24yr Old Petite , Nice Frame with No Booty my Choices Are Dr Salama or Dr Duran - Dominican Republic

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Hey so I'm new to Rs and I'm finally on my journey...

Hey so I'm new to Rs and I'm finally on my journey to cross over to the thick side ...I'm 5'0 110lbs with a nice shape but no booty at all :( I'm a mother of 2 so my belly isn't the most attractive so can't wait to get that fixed too! Im
Currently stuck between Dr.Salama and Dr.Duran ...I'm leaning toward Duran but I've read she's hard to get a hold of so that's a bit discouraging :( but my hubby said he's going to help me out ! I would greatly appreciate any advice

Calling Durans office in the morning

So I'm calling Dr Durans office in the morning I'm setting my alarm lol! Wish me luck ! If I get through I'm going to ask for a date for feb 2 so I can be back by the 18th my sons birthday ...anyone going in the begging of feb so we can buddy up ?! I'm also considering silhouette (Angie's) RH any feedback on them?

Fast and Easy way to gain weight

So I'm 110 lb and would like to gain atleast 10-15lbs more to get a good amount of fat out since all fat doesn't survive! What's a fast and easy way to gain weight ?!

Possible tummy tuck :(

So Duran finally answered!! My quote is 3700 but I might need a TT which I'm not too excited about ! I'm very self conscious about my stomach so the last thing I need is a nasty scar :( has anyone had a TT with the BBL ?

How to wire money to Dr.Duran

So I'm trying to book my surgery day but I need to wire the deposit ! What's the easier way to transfer the money ? Western union and moneygram said they can't do it


So I don't know why everyone said it was hard to get a hold of Dr.Duran ? I got through everytime and guess what ?! Im booked for March 3rd 2015! Im so F'ing excited !!!!! Now time to get everything else in order.

Duran doll ! Finally booked my RH house

So My first choice was salama but more I did my home work I discovered Dr duran and I fell in love with her work! March 3 2015 is the big day and I booked my RH today !!!

Dollhouse recovery house

So I booked my recovery house today and I chose dollhouse ! I feel confident but does anyone have more reviews on the place? I've only came across a few all positive
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