24 Year Old, No Kids, Looking to Become a Doll. I'm Wanting a Bbl W/ Lipo, Tt, and Bl with Implants

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Soo... I have been stalking the site for months...

Soo... I have been stalking the site for months trying figure what I wanted done and where I wanted it done. I have decided on DR because in my opinion the surgeons there deliver the best results...No Shade. Anyways I want a bbl with lipo, tt, and breast lift with implants. I have narrowed my choices down to Dr. Baez and Dr. Medina. I have sent messages for quotes from both of them but haven't received anything yet. NO ONE in my family is approving of this but I feel like I need this for me. I'm not really nervous about going through it by myself but I just want the results in the end. I like the fact that Dr. Medina is certified by the American society but Dr. Baez has very nice work with a few bad reviews. I do have a couple of questions for those post op. Has anyone requested a thigh lift from either Doctor? I can't find any information on thigh lifts from them. I really feel like I will need one or my thighs will look a mess and everything else will look good. Did any one have fatty thighs and the bbl helped because I know I can get lipo to inner thighs but I'm worried about that loose skin? Also how are people sleeping after getting these procedures done together because I'm worried about that too?

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed......

So I want to go ahead and get a date secured for MARCH-APRIL 2017 so I can go put the time in now to take off BUT I CANT CHOOSE A DOCTOR...I was between Baez and medina but of course I get on Instagram to look around and I AM IN LOVE with Dr. Cabrals work. I keep having to tell myself NO! I can't find him on the website showing he's a certified plastic surgeon and I've heard of the burns and death..... I also like dr Manon's work. I mainly just want to do 1 round and be done. I have a big butt and somewhat have a hourglass shape just a big version (lol). I'm just so afraid of paying to get what I want done and it being a mediocre job. I've seen some girls that get lipo and tt and still have stomach... I just don't want that I want a FLAT STOMACH...you know the stomach I see Cabral giving but I just don't know if I want to take that risk... Has anyone heard any bad things about Cabral lately (2016) or are post op and can tell me about your experiences. Same with Manon, has any one went to him and can tell me about your experiences? It would be greatly appreciated.

Still deciding...

So I'm still between Baez and Duran. My question is will Duran even give you a quote if you exceed her BMI REQUIREMENT? I am wanting to go in April so this gives me 5 months to get this weight off!


Kinda down... So I received an email from surgicoordinator stating I need to lose weight before I can get a quote. I don't care about losing weight part that was the plan anyways but I wanted to go in April...So
now I'll have to wait until I get down some and by then they will they'll be booked up till June...Oh well I really don't want to go to anyone else:(

Doctor change...

So Duran wouldn't quote me so I have decided to go with Cabral. I started off with Baez I just feel like she isn't going to give me the results I wanting

Question ????

So I've been trying to research everything I can about Cabral . I have looked over review after review just to find out some specifics. My question is there are people on here that when people say that they are going to CABRAL THEY ACTUALLY TELL THEM HAVR YOu HEARD ABOUT ALL HIS DEATHS AND BURNS.... I have seen the burns (which I'm terrified of getting) but ALL these deaths that people are talking about??? Are they like the same 3 that you can pull up on google when you look him up....And don't get me wrong it is awful but WHEN THEY SAY "ALL THESE DEATHS " are they talking bout them. I just feel like that phrase sounds like tens to hundreds so I'm just trying to get my info right...PLEASE HELP!

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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