26 YO, No Kids, Single 5'2, 155 LBS - Dominican Republic

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So i have been researching for a while and for a...

So i have been researching for a while and for a long time my options for doctors were Dr. Velilla at Evolution MD in Miramar or going to DR and praying Duran replies and my new love Dr. Baez. I've decided to go with Baez because not only did she reply fast, her quote was reasonable and I like how she doesnt exhaust her days doing surgery which could be tiring unless you're a super human. I believe I read that she only does 1-2 surgeries a day, this couldve increased with popularity but i am not sure. I found her on IG and then followed up here on RealSelf. I contacted her via Whatsapp with several questions and she responded within a few hours. My initial questions were in English then i began using my 4 years of spanish class to correspond with her in her native language and i did notice the responses were quicker at that point because I am assuming she didnt need a translator at that time. Idk. But long story short, i am now waiting for her to give me a date so that i can pay my deposit. She only takes cash per my research so i am hoping to pay 80%-90% of it before i board a plane. I do not want to travel with that much cash. As far as Recovery Houses, my friend referred me to Betty Recovery House which she said she loved and was super nice/swanky. I am in the process of contacting them now to see if they have availability. My goal is to have my procedure scheduled for late July/early August. I need to do this before I start my new job.

I asked the doctor to lipo my stomach, back, arms, inner thighs (I am craving a thigh gap, a little space to pair with the new hips i am seeking LOL) and sides of course and my butt is already fairly big especially considering I work for the government and I dont want to look too crazy. But i definitely want my hips rounded out.

Mallol in July :) BBL, Lipo and wanting BA also

Mallol quoted me a price of 2750.00 (3900.00 with recovery house) without breast augmentation


4390 with breast augmentation. Im thinking I should get my breast done too. I want small implants, I'm a 34C which i like the size but not too crazy about the shape...I would want to get to a full D without a padding, etc. I am excited

Idk what i want to do...breast or no breast.

Also, please comment if youre going to Mallol in mid or beginning July so we can go through our journey together. :)

I wish Baez would reply back...

Everything is a little up in the air and you can tell i am going crazy...Baez still hasnt replied, i still admire her work but she must be extremely busy now-a-days.

Staying at Betty Recovery House

I got a better deal from the recovery house versus Mallol...I will be getting painkillers from my PCP and I'll buy my own faja's also. I posted the Recovery house quote and the quote from my doctor. I'll save a little bit of money which will go toward my flight of course. Still aiming to finalize everything and keep a July 14th date.

Wish picsssss

Confused/Stressed/Tired of Searching

I dont know what doctor to choose...i emailed Duran several times, Baez never responded after initial chat. I've also emailed Manon, Yily, Contreras and even Cabral. I just want the best work, i want a huge butt, small waist and nice, symmetrical boobs. What is a girl to do. I am still scheduled to have the work done by Mallol on 7/13/2016 and i do like his work. I just dont want to make any mistakes, nor can i afford to.

Started to order initial supplies

Just ordered Boppy pillow, mens wife beaters (tank tops), arnica gel, wipes, disinfectant wipes, lysol spray, water pills, master lock safe, etc...idk but i just spent over $100 on Amazon unfortunately lol

Mallol on 7/13/16!

I am excited...I just finished securing things with Dr. Mallol and my RH which is Betty's. Sent over my flight information to both parties...How much money did you ladies bring to DR? I started packing, im bringing maxi dresses and stretchy one pieces only. I think I only need to purchase things to sleep in...Any tips for me ladies?!?!

I will be arriving in Santo Domingo on Tuesday and my sx is scheduled for Wednesday. I am excited. I wish I could post before pics but I have so many tattoos lol. I'm going to find a creative way to post pics.

Birth Control while getting a BBL

Has anyone actively been on birth control and if so please share in detail which method you were utilizing, etc. thank you! :)

Mallol doll

I will update more later but my experience was great with Mallol. U can get botched surgery, infections anywhere even in the US. Sure we regulate things more and u should always do your research but the doctor and his staff were amazing to me and I hope I progress and only get better. I stressed aggressive lipo with a big butt and hips and that's what I got. Many of the girls in my recovery house think I went to Duran or Cabral because I am so perfectly curvy. So far I am grateful with Mallol did. I will say that the recovery houses could be kept a bit more tidy. I had to Lysol and disinfect very often. It's too many people recovering and healing at once.


