily on March 13th. I'm leaving out of JFK on March 12th. It's been a lot of ups and downs getting here but I'm ready. I have all of my supplies from last time that I didn't use, my flights are booked, I'm confirmed to stay at Daisy's RH, Deposits paid and it's literally just countdown time. If any dolls are going to be in DR at the same time let me know.

Wish Pics!!!

I pretty much know EXACTLY what I want. I just want my stomach to be flat flat, no back fat, a little more hips and a lot more booty (okay not THAT much) lol. I haven't decided if I'm going to do lipo on my inner thighs and/or arms yet. I will post pre-op pictures and measurments soon but for now, here are my wish pics :-)

My BBL Post-Op Supplies List! No More No Less...

As I said in my other post, I went to DR last month (even though i wound up not getting surgery) but staying in the RH I got to see what the supplies the girls who did have surgery really used and needed. I was able to find all these things from Amazon, and Ebay. Hope this helps!
My List:
1. Sterile Abdominal Pads ( I refuse to stuff my faja with Maxi's)-$7.00
2. Triple Antibiotic Ointment-$3.00
3. Gauze-$4.00
4. Medical Tape-$4.00
5. 6 Pack of Dial Antibacterial Soap (White)-$5.00
6. NeckRoll Pillow (I didn't get the Boppy)-$6.00
7. Arnica Tablets:$6.00
8. Arnica Cream: $7.00
9. Compression Socks-$11.00
10. Lipo Foam X 3-$22.50
11. Second Faja: Vadette Size Small (Ebay): $59.00
12. Supplements (Iron, Bromelin, B12, Vitaman C, Water Pills)-$25.00
13. Cortizone 10 Anti Itch Cream: $4.50
14. Medium Compression High Shorts (Ebay)-$8.00 [just in case i need to be out of my main faja for any reason.
TOTAL: $172.00

Pre-Op Measurments and Photos :-(

Weight: 147 lbs (I gained 13lbs and I didn't even know it!)
Waist (above belly button): 27''
Waist (below belly button): 29 1/2"
Arm circumference: 12" (ugh) -thinking about getting arm lipo
Cup Size-DDD Natural ;-)
Hips: 32"
Around Butt: 34"

I have a little bit of cake back there but I want to have more fullness and projection and the stomach completely gone. I'm not looking for the dramatic look (nothing against my babi dolls who are) just for me, I want a more natural look and Yily completely understand what I want and says its absolutely possible.

One Month Pre-Today!!!

It's really countdown time. I'm done shopping, all my bags are literally packed, flights purchased, RH reserved. I even found a buddy (thank God for Real Self). Me and Tashafierce8 will be flying out of NY together on March 12th and will be having surgery with Yily on the 13th staying at Daisy's RH. I'm ready to get this ish over with...

24 days Pre-OP with Yily in DR!!! And i'm thinking about getting...

24 days Pre-OP with Yily in DR!!! And i'm thinking about getting lipo of the arms and the inner thighs added to my the states it'll run my $1500 per area so why not? Any ladies with feedback about arm lipo please msg me! Thanks!

Juju has the stomach and the waist that I need!


Updated/Final BBL Supplies List-Packing Light this Time!

In exactly two weeks me and Tashafierce8 will be flying out to get these waists snatched by Dra. Yily De Los Santos in DR! My period is almost over so I just have to be diligent in getting my iron back up, but other than that I'm ready to go!
Last time I packed way too much sh*t. This time I'm taking ONE rolling carry one bag and my large LongChamp shoulder bag! Thats it! My updated and FINAL supplies list are as follows:
1. Sterile Abdominal Pads ( I refuse to stuff my faja with Maxi's)-$7.00
2. Triple Antibiotic Ointment-$3.00
3. Gauze-$4.00
4. Medical Tape-$4.00
5. 6 Pack of Dial Antibacterial Soap (White)-$5.00
6. NeckRoll Pillow (I didn't get the Boppy)-$6.00
7. Arnica Tablets:$6.00
8. Arnica Cream: $7.00
9. Compression Socks-$11.00
10. Lipo Foam X 3-$22.50
11. Second Faja: Vadette Size Small (Ebay): $59.00
12. Supplements (Iron, Bromelin, B12, Vitaman C, Water Pills)-$25.00
13. Cortizone 10 Anti Itch Cream: $4.50
14. Medium Compression High Shorts (Ebay)-$8.00 [just in case i need to be out of my main faja for any reason.
15. Female Portable Urinal: $8.50
16. Adult Disposable Wipes: $12.00
17. Washcloths and Towels
18. Robe
19. Slippers
20. (2) Maxi Dresses
21. (5) White Tank Tops
22. Basketball Shorts
23. Sweatpants
24. Flip Flops
25. Deoderant
26. Medicated Anti Itch Powder
27. Toothbrush & Toothpaste
28. Large Fleece Blanket: $5.00
29. Medications: Vicodin, Amoxillin, Tylenol PM, Benadryl (Health insurance and my bathroom cabinet-I will get the rest when I get out there)
TOTAL: $197.50
***FYI: I had a lot of the clothing supplies already but as far as the things I purchased I ordered all of the supplies from Amazon, and Ebay.

