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So far the staff and Dr have been fast with...

So far the staff and Dr have been fast with responding they are hey attentive to all my questions! I'm getting a bbl with l Iipo to my stomach back sides arm pits down with fat transfer to my buttocks and hips! I'm excited for sure. I needed a doctor that actually had the experience and time for his patients not just a ton of reviews. But a ton of great reviews and results!

Its becoming real ladies ????

Receiving more supplies today!

It is becoming more and more real every day I'm super excited to get this surgery! Here's some more before pictures of me ladies!

Had a chat with doctor Cotes today :)

We talked about 10 mins. He answered all my questions. He also speaks great English. That's a huge +++ for me. I'm getting excited as my date is slowly approaching.

Passport omg!

So I applied I believe Monday morning. The cost was almost $240.00. Ugh. I know right but its a must have. So the steps I took getting them. First I went to my local Walgreens and asked to take a passport photo. They took my pictures and gave me a pack with two pictures inside. They also gave me an application. I then took the photos to the courthouse here where I live and they processed it there and got my payment and sent it off. Now I'm waiting. O yeah I paid extra to have it rushed. She said I should receive it in about three weeks!

Noticed how i paid can help some people compare!

I paid through surgi coordinator with PayPal. Dr mallol seems to not have one he uses western union . The reason seems to be office problems. Unknown. Y.

Some more before pictures

Before Pre op 175

Wish pictures

Front wish picture!

Birthday Saturday!

Wish I could've had my surgery before then . But hey I'll be fine for the summer I'm missing spring LOL

Weight loss yes or no?

Hmmm I'm so undecided I'm 175 lbs and I don't want to lose to much weight. That way I won't get the look I want. I also don't want my legs smaller then my booty lol . I'm thinking of losing at least 15 lbs I only have 5weeks left but im sure I can lose five to three lbs a week . I'm thinking of just doing the green smoothie diet for those weeks idk lol


That was super quick. That 240.00 got it here within perfect timing. I'm super happy. Its just getting closer and closer!

Four weeks away!

So I have four weeks left until its my time. Time is slowly approaching :)

Holy Week

Has anyone else received this email?

This surgery hurts your brain!

Without any real support doing this makes doing this so hard. Having no one to talk things over with sucks. So you catch yourself just thinking and over thinking things. To the point you just want to say forget it. But I've come to far to stop now. This is where having no friends catches up to you. Lol

Hemo Levels!

Yayy me! I went and got my levels checked and they are 13.1 so I'm going to keep taking my iron pills with my vitamin c drink mix twice a day along with the folic acid once a day!

The reason I so love this doctor!

He is so attentive. Check out his English tho!! Yes!! He may wasn't able to text me right back but he did when he could. Also when I call him he be like hey Leatrica bol . Like I know you got a ton of questions today hit me with them lol!

Weight loss!

So ladies I've decided to try and lose at least 10 lbs before sx . Right now I weight 175 lbs and I'm 5'4. Any input ?? Do you think I should am higher like 15lbs or less ? To achieve an successful bbl. I have some butt it just looks sloppy lol like a wide receiver or something.. But with no hips at all like a grown man!

Supplies I have so far!

Salome 0216 faja (xL)
Waist trainer (S) After three months use!
Waist trainer (L) After surgery about week1
Thong Compression garment (xL)
Compression socks
Wahl Cold N Hot Deep Massager (Walgreens)
Foam Roller 12inch
Foam Cushion 4pk
Ab Board
Hydrocodone/Ibuprofen (Pain)
Promethazine (Nausea) & (Sleeping)
Iron 65mg
Vitamin C (supplement drops) ex-cough drops
Folic Acid
Vitamin C (Drink mix)
Gas Relief Soft Gels 15
Diuretic Maximum Strength (water pill) 30
Boiron Arnica Pellets 90
Laxative 30
Triple Antibiotic Cream
Anti-Itch Cream
Arnicare Gel Boiron 2pk
Triple Antibacterial Sheer Adhesive Pads 20
Small Gauze Pads 10
Athletic Tape
Hand Sanitizer
Spray bottle
Exfoliating Facial Wipes 30
Intimate Feminine Wipes 30
Comfort Bath Cleansing Washcloths 8 thick
Antibacterial Moist Wipes 20
Antibacterial Wet Wipes 60
Aim Triple Clean Toothbrush
Colgate Optic White Toothpaste

Need to get!!!
Antibacterial Soap
Scar Away
Depends Underwear
Poise Pads
Pill Organizer
T Shirts (blk)
Big Ace bandage

Food For Sx :
Pineapple Fruit Cups
Protein Bars 3pks

RUDENESS! seriously !!!!

