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Excuse the title, lack of creativity on my part...

Excuse the title, lack of creativity on my part but its 5 am and this is what Im vibing to as I type. I've been researching the DR triple threat (TT, BBL, Lipo) procedures since the beginning of the summer and have decided to start a post on my own journey now while I am still in the phase of compiling plans. I used to learn from RS years ago but it was too overwhelming and I was not mentally or physically ready to go forward with any procedures. My child is now 4 y.o and Im over it. Not completely sure I want more children once I remember what them contractions do so this one is for me. Im 27 with one kid, 195 lbs and about 5 foot 9. From the pics its clear what my problem areas are but I want tt,bbl lipo and the goal is to fill in hips and laterals and bring my high backside down. My hope is to look and feel better in my clothes. I'm not out here tryna be a bartender, video vixen, club promoter, insta chick etc. but I do need to fill these damn clothes out properly. Also please excuse the photos but going forward I will not be censoring myself. I will be honest as possible in hopes to help someone else or even receive advice. Gonna try to keep each post pretty brief since I myself get turned off from reading a three page ass post at one time

Background Info

A little more expository on myself ladies. In September of 2010 I had 1000cc silicon injections in my butt. Now I have not had any complications whatsoever and honestly if I could find my injector again, I would consider going but the stretch marks surfaced so I feel a TT is necessary and because I have had a child since then the rest of my body was destroyed instead of just my ass. You think it looks crazy and boxy now imagine how it was before and I have retained most of the results but during pregnancy I gained so much weight and I have not been able to get the weight back down. To be quite honest we do not really know what is injected in the first place but again my injector was clean, EXTREMELY professional, experienced and no complications and it has been 7 years. I have always been adventurous but traveling to DR seemed much more far fetched than doing it right IN NYC plus there was no recovery time. I was interning in a courthouse at the time so FMLA was not even an option. Also back then I had no need for TT or lipo. I was a pencil. Plus the price I paid the injector pretty much cancels out with the tt and lipo and using your own fat is always safer of course. I was very young and RS was too overwhelming to me back then. I was unable to maneuver through all of this info the way that I can now.I was also a teen and wanted the immediate gratification. I was not willing to wait or save money. Now that I’ve had my daughter and not in a relationship nor looking to enter one, I can do things appropriately and safely.

Prospective D.R dr's and dra's

So I've contacted Robles, Almonte, Yily, Mallol, Cotes, Rodriguez etc. Strictly based on my intuition and research I have narrowed it down to Mallol and Baez. Their prices are damn near identical but Mallol offers a package with RH and Baez does not. Other than that I am still trying to see who I feel more comfortable with or who does better work. I am looking to travel shortly after I get my passport. I applied last week and was told I would have it in a month if it does not get rejected because my background was off white (whatev). So waiting on that. Once I get it, everything else will fall into line with the quickness. The deposits, the flight, the tourist card etc. What I can do in the meantime without having secured a date yet is do my tests with my doctors here and stack my supplies and get my affairs in order with class and work and of course the research continues. My ideal projected date is around Thanksgiving to sometime in December but def before New Years. I want a few weeks to recover between semesters and hopefully mf’s will be like “damn she was eating good over break” as opposed to “this bish done took a flight”. Please feel free to ask anything. I’m still figuring it all out but I’ll give ya what I got

RH vs Alternatives

So I am on the fence of renting an apartment for 2 weeks on airb2b instead of RH. It is important to be cost effective but at the same damn time, I know me. Do I wanna be in a triple or quad room in pain with other bishes moaning and groaning in pain aggravating each other? A benefit of RH is that they cook for you but my picky pescetarian ass would starve in there and dont know if I trust that tbh. Also if my supplies/ belongings gets stolen, I will burst every damn stitch resolving that issue. Im not going there to start it up but Im known as Petty Wap so aint no way somebody gonna come up one me. Can't be getting taken advantage of at every turn but I expect that to some degree while being out there so i'm planning efficiently and getting all quotes printed and taken with me. With that said I want to know if anyone is as daring as me looking to do something other than RH and want to share apartment or hotel. My plan is to hire my own driver and nurse/masseuse to check on me routinely, buy my food and aqua prior to surgery to make light meals while I’m there, do my post ops, take the drains out and get off the scene. Maybe it's just me but that route seems like less drama and more comfortability. So anyone in the tristate area tryna link, let me know.