Any girls going to DR around the same time msg me!!!

Pray for me dolls!!!

9 days until I am a Yily Doll!!! Where are my March Yily Dolls?! + Updated Measurments

In 9 days me and my travel buddy will be flying out of JFK to meet Yily and get these waists snatched-staying at Daisy's RH!!!

I woke up this morning and realized that I have absolutely NO second thoughts about getting this damn surgery after looking at this damn stomach and all of this weight i gained (not intentionally). Here are my updated pre-op measurements:

Height: 5'2 1/2
Weight: 152 (What?!)
Under Breast: 31 1/2"
Cup Size: DDD (Natural)"
Waist above belly button: 30 1/2"
Waist below belly button: 32"
Hips/Butt Circumference: 36 1/2"
Arm circumference: 12"
Thigh Circumference: 22"

Feel free to msg me with any questions or are if you are going to see Yily in March/April :-)

7 days until I meet Yily for Lipo and BBL...Pre-Op has been quite a journey in itself!!!

So in 7 days me and my buddy (met her on RS and love love love her!) TashaFierce8 and I will be leaving out of JFK for our long awaited surgery. This is her first time, but for me it's my second. So yes I'm nervous but I'm more ready to get it over with.

As many of you know from my other page NYCBlackBarbie I was originally supposed to have surgery with Australia Baez on January 8th, went to Santo Domingo and actually wound up not getting surgery and coming home.

I have contacted/had consultations with: Yily, Duran (who NEVER responded SMH), Robles, Almonte, Molina, Medina, Dr. Secrastian (in Columbia-Yes South American, Columbia, LOL), Dr. Hasaan & Dr. Fisher in Miami, Dr. Shahine and Dr. Karlinsky in New York. I finally decided on Yily because of her experience, professionalism, results and reputation (above all of the rumors).

When I went to DR the first time and stayed at Daisy's I met 5 girls (who many of which i still keep in touch with) who had surgery. 2 went to Baez (they look great) and the other 3 went to Yily (and I loved their results as well). So I had the luxury of seeing with my own eyes the work she does and hearing directly from girls about their experience which helped my decison.

I am sooooo ready for this. I have prayed on it am at peace with my decison. I hope everything works out and in a week I will have my dream body!!! Thanks for all of your support and I will keep you all posted. xoxo

At JFK with TashaFierce8 and brit_brit1206!!! Flight delayed!!! ????

At the AirPort now...tired as hell. Flight was supposed to be taking off at noon. Boarding now instead, multiple delays. Going straight to CIPLA for pre op testing after we board. Will keep you posted.

Got to DR in one piece...pre-op tests at CIPLA and Daisy's RH

So after several delays, bullshit and a flight that felt like forever...we finally made it DR. As usual Daisy's wonderful staff was there to greet us and take us to CIPLA. We got there at exactly 7pm and they close at 8. Daisy had already called and informed Yily of our delayed flight and she confirmed that there world be someone there to do our pre-op tests before 8pm. When we got to her office and spoke with her assistant she had no idea we were coming and said we were too "late"...not quite the response I was looking for after a delayed flight and DR traffic. Her and I exchanged some "choice" words (I'll elaborate more after surgery) but me and Tasha for what we needed and did our pre-ops and x-Rays. We pray all goes well and there aren't any additional hiccups! God willing the dad is the day! We'll be at CIPLA at 6am to meet with Yily! Wish us luck, dolls! xoxo

Made It to the flat side...

Got surgery on the 13th. This pain Is no joke! My roomie has to wait until Monday bc of low hemo. Daisy's RH is great! Will post more detailed update when I'm feeling better. Thanks for all of your prayers and well wishes. Xoxo

Made it home yesterday morning...

