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Hey realself, just like most of u I've been...

Hey realself, just like most of u I've been stalking realself reading reviews after reviews following some folks as they go on their journey. I've discovered this site in 2014 as I was looking into getting a BBL & trying to find the perfect doctor to do my procedure. 1st doctor I looked up was Dr. Jamerson Jr. The booty God himself located in ATL I paid $50 for the online consultation. His rates for BBL start at $10,000 I believe & go up depending on how many places u wanted to Lipo. Long story short I was looking at about freaking $15,000 smh. So by me looking up this doctor & wanting to see more of his work & reading reviews on him is how I discovered realself. Then this crazy idea came to mind like ok realself u can basically look up any credible or not so PS on realself let's look up PS in Dominican Republic. Now I must admit I always thought going out of the country for PS was not a good idea I was always against it. I remember hearing conversations about people going out of the country like to DR or Brazil to get PS & remember flicking through channels & coming across a PS show on TLC I believe about PS outside of the U.S. I didn't watch the entire show as I never thought I would be thinking about getting PS done myself. But having that thought in the back of my mind I decided to educate myself. So anyway I looked up BBLs done in DR & came across a few doctors. I would literally be on the site for months even while at work lol. Theres a lot of down time at my job so I'll just be reading & I've come across some inspiring stories as well as horror stories. Some of these stories had me thinking I was crazy for wanting a procedure like this done. ( Lipo to full back, waist, abs with fat transfer for BBL. Also thinking about Breast reduction/Lift). I've confided in some people & basically some of the responses I got back had me 2nd guessing. My boyfriend is completely against it as well as my dad. They both basically say the same thing " Just take ur lazy ass to the gym & work out stop trying to take the easy way out" etc,. I'm just like Blah! I feel like when I was working out in the gym is the cause of my breast becoming huge b/c I was a 36C & 123lbs. I started to take birth control was on the Depo for about 1.5yrs. I know for a fact that caused me to start gaining weight which is why I started working out cause I didn't want the weight to look nasty as I was small & didn't mind the weight just wanted it in the right places. Anyway so working out & the extra weight I was gaining went directly to my breast I tell u kno lie lol I am now 5'5 1/2 174lbs & a 36DD/DDD who the hell knows I just kno they gots to go they are so big & heavy & super annoying. I did stop working out & now the weight is in my stomach love handles & everything :/. I much rather a fat ass then big breast. I need some womanly curves I have like a box shape I don't find attractive at all. Not saying a want a super vixen body but I mean damn I need something lol. I have a friend/co worker who tell me omg leave ur breast alone don't touch them u have nice full sexy breast u kno how many girls would kill to have breast like urs & I'm just like they can have them. I've never liked big breast I can't wear the clothes I like its annoying when I want to wear a button down blouse I can't it can't close all the way by the breast part & even if I was to get a size bigger it may fit around the breast part but the rest of the shirt looks stupid & baggy or when I want to wear a dress or w.e that required no bra like its so annoying. I was in love with my breast when I was a 36C even tho then I thought they was still big due to my small frame I was still able to wear what I wanted & they wasn't as heavy as they are now. Now it's like when I walk In the room my breast arrives first. It's just annoying I kno I'm definitely getting them reduced I'm just up in the air on if I want to do it at the same time as my BBL just to get it over & done with. Or if I should just wait till I have a kid or something & do it in the states & have my insurance cover it. I am also petrified of the scarring. If any of u kno about different techniques of the procedure or after care plz let me kno. Anyway My friends think I'm crazy lol I don't even think they take me serious. I have a family member who had a breast reduction out here in the states who's not against it. She even have some friends who went out to DR for surgery & came back in 1 piece. So after reading & following some journeys & debating if I really want this procedure done which I do :) I narrowed down my search of 3 doctors. 1st is was Dra. Duran she's in high demand out in DR & specializes in BBLs, however no matter how hard I tried I CAN NOT get in contact with that woman lol I emailed her, called & texted her on what's app, & Instagram like a true stalker & no response & this went on for many months. I eventually gave up then I even ran into someone who had a procedure done with her & the stalking continued again & nothing. Then I'm like ok let me leave this woman alone because I'll be damned if I send my deposit & can't get in contact with her office & I don't kno where the hell my money went. Then I came across Dra. Yily who gave me a quote & everything but she wouldn't do my procedure if I was traveling by alone which I am she said I had to have someone with me during the procedure. Then reading her reviews I got uncomfortable, remember the horror stories I mentioned above well some of them were hers about how she have a nasty attitude & how people wake up during surgery & she's not the one performing the procedure & I'm just like nah I'll pass I'm already taking the risk of going to another country for this surgery to save some dollars I need to be as safe as I can be considering. So then I came across Dra. Fatima Almonte who's according to everything I've read is an angel sent from heaven. I messaged her assistant on what's app & got a timely response every time. She addresses my questions & concerns accordingly. Almonte work is flawless I've been following her on Facebook & Instagram. She doesn't post as often as Yily & Duran do but even still with the work she do post & all the reviews & comments I feel like she's the safest option for me & can perform & deliver what I'm asking. However, with the 2 procedures I want done she want my hemoglobin level at at least 13 which is sought of a problem being that I'm anemic :/ & hate taking pills. Like seriously hate taking pills even with a multivitamin I get nauseated. So last time I got some blood work done I asked about about my Hemo level which was at 11 & this was a couple months ago. So if u guys kno anyway I can build up my Hemo level plz let me knk what I can do I need to start prepping this body for surgery. Also I was thinking about taking 30 days off of work if I was to go through with the Brest reduction is that enough or should I try to stretch it to 6 wks instead. I am traveling from NY by myself most likely will leave 3/1/16 if anyone is getting surgery around the same time as I am 3/2/16 & is interested in becoming recovery buddies PLZ message me as I really DO NOT want to go on this journey alone. I have not decided on which recovery house I will be staying at as of yet the quote from Fatima included 10 days in a recovery house I already made my deposit. The recovery house is depending on what's available during the time I'll be going. Also if anyone have any questions/concerns/advice or anything just message me or w.e I don't mind answering. I'll post some before pics as well as wish pics.

