brand new Yily doll may 2015 lipo and bbl

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I'm a 24 year old female, who wants to inhance her...

I'm a 24 year old female, who wants to inhance her hips and have a nice shaped ass.

I've had tumescent liposuction in October 2014, hoping for a tiny waist and curvier shape. I only lost about 2 inches around my waist. I went from 30" to 28", it wasn't worth it ;( !
I work at a night club in Atlanta, and I would feel more sexy in cute exitic outfits. That means I need a sexy body, summers coming soon.

I follow Dra Yily on Instagram, Facebook and RS . Can I say I'm in love with her transformations? I've been on RS researching , and Yily has more good reviews than bad. I've put good thought into this surgery , and I've decided to pay my deposit for a date with her. I signed up for liposuction, and BBL. my quote was $3500

MAY 29th, 2015 is the day! Oh lawddddddd!!! I'm freaking nervous, and very excited at the same time. The cool thing is, my homegirl is having surgery the same day with YILY! This is another reason I decided to go with the doctor. She's voted one of the best plastic surgeons in D.R. And I needed someone there with me. I've never left the country, can we say " CULTURE SHOCK"!

When I reached out to Yily, it was tough. She is a really busy person, and She has all kinds of assistants at her office. I finally got Intouch with a English speaking assistant via phone. I must say, no one has asked me about my health. My last doctor wanted to know everything. I'm on a birth control pill, and I've read that I should stop taking pill because I could have blood clot problems. I've sent a message to yily via her whatsapp. I'm waiting to see if she wants me to stop.

I promise to keep my new RS Sista's updated with my journey , FOLLOW MY PROFILE PLEASE.
I've attached some photos of what I look like now, and some wish pics. XOXOXo's

More photos of me

Here is me with clothes. I need curves!

Supplies (still shopping)

Hey ladies, I'm back with some supplies I went out and purchased. I ordered some things on eBay and I am waiting on the shipment now. I am going to shop once I get to recovery home for water and snacks. I chose Yasmin's recovery home. This will be a repeat for my friend at the home, and I've heard great things about her home.

Here is a list of some of the supplies I'm flying with.

Female urinal (she wee)
Bleach wipes
Baby wipes
Antibacterial soap
Alcohol pads
Gauze pads
Medical tape
Wife beaters or tank tops
Maxi dress (I'm bringing 4)
Flip flops or ballet flats
Compressing stockings (knee or thigh)
Big underwear
Butt pillow (or baby boopy pillow)
Faja (I have a XS, I used for my 1st round )
Lipofoam (found on eBay )
Thick maxi pads (if u can't get lipofoam)
Arnica tea (for bruising)
Laxatives (I might be constipated)
Boost or multivitamin drinks
Body scrubber with handle
Empty water bottle (for syringes)
Washcloths and body towels
Neck pillow
Body pillow
Chux pads ( or doggie pee pee pads)
Twin size mattress cover
Chap stick
Band aids
Fanny pack (to hold drain)
Heating pad
Hand sanitizer
Align probiotics
Bio oil
Tampons (heard period might come early after lipo
Waterproof Band-Aids
Extra strength Tylenol
Thick socks
Toothbrush and paste (travel)

I'm sure I'll find something else to throw in the bag.

Medication in ATL??

Does anyone know a doctor in Atlanta that I can go see. I honestly want to go to D.R. With my own medication! I need help please

how many of you are scheduled May 29th with Yily???????

I've counted 4 women already.

yasmins recovery house

deposit was paid today! I booked a room with two beds, my mom is now coming with ;) I need her help and she will also be my translator because she speaks spanish. my stay is $55 per night, my moms stay is $35 per night. my friend is still having surgery and she will be at yasmins as well! ladies if you having anything to say about yasmins recovery home PLEASEEEEE COMMENT! I've heard awesome things about her and her family from my friend, i want to hear from you too.
love my RS sistas xoxoxoxo

Some more photos of me

My time is almost near, I'm going to be a Yily doll ;) here is a few photos of me now. I've started to take liquid iron today, it's suppose to be more absorbent than the irob vitamin pill. I really pray my hemo level is up to par on my surgery date.

Hemo at 15.2 :)

I must admit, I was so nervous about having a hemo lower than 12.7 ! God is on my side, I'm so ready!