Hi dolls,
Sorry for the delay I've just been focused on healing. This pain is NO joke! Eff what you heard! I'm still sore and swollen. Sleeping more than usual. My buddy TashaFierce8 DID get her surgery and is looking snatched and thicker than a snicker. But seriously, tomorrow I have a hair appointment and plan to write a thorough review while im there and alert.
Girls, this ish was a movie. From me having to bark on Yily's assistant, to fainting when they took out my drain, to dominos not accepting American money to all the wonderful dolls I met in DR...yes the good bad and the ugly. I promise to post tomorrow. Tried to upload pics but RealSelf is acting up. Stay tuned...

My Yily BBL Review March 13, 2015

Finally! So there's so need for me to go step by step. It's the same ol song with the blue pill and going into the OR. I woke up during surgery towards the end when they were doing the upper abdominal lipo and started screaming like a crazy person, only to realize that my hands were tied smh. Woke up in my CIPLA suite. Thank God for the private nurse that Daisy sent. I don't know how girls do it without a nurse. I had to wait 4 hours to eat, drink or take any pain meds. I was starving, shivering and couldn't get comfortable for the life of me. The pain literally brought me to tears. I was in and out sleep. Finally I had some Apple juice and som soup that was fed to me thru a straw bc I was to weak/in pain to sit up and eat or drink anything. The next morning Yily came in to check on me followed by two of her nurses who removed my dressings, cleaned me up and put on my faja, my catheter was removed, vitals checked and I was discharged. Went back to Daisy's. Immediately started having issues with the drain clogging. The nurses had unclog it using a siringe wich horrible and painful. Had trouble sleeping and moving. Tati came on day 3 to give me a massage. It was painful but hurt so much! Next day I went for my follow up with Yily and Dra. Anna removed my drain and I fainted. Like deadass fainted tho. Like all I rememeber Yily fanning me asking me questions and Dra. Anna elevating my legs. The whole thing was a movie smh. Went back to Daisy's took a nap and woke up feeling 10Xz better without he drain. Started walking around, practicing sitting up, prepared to go home. I even order some pizza! I got surgery on a Friday went home that Thursday. Woke up at 4am, washed up and headed to the airport. Walked through no wheelchair service in SDQ and JFK. Flight was fine had a neck roll pillow under my legs and napped. I'm so happy to be home. Going on work tomorrow (not looking forward to it). I'm still very sore.
OVERALL: My experience was neutral...I love my results, with the exception of the lipo burns on my side (pissed!). But waist is snatched I have a nice round bubble butt. However, I have my suspicions that Yily did not do my surgery bc she scheduled 10, yes 10 girls for the same day, and when I woke up during surgery I didn't hear her, but whatever. I completely underestimated the pain and extent of the recover process. If I had to do it all over again, would I? No. Negative. I would take my ass the the gym, seriously. But to each its own. Maybe when the soreness subsides and the swelling goes down I'll feel differently but now My main priority is healing and feeling like myself again. Thank uou to all of the dolls who wished me well and prayed for me. I'm uploading pics if they don't cone thru I will do it again on my work desktop tomorrow.


Here are my pics, sorry it took so long and I dont have more...

Back to work today after BBL with Yily 11 days ago...

So today I am back to work today. Blah. Did I say Blah?

This morning it took me 3X as long to get ready. None of my clothes fit bc of the swelling so I had to wear a pair of fleece leggings, and a flowy shirt and a long sweater. The walk to and from the train station was a bit more taxing than usual. It usually takes about 6 minutes it took 13 today. I felt myself getting quite winded walking up and down the subway steps, however, now that I'm here I feel okay. I sit at a standing desk (meaning i can adjust my desk high or low (with the option to sit or stand) with minimal lifting and I have a lot of opportunity to walk around as needed It's actually not as bad as I thought (even though I have only been here an hour lol). Still sore on my back area and I have a little bit of pain in my right hip. I also find myself getting more tired than usual after menial tasks.

Well I'm here. They're lucky I showed up (cause I storngly considered taking off another few days lol). I just can't wait until this is all over and I feel like myself again. The two co-workers that I did tell about my surgery both said I look great, and that the size and proportions of the transfer are fitting and look natural (even with the swellin). Too bad I don't feel as good as they say I look. I think I'm still a little depressed and on my "why the hell would i do this to myself" phase. Hopefully when the discomfort and swelling subsides. I will feel better about everything. Thanks for the support.xoxo

P.S Can any dolls give suggestions on wardrobe choices for work that accomodate swelling (I'm not gonna spend money on clothes that aren't goiing to fit in two months). I'm tryin to hide my ass for now. LOL I work in a casual office setting. Thanks!