Ladies we are all here to help each other. Of course we will ask questions. Of course you will get repeated questions. Of course questions will be asked. Do you have to continuously answer them no. But there's the proper way of going about it. Remember you once was pre up with a mind filled with questions. Save the attitude please act accordingly as adults should! Or simply delete your account or stop posting and enjoy the rest of your journey alone! Blessed day dolls!

Three weeks left!

I'm super anxious now. I still have to go online and purchase my tourist card ahead of time to avoid the long lines. I have mostly everything I need now. So now it's just the waiting game. I would like to thank all of you dolls in recovery that have been sharing your journey with everyone because its a huge help. I'm continuing my vitamin supplements to increase my levels. Here's a picture of me now as you can see clothes hide this fat well lol

Today findings!

I purchased a few items today for after and before my surgery. My hemi is currently a 13.1 but I want it higher. I purchased some b12 liquid drops also that you put under your tongue for extra energy . Also some liquid iron, pose pads, cocoa butter lotion, cocoa butter oil, vitamin c drink mix, antibacterial soap, and some pre surgery wash.

Measurements !

Pre op measurements
Bust 36
Waist 33
Butt/hips 45

I hope I did it right lol. But I'm starting my walking tomorrow for an hour an a half. Along with doing my green smoothie diet. Right now I weigh 176. I want to go into surgery at least 160. Prayers up ladies*?*

Sad Sad Sad

I'll be glad once I have my surgery and be able to post my after pictures. So I can get the h** off real self. Some of yall women erk my da** nerves!

Two Weeks Left!!!!!

Be glad when it's over!!!

One week and three days to go!!!

My suitcase is packed and loaded. I'm so ready.. Fyi ladies I'm not mean or rude. I just don't bite my tongue. I'm also very defensive been that way forever so if I feel the need to address a situation I will. The M Bellas is a serious deal right now on Rs especially since we will be the first little batch to come out the oven fresh, snatched and stacked. Opinions are everywhere especially mine lol. Overall this experience is well worth it. I'm happy that the ladies before me have paved the way so good for us upcoming bellas. Thanks ladies.
P.s. Ima stop snapping lol I think!!


Ok last time checked it was just 13.1. At that time I was only taking 65mg of iron as soon as I woke up along with my 1000mg vitamin c drink mix and my folic acid! Then at night I would take 65mg of iron with just oj along with a chewable vitamin c pill. Since then I have changed my routine. Now as soon as I open my eyes in the morning literally no teeth brushing yet cold buggers still in my eyes lol. Ok I would get up from 5ml of b12 liquid drops under my tongue let that sit for 30sec then swallow it. Its practically tasteless! Ok then I would mix up my 1000mg of vitamin c drink mix with a half cup of water not that much just enough to swallow at least three times. Ok now then I would take my liquid iron and pour that into my vitamin c drink mix . Yes I know it says pour into water but I literally don't pay attention to signs I do 80mph in a 65mph zone lol. Ok back to it once I pour the liquid iron into my vitamin c drink mix I stir it up just a bit. Then I grab my iron pill and folic acid pill. I then grab my vitamin c drink mixed along with my liquid iron and use that to swallow down my iron pill 65mg and my folic acid pill! Yasss I know a lot but I'll be a test project only for a while. Ok now throughout the day I take two more drops 5ml of liquid b12 under my tongue about three hours a part. Last at night about 10pm or so before bed I mix up my vitamin c drink mix 1000mg by itself no added liquid iron just vitamin c mix. Ok while I'm mixing the vitamin c mix I drop another shot of liquid b12 under my tongue let it sit for 30sec then swallow. Then I grab my vitamin c drink mix along with my iron pill and swallow that. Ok now since my lady in red decided she wanted to peek this week I'll be added and additional 65mg into the same routine during the afternoon to keep my levels high. I want my surgery smooth as silk. Hope this helps someone. Fyi ladies I have no medical training so I'm no doctor this is just what I'm doing for myself. I plan on letting everyone know how it works the 25th . I will go get them checked the day before I head to the DR so you can know if it's working to boost my hemoglobin levels. Currently 13.1 . Thanks*?*