Before Pics / Wish Pics

SX confirmed

Got an email from Leslie stating that my sx date has been confirmed for 3/3/16 which is on a Thurs & not 3/2/16. (I thought Fatima only do surgery on Mon, Wed, & Fri). So now it's crunch time to get my body prepared & money up. So excited OMG can't believe I'm actually doing this !! :D..

I started to pick up some vitamins

I am anemic what other vitamins should I take to boost my Hemo level ?

Surgery Date Changed

Hey there dolls so unfortunately I've had a slight set back & had to change my date from 3/3/16 due to me finding out my BMI was well over 35 :( So I've made it my business to get my ass back in the gym & change my eating habits. My bf is so against me getting this surgery but he got me a personal trainer & also took all the junk food out of the house lol while reminding me to eat good everyday. I am so appreciative of that. I've also been taking my vitamins trying to get my hemo levels up idk how far I have to go at this point but I do know that them vitamins are working because I've had less migraines. Anyway didn't come here to ramble basically I've lost 10 lbs so far which I am so happy about omg & my new date is 7/6/16. I hate that I have to wait all the way till the summer which is probably the worst time to get this surgery but it is what it is lol it was the next date Lesley had open. My bf just transferred money to my acct to book the flight so baby there will be no more changing of dates. So if any of you dolls going around that time I am still looking for a surgery buddy. Thanks dolls.

Also need some tips to decrease bmi & increase hemo levels.

Flight booked !!!!!! :D

Just booked my flight 7/4-7/15 so happy that's a check off my check list. Going to see my doctor this Thursday to see where I stand as far as health wise & blood levels. I plan to pay off my balance within the next 2 months so I can start preparing my to go list. Yesssss I'm feeling so anxious I can not wait till July.!!!!!!

Got my results back

Today I finally received my results from my blood test & I am healthy but I'm a lil disappointed about my hemo levels. Last time I checked it was at 11 which was last year sometime now today after I've been popping these iron pills for months & I found out its now 12.4 I need it to be at lest 13 to receive any surgery but I'm pushing for 14 so I can add in my breast. Omg I need help I've been drinking these green smoothies with kale & spinach as well I just don't kno. I also have a Vit D deficiency Doctor wrote me a prescription for that also my chlesterol is a lil high. Other than that I'm perfectly fine & healthy.

Surgery Buddy 7/6/16

Hello ladies I am still looking for a sx buddy my date is 7/6/16. I've had 2 people willing to come with me but of course they both flopped which was expected but I am really looking for a buddy I really don't want to go alone. My flight is booked & surgery half paid. If any of u ladies are interested plz contact me.

Countdown begins !!

I've been reading up on some more stories trying to decide which recovery house will best suit me. I told Leslie I would prefer Real Armonia but I came across a story saying that they have bed bugs idk if it's true or not because on that same story there was a comment saying it was false however I'm not one for taking them chances. I do not want to risk coming home with the creatures. So I've been researching & narrowed it down to 3. 1. Serenity recovery house 2. Princess recovery house 3. High class recovery house Well op 1 isn't available for my dates & op 3 didn't get back to me so it's looking like I'll be staying at Pricess recovery House I'm intested in their private room from the pics it looks so comfortable. There's not much reviews on real self if any of u kno of this recovery house or stayed there plz let me kno ur experiences. I basically made a decision on what I've seen on Instagram & Facebook.

3 months to go

So I officially have exactly 90 days till I leave for DR. I started ordering some supplies off of amazon not much I'll be getting most from dollar tree or deals. The chux. Adult diapers, & pads I'm not paying for at all I'll be getting them from my job lol.

51 days till DR

51 days left to go & I'm feeling a bit anxious. I'm also 2nd guessing myself again.

32 days to DR !!!!!!!!!

32 days until I leave for DR. Still feeling anxious & unsure kindle having 2nd thoughts. I still have no sx buddy nor do I have a support system. :/
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