Supplies that I actually needed...

Hi Girls,
I've gotten a few inbox msgs about supplies so here's what I needed vs didnt need...
What I ABSOLUELY needed:
1. Pads Pads and more Pads
2. One box of wipes
3. Wash Rag
4. Towel
5. Robe w/ Pockets
6. Blanket
7. Toothbrush & Paste
8. Hair Brush
10. Stool Softner/Enema
11. Female Urinal
12. Pillow

15 days post op, 1st full week after work, BBL w/ Yily

Hi Dolls,

So today makes two weeks since I got my BBL surgery with Yily!
Boy has it been a journey. I am so thankful for RealSelf for preparing me as much as it did, howveer I don't think anything can REALLY prepare you for this ish. LOL I went through a lot of changes: depression, regret, pain, soreness etc.

Going back to work Monday was hard. I would say that i was at 60% of my regular self. I found myself getting easily winded walking to and from the train station, sitting even with my role pillow caused discomfort in my back, the swelling was distracting AND i have a disgusting burn on my side that is taking to long to go away (I have to get it checked out bc one of our RS sisters said it might be skin necrosis-dead tissue) SMH

Today I would say I'm at 85% of feeling like my old self. I took my faja off for one day yesterday (big mistake) and really swelled up so I had to put it back on. None of my pants fit...Like none SMH. I found a lady to do my massages, she also uses heat and ultrasound therapy as well, I will resume those on Tuesday. I'm still more tired than usual. But I am feeling substantially better each day.

I'll post more pics next week! xoxo

Feeling MUCH better...18 days Post Op- BBL with Yily De Los Santos...PICS included + Measurements!

Hi Dolls,
So today is the beginning of my second week back at work. The last two weeks I have literally been miserable (I'm sure you can tell by my pitiful posts LOL) Honestly ladies, the post op depression is a real thing. This shit is not for the faint of heart. Being in constant pain, not seeing immediate results, the swelling, discomfort, lack of mobility etc. can really take a toll on you emotionally if you don't mentally prepare yourself and have a support system you will be assed out! (LITERALLY) LOL. I def benefited of the support from family and a few close friends but also my RS Sisters (online and those I met in DR) and my Sx buddy.
Day 1-4 are the worst days. Week 1-2 is when swelling is at its worse. Today the beginning of week three and I'd say that I feel about 90% of my regular self. I stopped taking pain meds about a week ago and I sleep through the night fine, I still feel a little more winded and tired then usual running regular errands etc. I have some slight soreness and achiness in my butt, side and back, i feel a little discomfort when I bend too quickly or the wrong way, but for the most part I feel good and am in much better spirits. The only thing irking me is this burn on my side. It looks HORRIBLE however it doesn't hurt at all. Which makes me concerned that it's not actually a burn and actually skin necrosis (dead tissue) as one of my RS Sis' pointed out. I will be going to see my doctor this week-no more putting this off (pics enclosed).
Results: Now that the swelling has gone down I have to say that I really am growing to love my results! My ass is literally perfect! ALL of the nurses in cipla said it was when I got out of surgery but I was in two much pain to pay them any mind and i figured they were just trying to cheer me up. But it really is great, a little big- none of my clothes fir but I love the shape and the projection, its very proportioned to my small frame. I hope it goes down but not too much LOL. My stomach is completely flat, still a little swelling but flat nonetheless. Overall everything is coming together nicely, and I'm happy... :-)
Here are my measurements as of yesterday:
Underbreast: 30 1/2 " (was 32 pre-op)
Waist (above belly button): 28 1/2 "
Waist (below belly button): 29 1/2 "
Hip/Butt: 40 3/4 " (Losing Volume-was 42.5" 5 days post op)
Arms: 11 3/4" (was 12" pre op but I havent been compressing them-don't yell at me)
Thighs: 21 1/2" (did NOT have lipo to my thighs but they are larger I'm assuming because of swelling)
Thank you for all of your support and well wishes and I hope my review can help your girls as much as the RS veteran's posts helped me!

Getting my first massage today...