I also think it's difficult to completely rate your results so early post op because your body is still in shock and trying to rebuild itself. You're still sore, swollen, in a foreign country without the comforts of your own home. I had to receive a blood transfusion and I told the doctor to be very careful and even said "I cannot die here" to him. I'm sad that many of you had bad things to say and it now has me down. I will pray for all of you and myself for a speedy recovery and that we get back to the states with good health. I will update soon. But I am completely snatched. And my butt and hips look amazing but I wasn't too big to begin with. I told him to go bigger at the bottom and small at the top because I didn't fly all the way down for mediocre work. Lol

More pure absorb, pineapple juice, water, Lysol and prayers

While in recovery ladies!

Hello, I changed my initial review because it had...

Hello, I changed my initial review because it had my doctor listed as Dra Baez but i went with Dr. Mallol instead! Please see my original posting and feel free to ask me any questions. Dr. Mallol is amazing, my work looks phenomenal and I havent had any complications in the healing stage. I am currently 11 days PO and I am experiencing soreness which I believe is different than pain. I will post pics soon although they wont be up for long.

A few befores and afters

Sorry all, I'm super self concious about putting my pics up and I'm not sure how long I will leave them up. But here's a few before and afters. The pics taken in a restroom with the raised tank top was 2days PO. The faja pic was a week and a day post op.

Traveling to DR for Surgery

Let me just start off by saying, accidents/malpractice/botched surgery can happen ANYWHERE. It can happen in America, Europe, Asia, wherever! My mom had lipo done by a top surgeon at GW Hospital and developed seroma because the doctor told her to avoid wearing a compression garment (faja) and told her massages were unnecessary. Total BS!

For me, it was important to extend my faith in God and trust in Him.

Obviously conduct your research! Choose a doctor that responds to you quickly, if theyre in practice of doing so pre-op, the chances that they'll be there for you post-op are higher IMO. Dr. Mallol checked on me while I was in Santo Domingo at 11:30 PM at night! Whereas other girls at my RH with their "Celebrity doctors" could barely get in contact with their doctor because they were so busy (I'm assuming). Mallol and his staff took excellent care of me, however, in many cases (per the other girls of the RH) the doctors spoke English and the staff/nurses did not so as so many others have said before me....MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A TRANSLATOR APP ON HAND. I was lucky enough to be alone in my bedroom at the recovery house. The food was amazing at Betty's, the drivers and nurses were incredible and 90% of their staff that I met spoke good English. I packed Lysol wipes, Lysol bathroom Spray and Lysol disinfecting spray because cleanliness was key for me. I believe many of the infections caught arent from the procedure per se, but more so the aftercare and practices patients adapt once they leave the hospital/clinic. I lysol'd even after I used the restroom! I didnt want to get sick down in DR! LOL here i am 12 days PO and loving my results and I rep for my doctor HARD because he took care of me. He is the best, hands down. I wouldnt select another doctor or recovery house. I thank God I made the choice that is right FOR ME! Dont be scared, frightened or deterred.

Round 2 of DBL AND BL with implants SX date 3/30 with Mallol

Hi guys, I hope all is well! My surgery last July was a success! I didn't have any bad side effects or anything, just awesome results from Doctor Mallol. My waist is super snatched and my butt and hips are amazinggggg! This time I am going back for full lipo again (back, stomach, arms with a huge concentration on my inner thighs because I want a thigh gap). The doctor was amazing my first round so I am sure I won't have much work to do. I haven't decided if I'm going to transfer to my butt again because it's already a nice size. But nowwwww I'm going for a breast lift and I haven't decided if I want the doctor to add implants or transfer fat. Still deciding. Adding goal pics. They may be the same pics as before.


I'm super happy, going back to him in March

Hi guys, it's approximately 2am and I can't sleep.