Any lab test now

Went to any lab test now in Atlanta. You don't need a doctors note to get blood work done. I paid $100, and walked out in less than 20 mins. Got my results overnight

Here I come Yily

I'm boarding now. ;) my mom is already at Yasmin's, she flew in lastnight. I hear the house is great. I'll update once I touch down and get to cipla. Hopefully they have wifi

Cipla and Yasmin's

Went to cipla after dropping off my things at Yasmin's home. I took my X-rays and blood test today. My X-rays went well, I'll find out about my blood work in the AM. I have to be back at cipla at 6am. Everyone here at Yasmin's is really sweet and will accomdate to your needs. Fatima is one of the nurses here and she is so sweet. She even went to exchange USD dollars to DR Peso's for me and my mama. Me and mom caught a cab to a near by mall. We wanted to get out and see some of Santo Domingo. We made it back in one peace. We have had lunch and dinner here so far and everything was good and filling! We have a double room with two full sized beds. The wifi works perfectly, thank the lord. My mama will be working via internet while she is here with me, and that was a MUST for her. The air is kicking also! I'll update you all when I get to cipla tomorrow morning.

Surgery day

Yesterday may 29th, I arrived to Cipla around 7:15 am. I went to yilys office upstairs and paid the remaining balance for my lipo and bbl. I went to see the cardiologist next and she gave me the Ok for my surgery. Down the stairs I go to see the next nurse. she checked my weight, height and asked me questions about my health. I was the issued a room(I will post pics)! I sat in there until about 9:45, Yily walks in...
She greets me and mom, and got straight to the point. She asked me what I wanted done and she marked me all up with a marker. Yily's assistant was with her and passes me the infamous BLUE PILL. I take it, and I lie down. Before you know it in knocked out! My mom said the wheeled me into surgery around 11:30, I was the first surgery of the day. I remember going into the surgery room, were this older guy (surgeon) sprays me with alcohol. I could smell it, then I passed out again. I woke up in the end of my surgery, I kept asking "am I done"! I was so freaking high, well that's what it felt like. I passed out again, until they wheeled me back up to my cipla room. Ok ladies, here it is... I didn't see or hear Yily in the room. I'm not saying she wasn't there, but she wasn't preparing before my surgery started and she wasn't around when I woke up at the end. That's Scary! When I got into the room, I was trembling. I guess the anesthesia hadn't wore off yet and that's why I was so cold. My mom came in and asked for my blankets. My night at Cipla was hard, I could barely sleep. The night nurses came in to give me meds, check my blood pressure and hemo. My mom had to kinda go off on some of the nurses in Spanish because they were nowhere to be found when I needed something. I had a couple of bowel movements and we needed help to get me to the restroom. My catheter bag was filled, and my mom actually had to drain it herself a few times. It's true, some of the nurses have bad attitudes. It was like they didn't want to help and do there jobs. Anyways, I got no freaking sleep! It was very uncomfortable my first night laying. I did manage to eat the soup they brought in earlier in the night and it wasn't too bad. Read on...

I left cipla

Today may 30th
After a long night of discomfort, it was finally over. Yilys nurse came in around 9:30 to take off my bandages and wipe me up. My tummy looks flat, my hips are spread and this ass is phat. It could be the swelling though. She helped me put on a size med. Faja! My iv bag is still attached to my arm, and my catheter is still inside after she put on my garment. She leaves but does tells me that another nurse is coming in to remove both catheter and iv. I thought it was going to be so painful, but it wasn't harmful at all. Yily comes in with instructions on after care, and talks to my mom about my meds. She discharged me after. I didn't need a blood transfusion, so my $250 will be refunded when I go see her on Wednesday for a follow up. Yasmin's driver and mom comes to pick me up. Everyone here again is very sweet and all about you. When I get back to Recovery house, my in home nurse Fatima goes to pick up prescription for me. I paid $216 for the meds. She comes back with the meds and immediately helps me clean up and lie down. About 20 mins later Fatima comes in with chicken and mashed potatoes. The food here is so good! I murdered my plate lol. Yasmin came to my room and told me that my faja is too big, and that I will get another when I see Yily on weds. I'm way more comfortable at my recovery home. I've been running to the bathroom every 20 mins by myself. I've been peeing like crazy, I guess all the fluid is releasing. I do have a reservoir drain in, and I can't wait to take it out. They say when I take it out I can start getting massages. My ass and hips are hard as a rock, I can't wait til it starts to fluff up. I'm going to try to post pics tomorrow of me without faja on. I have big ass bruises, but I feel fine. I haven't taking any pain meds today, I hear tomorrow is going to be a another story. I'll keep you updated xoxoxox check out pics

Everyone must pee

I've pee'd so many times today! did anyone experience this also? I almost miss my catheter :( I'm tired of getting out of bed to go tinkle, especially when I'm laying comfortable. I've had dinner tonight, taken my meds and now I'm drinking a boost drink. It's important to drink lots of water, I feel really dehydrated if I don't. And ladies don't forget your CHAP STICK!