Well not technically...I got three massages while in DR (that brought real tears to my eyes)-two with the drain in and one with the drain out, however this will be the first massage since I've been back in the states. A good friend of mine who had BBL last year recommended Maria who works out of Washington Heights to me. She has a package of 10 for $450 and 5 for $275. Not only does she use manual massage she also uses MID, ultrasound, infared, heat endermatherapy, pressotherapy and LED therapy. My friend highly recommends the heat and LED therapy. Apparantely she also sells faja's and supplies as well.

I will let you all know how it goes. xoxo

3 Weeks Post Op Today-BBL with Yily March 2015-Stage 2 Faja Finally + Pics!

Hi dolls,
So today I am three weeks post op. I would say I feel 90% of my regular self. I still have some soreness in my back and my tummy if I bend a certain way but for the most part, it's business as usual.

My waist is getting smaller and my ass has lost some volume (it was 42" 5 days post op and 41 1/2 last week, last night when I measured it, it was barely 40". I hope it doesn't get TOO much smaller though, but only time will tell. I got yelled at by my RS Sis for not wearing a Faja for two days. Boy did I swell up! In my defense I was trying to nurse a burn that I have on my left side so I was giving it a rest. Anyway so I got a prescription for a cream for the burn, cleaned and dressed it and squeezed into my Stage 2 Faja last night. OMG It's a Powernet size XS that I got from ebay for $60-I don't even know how I got it on, but I did. It's gonna take some getting used to but I feel more held together with it. I'm only doing this faja mess for another week so I just have to stay strong.

Just ordered a new faja from Pink Room...

You can see very clearly from my blog that I absolutely HATE wearing a faja. This whole faja thing has been a saga with irritating my burn, to irritating my eczema to giving me a rash between my legs to onstructing my breating tojust feeling nasty and icky to lines on my stomach to just hating it all together! UGH!!! Fix it Jesus!

Anyway a few of my RS sisters really got in that ass and yelled at me for now wearing my faja! :-( I've made a ton of excuses and have swelled up in my abdomen considerably. Therefore I have invested in a new one (instead of the cheap one i got from ebay) with hopes that the material will be of higher quality and I can bear to wear it another month are so. FYI I ordered the 11066 Fajas Disenos D'Prada Topless High-Back Hipster Garment from Pink Room for XS. I have come to realize I dont want compression in my thighs-this one is topless and legless (the last thing I need is extra compression) and I don't like zippers ( you have to know thyself, ladies) Anywayz, I will keep you posted...Pray for me dolls! xoxo

Waking up during surgery + incisions, scar treatment + other sx & post op craziness...BBL with Yily March 2015

I'm getting a lot of msgs from dolls about being scared about waking up during surgery.
From what I understand the majority of doctor's in DR perform PS under LOCAL anesthesia with this being said you will be AWAKE just sedated with strong drugs.
I DID wake up during surgery. All I remember was seeing a white sheet (and thinking i had died) SMH I heard a whole bunch of voices (mostly male) and my arms were tied to the bed! SMH yes tied. It was very traumatizing. I remember that I didn't feel any pain however, I did feel a tugging and a pulling. I started yelling like a crazy person then fell back asleep. The next time I woke up I was in my CIPLA suite shivering with my private nurse sitting on the couch.
Other crazy ish that happened:
1. I had some type of allergic reaction and the next morning PO my right eye and my lips were swollen SMH
2. My hoo-ha swelled up (this happened to several dolls post BBL from what I hear)
3. My drain hated me! It started giving me problems from day one and it had to be unclogged by the nurse at the RH w/ a siringe and it hurt like HELL! It felt like someone was sucking my skin through a straw... horrible. I literally begged the nurse to stop in spanish, I cried "no mas" and she called Yily saying I wouldn't allow her to unclog it so I went in the next day to get it removed early on Day 3 Post Op.
4. When they took out my drain I fainted. Like on the floor. Like eyes rolled in back of my head. Like Yily's doctor, Dra. Anna had to pick me up and lay me on the bed, while Yily elevated my legs and Dra. Anna fanned me. It was a movie. After that i was SO DONE! And ready to go the EFF home forreal!
5. Several dolls agree with me that upper abdominal lipo is like a built in breast lift, like a 2 for 1 special! LOL. I didn't have any surgery done to my breasts yet after the lipo they are sitting MUCH perkier ;-)
6. I'm getting a lot of questions about incisions, I counted last night and I have 10 incisions TOTAL: 2 under my breasts, 2 behind my arms near my shoulder, 2 by my elbow, 2 near my pelvis (coochie), 1 in my crack, 1 in my mid back (epidural). THey are all small and healing nicely. Some are raised a little bit but I am treating them with silicone scar strips.