Hi guys, it's approximately 2am and I can't sleep. I was reading the latest reviews of Dr. Mallol and I felt the urge to tell my story once more. Bare with me regarding typos, or if this comes off as a scattered brained rant. I have a separate review of my first round with this amazing doctor. I have read several other stories about Dr. Mallol and I just want to give more insight into my situation. My round 1 surgery with the doctor was in July of 2016 and I stayed in DR for 8 days at Betty's Recovery House (which is nice but pretty far from the clinic, wasn't a deal breaker for me and I'll be staying again for my round 2 in March). While in DR, I also got my teeth bleached with Dr. Beltran (4days PO) and he is amazing also. I'm seeing posts saying he doctor doesn't have good bedside manners in which I must say I WAS THE ONLY PATIENT/PERSON PO THAT HAD MY DOCTOR ONE PHONE CALL OR TEXT AWAY VIA WHATS APP. Pre-Op I was talking to his assistants and so forth but Dr. Mallol made sure I left with a way to reach HIM should something go wrong. Everyone else who went to Cabral, Duran, Yily etc felt alone and had questions they wanted to ask their doctor but couldn't reach them once they lift CIPLA. Mallol is an amazing doctor, his work is incredible. But there are a few things I wish to discuss, the first being bedside manner from staff. Now unfortunately many of us are Americans (not that America is all milk and honey like they teach) but you have to understand and accept that you are in another country. Let me say it again, YOU ARE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY, HELL ISNT IT A DIFFERENT CONTINENT. That's the first thing you need to accept. I was outraged when he electric in my RH would go out for an hour (they did have backup generators) then I had to remind myself of where I was, the amount of money I saved for AMAZING WORK, and so on. Dr. Mallol speaks perfect English however, 80% or more of the people you encounter in DR DONT SPEAK ENGLISH, THEY ARENT AMERICANS AND DONT HAVE AMERICAN CUSTOMS. Although my nurses didn't speak English, they were EXTREMELY ATTENTIVE and had no issue with waiting for me to type out my questions, requests or concerns via my translator app. The second thing is your goal regarding how you want to "look". Now let's be realistic, we have seen these miraculous pictures of doctors work and make them our goal pic, blah blah blah. That's fine and wonderful. But some of the pics we seen are of patients that are 2 and 3 rounds in which is why I am going back again. Initially I was under 160 pounds but I carried fat in my stomach and although I had a butt I wanted it rounded out and hips. The doctor exceeded my expectations. That was an excellent first round and I told myself I wouldn't go back again, "this is it" like Michael Jackson but I trust my doctor and I have the funds to go again which is what I'm going to do. This time I'm getting a breast lift with implants so I'm gonna come back over here looking like a Starlets girl *judge ya mother* LOL. I have friends that weigh 140 lbs, did one round and want to go again so it just depends on the look you're going for and you have to appreciate the progress u make. No you're not gonna go from Precious to Bernice Burgos or Gissy in one round. It's just not gonna happen okay. It's not. In addition, I didn't workout, I didn't change my diet, etc. this is crazy I know, but I knew I would be going back by September because I love my doctor so much and I want him to work his magic once more. Lol. The third thing I want to discuss is the tricky mofo they refer to as your HEMO. I had an amazing hemo before surgery however I asked the doctor to basically do full body lipo (arms, back, stomach, sides, inner thigh) and a transfer which may have been the reason I need two blood transfusions. Most people plan for months ahead to get this surgery so most of you take the proper vitamins and supplements but I literally woke up one day and said "I'm gonna do this" and two weeks later I was in DR. My body was not ready. That is my fault, not the doctors. I needed two blood transfusions and had to stay at the clinic longer to ensure that I was safe and regained my energy. That made my procedure EXTREMELY stressful. Blood transfusions are a scary thing again it was solely my fault. However, that experience made me trust Mallol even more. He is a remarkable doctor. Going to him isn't a mistake. I know of people that switch doctors after round 2 and so on but I don't have to think twice about choosing Mallol again. His work is amazing and his bedside manners are more than I could wish.

Sidenote, I am also one that woke up mid way through surgery but I just waved my hand and the nurses and assistants said something in Spanish and I was put back to sleep. I didn't feel a thing. Of course it's shocking to view your own surgery live but you'll be fine. Lol

Lira is my goal person, I am featured on Mallol's IG. Feel free to ask any and all questions
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Amazing doctor! Excellent bedside manner! Even texted me to check on my at 11:30 pm after my procedure!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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