26 Year Old Going Through This Surgery Process to Gain More Confidence FOR MYSELF - Dominican Republic

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Big Hello to my fellow sx dolls who have had, and...

Big Hello to my fellow sx dolls who have had, and those who are about to have this life changing procedure. Just want to tell you a little bit about myself...26 years old soon to be 27 in July my surgery month :) born and raised in London but of African decent, am blessed with two beautiful and wonderful kids who have given me hideous stretch marks but they are not the main reason why i want to embark on this surgery journey. I want and crave a wider hips and a bigger fuller butt. Not talking about Buffie or a Nicki Minaj. Just one to suit my shape. Will put up some wish pics for you see what I mean.
Anywaysssssssss have done a lot of research for about 2/3 months and came across Dr Aslani in Spain, but upon review his work, i felt like he would not be able to achieve the results I want also he was expensive i was quoted 5890 EUROS just for a bbl. Then i came across having the surgery abroad Miami to be more specific the country of toned tanned asses. Home of the infamous Dr Miami viewed his insta and Facebook and instantly fell in love, with his patience's results. Did research and found out his a fully qualified cosmetic surgeon and has had no deaths best thing of all was his sense of humour. It always nice to know that you have a happy spirited surgeon operating. Happy surgeon = Good results. So i did get in touch with an email which basically said "please may i know when would be the next available date if i was going to have a bbl with you". a Keka Olan replied " We are booked out till September 2016, but can put me on the schedule for a Skype consult for Monday February 1, 2016......". I sat there in disbelief, could believe it had to read the date about 4-5times to make sure i was reading it properly lol.
I am glad that i went about find the available time slot first because i would of hated it if i sent my photos and my details only to find out that i would be having surgery until 2016.
Still searching online then i came across this Godsent website which basically had all this info i needed. So from DR Hassan to Dr OMULEPU to Dr Cabral then to the Queens Yily and Duran. To cut the long story short i went with Duran because Yily just reccently had deaths and felt she could not give me the butt i want. To get a hold of Dr Duran I msged her through her email address hilarioplasticsurg@gmail.com. Using a decent named email address my first and last name just so that she could take me seriously. I explained that i would like a quote for a bbl and a tt and that i already had the money in place to get this procedure started as soon as possible. then went on to send her the following details: FULL NAME, AGE, HEIGHT, WEIGHT, SMOKING?, DRINKING? PREGNANCIES and MEDICAL HISTORY, WHAT DATES SHE HAD AVAILABLE. Then attached my 4 pics with a bikini on both side and front and back. And received and email 3hours later was very surprised as i sent it late at night and received it 8:30 am. She quoted me 4,800 and told me i need to be healthy and have a haemoglobin level of around 13. she had available dates from the 6th July 2015. SWEET!!!!!!

Forgot to tell you something

Height 5'4
Weight 154lbs
BMI 27.3
I have been told numerous times I'm a perfect candidate for a bbl so I shouldn't put on weight or lose any.... Thank God

A beautiful sunny day in London????????????

33 degrees today, if you live here then, You will know what I mean, but damn I wish I had my snatched waist and big ass by now :( let's hope the sun's still here when I get back. Spent the day doing my last sx shopping Boots, Superdrug and Primark feel like my list is getting longer and longer everyday. Will upload what I bought... But still waiting for a cheaper version on Amazon of the booty buddy which was sold out wen I tried to purchase it on www.thebootybuddy.com it's supposed to take the pressure of you sitting on you bum. I will 100% need it for the flight back. Don't want to destroy Duran'd creation. But if you have the cash I would definitely buy business of first class. I also sent Duran a msg last nite on what's app just to confirm my date one final time, which she did this morning so I'm all set :) Flying with AirEuropa £680 for a return...BA was expensive. Going to bring out my suitcase and start packing tomorrow that's when this shit will actually dawn on me; "Am I really going to fly out of the country, leave me kids just to get a flat stomach and a bigger ass OMG!?"

Dr Duran taking a holiday dolls!!


