24 Years Old Needing a BBL - Dominican Republic

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So I am 24 years old 5'5" and 182.5 pounds. I am...

So I am 24 years old 5'5" and 182.5 pounds. I am having my surgery with Dr. Duran and I am so excited to be becoming a Duran Doll. Her girls always look amazing. Although I wasn't told to lose any weight I am thinking of loosing about 20 pounds prior to my surgery. I already naturally have nice curves and hips, but when I turn around I am flat. When I was 145lbs I looked amazing so I am hoping that after my surgery I will be able to get back to my ideal weight and this time have a booty.

To tell or not to tell.

So I was sitting here thinking...
Should I let my family know about my surgery, and if I do should it be before or after. Obviously the important people know but I'm not sure if this is something I want to divulge. What were your experiences like when you told your family and friends.

Set backs

So... I had a set back. I lost a client at my job and that was my main source of income. So I'm searching for new clients that could potentially come close to the hrs and pay I had before . Not changing so date for now. My surgery needs to happen in December.

Weight Gain and weight loss journey.

So after I got my quote I found myself getting a little too comfortable and I went from 182.5 to 189.5 ... When I saw that I was about to hit 190 and subsequently 200 pounds I woke up. So i started taking these pills and drinking a lean protein shake every morning for about a week and I'm down to 179.5 . My goal is to be at 165 before my surgery and hopefully get a new quote. I'm sure 165 won't be an issue but I notice more girls having better results at that weight than at the weight I am. So I have about 15 pounds to lose. Let's see if I can loose it in a month .

Started getting supplies

So I started getting supplies together for the trip and based on your reviews this is what I have so far...
Go girl
2 fajas
Sun dresses
Flip flops
Arnica gel
Vaseline (lips)
Back scratcher
Heating blanket
Compression socks
Two robes with pockets
Cocoa butter
Scar cream
Antibacterial wipes
Tee shirts
Back messages
Bug spray

. That's what I have so far
I still need my prescriptions some pineapples and ensure. But that's all for now.


I finally took my measurements today. And they read as follows 38, 34, 44.5. Not sure what I am hoping for after the procedure but I'm excited for theses results non the less.

Change of plans

Due to unforeseen circumstances I have to change my surgery date. I'm so annoyed that I have to do this but I still want to make sure I look amazing for my bday in June so... March it is!!!!!
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