25 Year Old Female Lost 161lbs with Gastric Bypass Getting Bbl Tummy Tuck and Liposculpture in Dominican Republic Dr Almonte!!!

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So I'm new here, I had a gastric bypass in Oct...

So I'm new here, I had a gastric bypass in Oct 2014 and lost 161lbs. I am 5'11 150lbs and was quoted 4150 for a bbl tummy tuck and liposculpture with Dr Almonte. I contacted severbal doctors like baez, yily, Duran, cabral, and Robles and most said I was too skinny and couldn't get a bbl but Dr Almonte and cabral and baez asked me to gain weight. I have been lurking for months and going back and forth with lesly, almontes assistant and i finally sent my depisit! I really like the way almonte does her tummy tucks so I picked her. I hope she can work magic on me because i am on the thin side and look amazing with clothes on, i think i have minimal loose skin for having a ten pound baby and losing 160lbs. I am looking at recovery houses and found yasmin which I think I'm going to stay at. Is there anyone getting surgery around feb 23 2017 here? Looking for a surgery buddy or friends. I'll post pictures later on.

Date change Jan 31st sx date almonte doll here I come!

I'm super excited lesly told me I can go Jan 31st for surgery! That's like 22 weeks away omg, this is how I look now.

4 months left for my surgery

I am so excited I'm buying all my.supplies and taking my vitamins. I also gained weight for my bbl

Omg 4 more months left and I'm almost done with packing and gaining weight

So my surgery is jan 31st 2017. I leave jan 30th and return the 9th. I started at 149lbs and I'm at 170 now. I'm trying to gain at least 15 more. My body looks way better since putting on weight so I can't imagine how much better I will look with 15 more. I started buying my supplies. I got depends, chux, poise pads, b12, folic acid, b complex, iron, ensure, gauze, alcohol pads, surgical tape, canned pine apples, Dulcolax, percocets, scar away sheets and gel, rose hip oil, bariatricin ointment, anti biotic, anti nausea medicine, Claritin, arnica gel, steri strip, hiblicen, water pills, baby wipes, gloves, compression socks, bromElaine, anti inflammatory pill, muscle relaxant, lock, and snacks. Sheesh that's a lot lol.

I meant 3 months left also I choosed a rh and bought flight.

I sent my deposit to yasmin rh and hmm what else idk. I'm getting anxious. I have an appointment to check my levels next month as well. I bought my flight from new York to dominican republic for 321. I need to get my passport. Also bought my luggage.

Delected pic Cuz my face was in it

Il crop my face out and repost later but anyways omg I'm still anxious and up all night reading on here. Today I got my tsa lock and more arnica.

Call me crazy but

I kinda want to switch doctorsurgery ugg I jumped in fast but after spending the whole night reading reviews I think il stick with almonte. Lord I was into baez and Robles, still thinking about robles. I was leaning towards baez but a lot of women say her fat retention is bad and that she doesn't inject pure fat. He'll I even wanted cabral but his tummy tucks are ugly. So now it's almonte or robles. I didn't want a huge booty at first but now I do. I have already paid my deposit to almonte and bought my flight and paid for rh so eff it il stick with almonte. I already know ima have to go for a round two because her Butts aren't the biggest.

My no ass at all

Welp I can say my ass looks way better since I put on weight but it's still wack as he'll lol. I hope almonote can hook me up yo. Oh lord idk how my man gets hard to this ass loll he took the first picture what a horrible siget but trust me before I gained these 20lbs it looked worse.


So why do some ladies start a great review and then disappear ughhh. It's like u hmm did you survive? How did it go? What happened? Just out of frustration, I'm going to make sure I don't make anyone else feel how I feel after reading a whole blog and then it stops. Sheesh what a waste.

Ok so I'm 26 now my bday was 10/4 also new pics of my weight gain

I emailed Lesley to ask if I could stop gaining weight and she said I still have very little fat but almonte will get the most she can out of me. Uhmm forget that ima gain 20 more lbs this ass must look right after this sacrifice lol. Here are the pics I sent her. I need a free pussy lift with this tummy tuck lml if it wasn't for that I'd slip the tummy tuck, also my tits are in better condition if you look at my previous pics maybe I won't need a boob job after all. We will see!

Happy birthday to my gastric bypass too lol

I love October lol I'm already planning round 2 for Oct of 2017. October is my bday month, my wls bday monthe , and my round 2 bday month lol yippee! What else do I have to tell you guys hmm. My boyfriend is acting mad jealous and I didn't even leave yet. He's already asking if I'm going to cheat I'm like wth have I ever in the 8 years that you have been a piece of shit to me? Lmlll he's been behaving for 2 years now though but hmm who knows what will happen when I have a banging ass body. I secretly got my wls without telling him, he thinks I starves to death which I kinda did lol but yea I had to tell him of my plastic surgery Cuz that would be mad obvious and Cuz we live together now, idk how to hide my sx if I'm gone for 10 days lmao. Anyways I can't wait only like 15 more weeks to go lmao. This feels like a pregnancy and I can't wait to pop! Pop this booty!

Adding an arm lift for 2000 more and other things to share

So I have 11 weeks to go. I bought a booty buddy pillow, and abdominal board. I went to my doctors and my hemoglobin is 11.2 ugh! I take 3 iron pills a day plus genital wtf is going on maybe I need to scatter my pills I take them together. Hmm what else I decided to stick with almonte and hope for the best with her. I speak fluent Spanish so I'm going to explain in my dominican accent that she needs to put all my fat in my ass and give me hips plus a shelf and mad projection lol its my priority. Anyways I think I have everything I need now except my passport that I didn't get just yet because my face broke out and I need to look mad good in my picture lol. I know these weeks will pass by quick, I need to eat more I lost weight I'm at 167 from 177. My stress is high been going through some turbulence shit man. This is me at 177 but like I said I lost 10lbs

Switching doctor again...

So dr ferreras gave me a quote for 4000 for bbl tummy tuck and arm lift. He does nice Butts and that's what I want a big bbl. I don't have much stomach and if I need a tummy tuck later then I'll get one. So I'm putting my deposit and surgery is in 10 weeks.

Sent deposit to dr ferreras

It's done and I rescheduled with almonte for next year in case I am still interested for work with her.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Very fast replies with lesly her assistant.

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