Hope this helps! :-)

One Month Post Op BBL ! Yily Barbie + Measurments + 1st Massage w/ Rejuve Face and Body Spa in NYC!

Hi Dolls,
Today I am a little over 1 month post and I feel progressively better every day. I haven't been the most responsible with my Faja so I have some swelling in my stomach and my right side has a tough spot that Yona at Rejuve Spa massaged right out today.
My swelling has increased here are my current measurements:
Waist Above Belly Button: 28"
Waist Below Belly Button: 32"
Hips/Butt: 41"
Under Breast: 29" (how the hell am i gonna find a bra with 29 DDD breasts)
Arm: 11"

Got my first back home massage today and it was really great! I went to Rejuve Spa in Dykman (upper Manhattan). The session was an hour long which included the use of a hydrocollator to relax the muscles before doing the manual massage. They also use preso-therapy with infared as well as an add on Sauna package to promote circulation and skin elasticity. Overall the experience was very positive. The office was clean and the staff was courteous and professional. I purchased a package of 5 for $275.

Almost 6 weeks Post Op w/ Yily + PICS + Sitting after BBL questions

Hi Dolls,
This coming Friday i will make my 6 week sx anniversary with Yily. For those who have been following my blog, you know that my recovery has been an emotional rollercoaster with my feelings doing from depressed, regret, content to anxiousness just for this whole process to be over. In the past weeks I have grown to love my results (I have some issues still) but for the most part I am feeling better, I'm still having issues with NOT wearing my faja conistantly (I'm trying but I just don't think I can do it LOL) so I have some persistent swelling in my stomach but i AM committing to getting my lymphatic drainage massages once a week. Overall,my body is shaping up very nicely and I am happy with my results. Would I say, it was worth it? I still can't answer that question yet as I don't know if I would put my body thru this trauma if i had to do it all again.

SITTING AFTER BBL: I'm getting a lot of inbox msgs from dolls about sitting after BBL. Personally I sat frequently after BBL and have experienced MINIMAL VOLUME LOSS. I will keep my fingers crossed but I have not lost much volume at all and I am almost at week 6. I do not recommend this to anyone else and hope that you will follow the advise of your Dr. But in my experience, I went to work 11 days POST OP and sat for two weeks without a pillow , I would take short walks around the office but I sat for at least 6-7 hours per day. I am a natural stomach sleeper so I sleep comfortably on my stomach but I DID SIT A LOT. I do have a dent in my left butt cheek (not sure if thats from sitting). But thats about it. I also have ALOT OF CELLULITE! You can't really tell from the pics but it's there. Maybe my vets can let me know if this will work itslef out or if its permanant? :-(

I really am grateful to RS. I have several close friends who have gotten surgery abroad so I have first hand recommendations, however RS essentially helped me to confirm my decision of doctor's and Recovery House. I met a lot of great positive girls who I still speak to and text often. So just as RS helped inform me, I will continue to try to do the same, as promised, up until my 1 year SX Anniversary! xo

Loving my results! Yily Doll-8 Weeks Post OP BBL w/ Lipo Before & After Pics!!!

Hi Dolls,
I am so grateful to Realself for helping me make my decisions and informing me Pre OP and for all of the support Post Op. I will be 8 weeks Post Op this coming Friday, I have grown to love my results; and here is my update:
PAIN: I feel very little pain and soreness. The only discomfort I feel is if I bend too quickly and my skin in my abdomen feels tight, also here and here I may feel a sensation on my right side and my butt.
FAJA: I'm in a XS faja on the tightest hook WITH a lipo foam in the front. (I may take this faja in but I definitely wont be buying another one).
LUMPS and HARDNESS: My stomach still has some hardness but has significantly softened up. The lumps in my arms have been resolved by my second massage. My butt is completely soft, no hard spots at all.
MASSAGES: I have been getting one lymphatic drainage massage per week for the past three weeks.
SEX: I'm getting a lot of inbox's about sex PO. I actually had sex 10 days PO (would not recommend this to anyone) but by week three it was back to business as usual. I mean, I wan't on a handstand or anything but was able to enjoy it. :-)
SKIN SENSITIVITY & ELASTICITY: I've been treating my skin with Vitamin E oil and Shea butter my skin sensitivity is gone and there is no sagging skin at all.