Sick omg!

I don't know if I'm coming down with the flu or a cold . But my throat is sore and I have a cough now. I'm 7 days till take off for surgery I'm so confused on what to do!!

Arnica pellets and pineapple juice!!!

Ladies to help with swelling stiffness and inflammation take your pills a week in advance if you get the bromelian take those also. Hope I spelt that right lol. But I will be starting mine today along with pineapple juice three times a day!

Pain Meds Dr Mallol Offers

Ok since I'm three days away till I take flight to the DR I decided to ask the doctor about the pain medicine he offers! The pictures is actual information on each medicine he offers. Hope this helps!

Zika Virus

Ladies don't forget mosquito repellent! That is must have #1

just arrived ladies!

Well I'm here in the DR now and boy do I have a story to tell you ladies about my trip!

ok ladies !

Well ladies it's absolutely the best idea every made to choose our doctor. I arrived to the Dominican republic today I had a driver name George waiting on me he is a mess omg lol. So I get to Dr Mallol emergency clinic and its spot clean I'm talking all white everything yasss lol so he sees me and open his arms for a hug saying my name which was awesome he actually knows his patients. Ok exam and everything went great he told me everything I was planning to tell him lol o yeah the office made a joke about my butt claiming its already huge he used the word Grande which is big in Spanish lol I knew exactly what he was saying lol so the plan is to contour my to the gods add some hips along with inner thigh lipo his present to me which was not even thought of by me I so love him already. I'm at paradise recovery they are so sweet and English is good enough for me I'll tell you how the food is main thing is they have bed buzzers for assistance they also have ceiling fans bathroom is ok and outside deck it's clean and they seem to be nice people overall. But the driving here is crazy I thought I was dead ten times but George said to chill lol ok my surgery is at 7:30 tomorrow I'll update soon after promise to have him take pictures for you bellas to see xoxo see you on the snatched and stacked side!

today is the day!!

Today will be the last time you ladies are going to see this square body lol. I'm on my way to snatchdom!!

i made it!

Ok ladies I made it to the other side right now im shaking crazy right now but other than that I'm alright . I haven't seen myself so that will have to wait. I will update tomorrow xoxo

Im still here at hospital ladies!

I been mostly sleeping. When I woke up first the pain was a zero but hunny you feel like u got hit by 50 buses so be prepared its not pain but your super sore I mean super and your butt feels like a ton of bricks lol. Ladies please go to a recovery house after surgery do not just say a family member can do it because this journey will be very ruff on you and them. I will post pics when I get a nurse that will for me

ok ladies

I have my first picture im stuffed like a turkey right now so excuse that part . My buddy just snapped a picture of me datgurlme .

pictures i just took!

omg the itching is crazy;

I'm itching so bad now. I hope that's a sign of healing

Here you go ladies

Still extremely swollen . That massage is the devil himself you hear me. I'm hoping my butt drops. But i love my results

Dr Mallol Popped up ladies!

Well of course he came and seen yashmia and his princess as he call me. Also I'm on my second row of hooks on my faja. He's truly a sweet man. We are lucky to have a doctor who actually cares about us ladies.

ladies this is truly a ruff road

I'm not going to lie sometimes I feel like I shouldn't have done it. At night the stiffness keeps you up all night. Your bowels don't move the same. I keep getting constipated. My drain hurts the most feels like something tearing up inside of you. I be fine during the day but once night come its hell! Here are some pictures I took after attempting a number two with no success!

Dr mallol premium package!