Hi dolls....quick question I have seen and read most of you dolls taking $ to the DR but maybe that's because more of you are American but us Londoners is it cheaper and better to exchange it to Pesto their actul currency or just to $ too???

Less than 24 to go

So many thoughts running through my mind and so little time. Flight is around 10am Monday morning suppose to get there by 7pm. Kinda wish I could change my date to a later one.....but Naaaaa lol Bags are packed money is ready...although I spent a little bit treating my babies to watch Minions 3D which was ok but they loved it. Been eating super healthy...5 a day, cardio 30mins a day + 30mins of safe sex *blushes* other than that just taking it easy. Need to get my internet in my phone working properly before I leave because contact with my family is paramount whilst I'm out here alone. Damn forgot to inform my bank I will be using my bank card outside the uk. Hope they wont bill me with a ridiculous charges anyways going to ring or Whats app beautiful Wendy before I board the flight. O yeah my Recovery house..totally forgot. I will be staying at High Class Recovery House located 15mins away from Cipla. My room is $80 a night which includes 3 meals a day, tv, fridge, nurse 24hours, medication pick ups, unlimited fresh detox juices, laundry and lots of other stuff. But what actually was the deciding factor for me was that fact that Wendy is a sx doll also so she will know exactly how I feel and be able to look after and give me the best possible advice as a Yily doll. Also she will be with me in every single step of this journey. Will post her dets. Found her through insta. So dolls next time you will read from me is possibly when I get to the Dr. Safely by Gods grace ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Haven't updated my post in a while :(

What can I say I have been enjoying life in my new body...I couldn't be more happy Dr Duran gave me a fuller wider modest bum and a lovely TT.

Small Print about this journey

Trust there were a few things I didn't expect.
1. Make sure you arrive at Dr Durans office early in the morning 6/7am to be seen on time...no one has an appointment so girls who thinking to have, going to have and have had Surgury will be there and they all want to see Duran and Elizabeth the assistant will let u be seen on a first come basis.
2. As soon as you have confirmed your date and deposit with Elizabeth who is actually quite nice despite the amount of rudeness I have heard she has, you have to pay $200 for lab fees regardless of the deposit u pay upfront and regardless of the fact it say lab work is included in the total price given to you via email. Trust me I was shocked
3. After you have your body checked over,blood work my hemo was 12.5 btw and X-ray done which to fucking forever 2-3hours...go back to Elizabeth as long as everything is fine she will take the money for the whole op then send u upstairs so u can be allocated a hospital bed WAIT!!! After you have handed over your money then elizabeth tells me do i have compression socks I say yes, she say "how high" I reply "knee high" she says "no they have to be thigh high" so let's add $35. Didn't say nothing. Then she tells me I have to buy Durans compression garmet. But isn't that included in the price I sed. Elizabeth says yes but I have to buy the second one $150..I flat out declined then she sed I can't do surgery lol i couldn't believe it, had no more money so I had to go to the bank get more money, which was a mission coz they were all Spanish speaking employees but sorted it
4. When post op... Blood dropped down to 6.5 had to pay $200 for a blood transfusion PER PINT OF BLOOD!! Flat out refused and paid just 4 1 pint..they were telling me I needed 4 which meant double the money that wasn't happening since I also had my iron tablets from London im sure I would be fine.
5. Somone has to stay with you...Ur nurse ur friend whoever so I had to pay my overnight nurse another $50 since her shift was over and I had no to stay with means it take about 2/3hours for your body to take it in. PAID IT!
6. To have the a/c and tv remote $50 each but u get it back once u return it PHEW!! Lol
7. Medication isn't $200/250 it differnt for each person I paid $300 I was given a list didn't buy everything but it came up to $288..also depends on the chemist you go to also.
There you go guys make sure you have a lot of extra cash $500 worth. Smh

Long Time......

Now almost 9months post, just wanted to upload pics for you to see, exactly what I'm enjoying. Doing this surgery withDr Duran was the best decision I have ever made to give me a little confidence at least body wise. So grateful and thankful that my results exceeded my expectations. Thinking now to get my breasts done now...I need it just to be more fuller but my partner said I shouldn't push my luck lol.....still thinking though hmmm
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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