Happy Healing to all my PO dolls and good luck to all my soon to be dolls. xoxo

2 MONTHS POST OP BBL W/ YILY-Burn update + Abdominal Swelling + Pics!

Hi Dolls,
Today, I am officially 2 months post op since going to DR and having surgery with Yily. As you all know I got a burn on my side post op (that i was pissed about and took forever to heal) well to update you, it is healing nicely and the color is coming back in. [see pics]
I have lower abdominal swelling whether i wear the faja or not (im still not wearing it every day- i just hate it) regardless, my back and butt have softened and shaped up nicely but im just waiting for my tummy to do the same.
Overall I LOVE my results. Yes this journey has been an emotional rollercoaster but I am happy with my results. This experience is something i'm glad I did, but will never do again LOL
To all my PO dolls happy healing and my future dolls Good luck xoxo

Officially a Yily Doll-Booty Pics on Yily's IG LOL ---Almost 3 months PO BBL w/ Yily De Los Santos in DR!!!

Hi Ladies-
I have been great doing well. Healing wonderfully, felling good. Blessed. Two of my good friends heading out to DR this month for surgery so I am preoccupied with helping them get it together. Please keep my dolls in your prayers.
On a lighter note, one of my RS Sis' who has become my real life sistaaaa brought to my attention that two of my post OP pics have made it to Yily's IG page LOLLLLLLL. Can I say I'm "feeling myself" (beyonce voice) Haha. Does this mean that I am officially a Yilyy doll now? LOL Just wanted to share. *smiles* I'll post again on June 5th when its time for my 3 month anniversary update!
***To all my PO dolls happy healing and blessings, to my soon to be dolls good luck and to my pre op babies feel free to inbox me any questions you may have-I know how I was in the beginning and I'm so grateful to my veterans who took the time to stay in touch and answer my questions. xoxo

Happy Three Month Yily-Versary to Meeeeee! :-) Pics + Measurments + 3 months PO Status!

So Friday official made three whole months since i got surgery in DR with Yily!!! Happy Sx Anniversary to me and my RS sisters that have turned into Real Sistahz LOL @Jamaicangalwithnobutt & @TashaFierce8.

It's been a crazy journey but I can say that I am happy with my results! Would I do it again...HELL NO!!! (well maybe) LOL but I learned a lot and can finally say that I am 100% and am gonna take my ass to the gym.I have gained 12 lbs since I went into surgery SMH-Ladies you have to MOVE around or it will delay your healing and you will get FAT again! I was NOT the model Post Op Doll, I wasn't wearing my faja religiously, I sat on my ass day three, stop getting massages, and I was just over it early on, but by the grace of God I didn't have any complications (other than the necrosis on my side that has healed beautifully). I still have some hardeness and swelling on my stomace, but other than that everything has softened for the most part and I don't have any pain, just a little tightness on my sides from the aggressive lipo.
3 Months PO Measurements (vs Before Surgery Measurments):
Arms: 10 1/2" (12")
Under Breast: 30 1/2" (32")
Cup Size: DDD Naturally same as Pre-Op
Waist Above Belly Button: 27" (29 1/2"
Waist Below Belly Button: 29" (31")
Hips/Butt Circumference: 41 1/2" (36")
I get a lot of emails from girls asking for advice. Yes, Realself helped me to come to many of my decisions but at the end of the day you have to find your OWN way. To all my future dolls-good luck. To my recent dolls-happy healing. To my RS veterans-Thank you sooooo much. I am so happy that I made this choice. Was it worth it? I don't know if I can say that any unecessary trauma to my body will ever be "worth it" but I can say that I am happy. I probably won't post again until my 4 months PO but I always answer my girls who inbox me and respond to comments as quick as possible.xx

The Fluff is Real 14 Weeks Post Op w/ Yily De Los Santos! Another death at CIPLA?

I'm a little over 14 weeks and happy with my results. I didn't have much loss of volume at all PO but over the last few weeks I have notices significant slimming of my waist and tummy as well as increased projection and "fluffing" of my butt. I was a non-believer of the "fluffing" theory for a long time, but I can say from my own experience that it is indeed true. I have gained 13 lbs since surgery SMH (being a lazy bish)-not sure if that has much to do with the fluff, maybe, but I have started my gym regime with some stern words from my RS Sis-turned Real Sistah @Jamaicangalwithnobutt.

