26 Year Old Mother of 3 Ready to Be Snatched - Dominican Republic

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So I've been researching for a little over 3 years...

So I've been researching for a little over 3 years after an ex co-worker of mine got snatched by Dr Fatima Almonte....Finally I've decided to go for it I received my quote and will be getting Tummy Tuck + Liposculpture full back full abdomen flanks waist armpit area + BBL....my deposit is paid my travel buddy is in line and I'm glad to know her personally so we can both enjoy our experience comfortably... My date is October 19th and it couldn't come quick enough....

Wish Pics ????????????????

So since my body type is similar these are my wish pics...my friend/travel buddy has decided to make the both of us iron smoothies until our sx date she's a sweetie pie

Vacation Rental vs RH

So we've decided to get a Vacation Rental instead of staying a a RH its more cost effeciant and private

Booked our Vacation Rental

So just booked out vacation rental and things are getting real next out passports then the flights...I still get to get my CBC done to see if I need to take iron supplements... Can't wait to be an #AlmonteDoll :)

Mommy Moment

So the other day I had a mini anxiety attack just thinking about leaving my kids (ages 10,8, & 4) for 10+ days I know they'll be in good hands with my family but it was so nerve racking I almost changed my mind I just want time to fly by so I can get there and get home...I've decided to only stay 9 days I figure it wouldn't really make a big difference

Passport Application

Currently at the Post Office to get my Passport and this wait has been ridiculous been here since 11:30am its currently 1:40pm...my advise don't go to the walk-in places make an appointment if possible

This Just In...

After only 2 weeks my passport is here...ish is getting real y'all...basically 4 more months till I reach the flat side

Hemo level

Found out my hemo is 14.1 can we say winning :) I still plan on taking iron supplements since I've heard the level can drop with the long flight...with a little more then 4 months to go I'm ready...

The Countdown Begins

Its been a while since I've been on here...however the countdown its really counting down...only 63 more days before I depart and I still have so much to do, still need to order my post op package, see my PCP for my pain meds and 1 more CBC to make sure my hemo is still 14.5....


Only 49 more days and I still have so much to do totally been slacking off on getting my post op items...

Flight Booked

My flight is finally booked OMG this is so real only 37 days to go...Flat side here I come

Its time!!!!!

Currently in Georgia on my 3.5 hour layover blaaahh....I'll land this afternoon in DR and will be staying at New Life originally I had a SX buddy who ended up having to R/S so I picked New Life as my RH....Stay tuned ladies I will document my entire experience

I've reached the flatside

Good evening Dolls I have reach the flaye side. Dr Almonte and her staff are the sweet I met Mabel, & Raquel. Dr Almonte is a sweetheart and is so positive. ABD as you know she prays prior to surgery...

2 Days Post Op

Im still in swell hell and pain... So as I stated previously I was to stay at New Life however my experience there only in 1 night was HORRIBLE. Now I'm not knicing the nurses because they were sewwt and did what they Can to make me comfortable. However the owner/manager is what bothered me the way she runs the business. She only had 1nurse at night with a house full of guest about 12-13 of us. Not only that but she didn't speak any English and she's preganat so she was limited in the help she could provide us as patients. Although she trued we used Google Translate to communicate with her it was still very unprofessional. My drain got clogged and she couldn't unclog it(pics below) my package came with a BBL pillow included and once u decided to leave the RH she billed me $50 after I rikd her I wouldnt be taking the pillow. On a positive note I am curre toy st Kindness Recovery Home which is perfect its not over crowded I'm in my own room with my own nurse who periodically checks on me

3 months Post Op

3 months post op and I'm loving my results, Almonte did that
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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