Here is a before and after

So swollen.

Front view without faja

Faja was being washed, Fatima gave me a nice clean up with baby wipes. She then put on my arnica cream, it helps a little with the itching.


Omg, I'm so happy that this freaking drain is out of me. I swear I couldn't sleep on my back comfortable at all! The damn drain stung so bad because i had no liquids for it to release, therefore it was sticking to my skin. You could actually see the drain lined along my waist, it was horrible. My first massage was today, I feel better. The masseuse manually drained some fluids for me. :D Fatima at the recovery home is the bomb, she got my faja altered for me. she focused on the waist area, I pray this swelling goes all the way down.

Tried on a skirt

Ass looking good in this skirt ! Had to buy it. I'm 4 days post op and I've been up and moving. Walked to a near by train and went to the mall

Faja ugh

I seen Yily this morning for my follow up appointment, she's great. She made me take out my lipofoam until Friday, she says it's preventing my faja to compress my tummy. Oh how I miss my foam, this faja is so uncomfortable! In the day time I try to wear it on the third notch, and sleep in two. Lastnight I couldn't sleep and took it all the way off. (Slaps hand) it's tough to sleep with but I'm trying to get use to it. My massages is softening my tummy just a little, I have a lot of scar tissue from the last procedure I had. I have two more massages her in DR, I will find someone in Atlanta hopefully. For some reason I feel like the faja will leave dents in my tummy. Who has faja tips? I'm in desperate need ! (Helllllppppp)

Hips and butt runaway

I asked Yily 100 times, am I gonna lose my fat? She swears that I'm not Bc she works under the muscle. If you got your hips done by Yily please comment! I wanna know if my hips and butt will stay

6 days post op

Right after being cleaned up, I took a photo. I think I look thicker when I'm not in this mirror


Here u go

Before and after. 6 days post op


I'm home

The first thing I did was take a shower, felt so good. I'm going to look for a masseuse on Monday, I think I found a place here in Atlanta. I had to take my faja off during my plane ride, it was cutting into my skin. Once I got naked I noticed I was so swollen. I had my boo massage me with my arnica and I'm back in my faja. I had to throw in some lipofoam, this thing is horrible without it. Tomorrow I'm going to purchase a girdle/corset. Yily recommended it. I'll take pics tomorrow. God bless my RS sistas

New girdle

I bought this girdle today, I don't feel like I need to wear faja anymore. I read that you shouldn't compress the areas you got fat transferred to. So I got a size small girdle, I started on the first notch.! I'll update when I get small enough to go to hook 2.

Faja malfunction

The corset was so comfortable but it was leaving dents in my skin ;( I don't want to have a deformed torso. Yily told me to wear the faja with a corset/girdle on top. I cut the butt out of my faja, put it back on and added the girdle on top. It's so hard, but I'm going to try to sleep in it.

Faja ???

Has anyone used a thong style faja? Here's a pic I took playing around in lingerie.

Latex waist trainer

So I haven't been wearing my faja at all! Today I finally put it back on, this time I have a latex waist corset on top. I don't know how long this is going to last. I don't see how anyone can sleep in there faja! I'm going to upload my measurements and picks tomorrow. This picture is of the faja Yily originally put me in, I cut butt part.

Still swollen

I still have a lot of swelling, it's all my fault. I hate to wear any compression garments, so it'll definitely take more time for me to heal. My waist is shrinking, small amounts at a time. Here's some photos of me now, I feel alright. My tummy still feels tight, but no excruciating pains

Faja store in Atlanta

I found a Spanish boutique here in Atlanta, they have fajas! She will even
Let you try on faja's ;) I picked up a faja just for the torso area, it is way more comfy to lay in! $45 I'm in a size small, and it is tight with three rows of hooks.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Yily is a really sweet lady, and very straight forward. She is going to give you what she thinks fit your body best. I am pleased with my results so far, I look great. Some of her staff in the office is terrible with customer service, but you won't have to deal with them after your payment.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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