I've been hearing about a woman dying at CIPLA, rumor has it that it was a Yily, patient. I don't like to comment on these things unless they are confirmed and I have supporting details before I give my opinion; however, I would like to say this: with any surgery there is a risk of complications. Unfortunately we ALL go in that OR knowing that there is a chance we won't come out. With that said, PLEASE take care of yourselves Pre-OP, please be honest with your doctor about any underlying health conditions and please listen to your body the days and weeks immediately after surgery and ask questions and seek help if you feel something just isn't right. It's heartbreaking when we lose any of our dolls, if the report is true RIP to our RS Sis Angel.

I've decided that I probably will only continue to post up until my 6 months PO. Then I will likely remove my pics and say Bye Bye to RS. However in the mean time I always reply to comments and inboxes from Dolls with questions and answer with all honesty regarding my experiences.

To all my veteran Dolls: Thank you for all of your help, and stay sexy!
My recent PO dolls: Happy Healing!
My Pre Op Baby Dolls: Good Luck & God Bless

Be well, Ladies xoxo

4 1/2 months Post Op BBL w/ Yily Review + PICS + ARM LIPO REVIEW+Diasy's RH Review + Measurements...Where is Yily?

Hi Ladies-
I'm almost 5 months post op and i feel great, for the most part. I still have some small hard spots on my stomach that are not tender to the touch. I did get arm lipo and had very minimal results. I would not recommend Arm Lipo. My arm circumference only decreased about an inch and they are still painful to the touch and lumpy (nothing crazy but I do notice it). It is very much my fault bc I did not compress my arms PO because my hands would swell and I haven't been consistantely getting massages since i've been back (I know bad girl) however I am going to return to Mary's and continue with the lymphatic, deep tissue and presotherapy on my arms and stomach and get back on track. I've been going to the gym and eating healthier and have lost 8 lbs. I went into surgery at 145 and I am currently 154, NOT OKAY. I'm trying to get back to 145. I must admit it is very true what they say that with weight gain your butt gets bigger bc my but is huge. But i have a petite frame so I need to tone up ASAP.

Overall, my experience with Yily in DR was OKAY. Just OKAY. I'm happy to be alive. My best moments were in the Recover House at Daisy's. I genuinely love Daisy and all of her staff. Daisy was fair, honest and professional to me and I truly consider her a dear friend. I was really treated with the upmost care, respect, and compassion. The food was great, the house was beautiful, clean and safe and the nurses were knowldgeable and professional. Both times I went to DR i met girls that I speak to frequently and have went from sx sisters to real sistahs LOL. Daisy's RH was the highlight of my time in Santo Domingo.

Now CIPLA, I can't say the same about. Unorganized, chaotic, crowded, just a hot mess. I heard there was another death and Yily has been MIA since, I pray this isn't true. It is really heartbreaking and solidifies my decision to never go back to her for a Round 2. (any info would be appreciated)

Anyway here are my measurements as of today:
waist above belly button: 28"
waist below belly button: 27"
hip/butt: 42"
under breast: 30" (how the f*ck am i supposed to get a good fitting bra now!)
cup size: E (natural-was DDD pre-op with weight gain now wearing 32 E bra)
arm: 10"

To all my veteran Dolls: Thank you for all of your help, and stay sexy!
My recent PO dolls: Happy Healing!
My Pre Op Baby Dolls: Good Luck & God Bless

Be well, Ladies xoxo

One Year Anniversary BBL with Yily De Los Santos!

March 11th made a year since I got BBL with Yily in DR. I almost forgot but my surgery sissy @TashaFierce8 texted me and reminded me! LOL oh the memories. As you can tell from my blog, the entire experience was an emotional roller coaster for me, full of ups, downs, lots of tears and weight gain smh LOL However, thru it all I am happy with my results and glad that I went thru with it.

I need to loose about 15 lbs but other than that I love my stomach and my arms. The only regret is getting my arms lipo'd Bc if was so painful and the recovery time so long with very little result.

Yily (or whoever did my surgery lol) did the damn thing and a year later I'm all smiles.

I wish the best for all of the girls who are considering sx, counting down for a planned sx or in recovery. Realself was a major resource to me throughout this process and I am very thankful!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I had issues with her office's professionalism, communication, organization and responsiveness which I made issue of with her AND her assistant. Yily scheduled 10 surgeries on my surgery day and although I was the first surgery of the day, I was at CIPLA at 7am and did not go into surgery until almost 2pm. Yily was present for both of my follow up visits, which was a plus. I am, for the most part happy with my results, however I cannot say with 100% certainty that Yily even did my surgery (I have my reasons). I think she is a great doctor, but I cannot say I would go to her again or recommend her to a friend because of the reasons I forementioned.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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