Yes ladies everything that is written on your form you will receive. No scams no lies its just as you see it. I wondered the same before surgery. I have not had to pay for anything except iron shots . The iron shots were about 140 usd. That's not included in the package its extra care after surgery. Your transportation is a no charge pain meds no charge I left the clinic next day after surgery with my actual pain medication and antibiotics no prescription besides the extra I needed . Recovery is included in premium package no extra charge. There are no hidden fees to worry with Dr. Mallol!!!! I know because I had surgery five days ago and I haven't experienced not one get over neither has my buddy!

Yall women are a trip!

If you don't trust Dr mallol and the information he is giving you take your ass to somewhere else. Quotes won't be the same given the fact everyone requires a different amount of attention. Being some are bigger than other. The price is already killer as it is. Recovery house package us bomb because you would end up paying more on your own. Remember getting his premium package is a option not mandatory! You can purchase your transportation which alone is 250 or more. Medicine 250. Recovery house 75-80 dollars a night. Plus massages your getting a killer. Deal and right the more people he take on the less attention you will receive the more you will talk to his assistant and office which is to be expected. If you doubt your surgeon and his abilities go elsewhere simple all this crap yall doing is ridiculous. Go to Baez or Duran or Yily and be 10th in line at nine o clock at night and get your surgery. Bet you won't see her or speak with them until your on the table. And be sent away like a piece of meat while they gut the next and forget about yo behind. I will not be posting shit else!

Best of luck and warm kisses to the women that's not a scarecrow off wizard of oz!


Playing dress up!

Okay ladies today might be a good day for me. So I decided to take a couple of pictures as promised. My butt is now soft to the top but its still hard other places. I've found a great way of compressing my thighs with ace bandage so they are shrinking as well as my waist. I love my results so far and I hope as I heal things get better. I wasn't expecting my tummy to get this flat with out a tummy tuck but I'm very pleased. This here is why I go so hard for my doctor.


Ok ladies the supplies list I created earlier in my journey is what I took to the DR. I took everything except my small waist shaper and my massager. Everything else I took and used. Most recovery houses may have some of those things but it helps to be prepared just incase. Xoxo bellas I hope your journey will be smooth sailing!

Few pictures!

All Ladies Who's Sx Date Is Approaching!

Ladies take the time before surgery to prepare mentally for your recovery process! Recovery is very important! Also do not read the horror stories.. Stop researching everything that can go wrong it will drive you crazy. Plan to make recovery as smooth as possible. Not just in the recovery house but at home as well. Make sure you have some type of help once you return home. Mentally prepare for your body not moving at the same pace as your mind. There will be times you want to do things your body just won't allow and that's ok. Do not try to rush your recovery let your body take its time.. This will not be a easy ride! Go in with realistic wishes. Everyday will get better. Take your time!!! Its very important to not stay in the bed walk ladies. Walking around can help with your stiffness if you stay in bed you will end up miserable. Do not push your body to hard . Wear your compression garment very very important. Xoxo ladies I hope my information helps. O yeah recovery houses are not five star resorts if you're looking for that type of recovery the normal recovery houses are not for you they are not perfect. Another thing you're going to another country be prepared for the language barrier!!

Mallol Following Up

He has been awesome. I usually contact him late at night sometimes around 11pm to 12at night. He has became busy so I understand if he doesn't respond right away. During the day he is in surgery so if he's busy he lets me know he'll call back. Sometimes he forgets and I call him. At the end of the day he's human he forgets things and is extremely busy. Because we forget if he's not in surgery there's tons of paperwork that follows. So I try my best to put myself in his shoes and it makes things easier for me.

One month post op

Well everyday gets better. I'm able to sleep the entire night now. Still very swollen my butt jiggles like it did before. This thigh lipo sucks though because if I have my garment off its swells up bad and hurts. My stomach is getting softer. All of my incision sites have closed. I still lay on my stomach not such a big deal since I'm a tummy sleeper anyways. Butt has dropped and shrank some . I wear my small corset during the day time I waist train and nights that I don't go out I wear my garment.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

One word needed to explain my experience with this doctor "wonderful"

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