Fajas, fajas, fajas

I need help senoras. I have a squeem that I am planning to use as my stage 1. I plan to buy only ONE stage 2 and get it taken as needed. What Is the butt in/ butt out situation? I heard the thong is a no go by all accounts but the debate seems to be that the butt in garments will compress the BBL results too much and cause necrosis but the butt out garments holes arent big enough for your new cheeks to fit through and many end up butchering the butt outs trying to get their ass to fit through the holes. By way of assessment you would think the thong is the best option here but apparently the compression is needed on the bbl to keep swelling down but I can't imagine wearing a thong garment for the majority of the day and for months on end and what if I have my menstruation? It's mind boggling. Im thinking i should either get a thong garment and wear it with semi compression spank shorts for the BBL swelling (alternate during menses) OR buying a bodysuit type garment that is big enough for the right amount of compression on the ass and hips but get it altered at the waist for shrinkage. Any advice? Also what’s your thoughts on Ardyss, Vedette, Ann Chery and Salome powernet? I plan on getting my CG’s from Ebay for the simple fact they have the money back guarantee even if the seller does not accept returns. Even if I do get a counterfeit garment I will be able to keep it and get my money back then I'll come right back here and put the seller on blast so no one else gets caught up in the ebay foolery.

Vitamins and Iron Supps

Thus far I have been taking Mielle Organics bi daily. I know this is a hair pill so u might be like WTH but its a multivitamin as well and it exceeds the 100% DV for almost every supplement in it. I just started taking them so no endorsement or review yet. Its only 20 bucks. I got mine from my local BS but I think they're in Target now. I was actually en route to start buying all of these vites individually from Walgreens when it occurred to me Im about to blow more damn bread and Mielle has ALL of what I need and more. I also have been struggling to take Geritol liquid and SSS Tonic liquid. The taste is…..undefined in words but if you smell it and you can still drink it then you are all the way G’ed up. I want to be diligent about it but its too damn much for me HONESTLY, TRULY (Joanne the Scammer voice). Keep in mind that my travel date is not at least until Thanksgiving time so I might take the liquid iron closer to that time and stick to iron pills and iron rich foods for now. I have always been anemic and have recently got into a normal hemo range (12) but I'll be damned if they send my ass back to NY the same size it came there cause my hemo is below 12. I do not eat meat so that also does not help matters. I might start taking D3 soon but Bromelain and Arnica right before I leave. Sidebar - dont flip the shii when your urine looks radioactive. It is your body naturally excreting the excess vitamins.

Mielle Organics
VIT A = 200%
VIT C = 417%
VIT E = 40%
VIT B1 = 2000%
VIT B2 = 5882%
VIT B6 = 5000%
Niacinamide = 150%
Folic Acid = 100%
Biotin = 1333%
Zinc = 33%
Calcium Carbonate = 20%
Pantothenic Acid= 2500%
Copper = 50%


This upcoming week I intend to stalk my passport status and see if I can get an arrival date, look up Rejuve Spa massage packages or Groupon massage packages and keep trying to distinguish the work between Mallol and Baez. Also gonna research non meat iron rich foods and go food shopping. Cut soda out of my regimen because I am addicted and I haven't read that it will interfere with surgery goals but I certainly can't imagine that it is helpful in any possible way. Also might try to get down to 175 before I have to leave.I was told my weight is fine and i should workout on regular basis to maintain the results but I would hate for them to lipo back, flanks armpits to my butt and I still have a fat puffy face and double chin. Hell no. I am going to get close to my ideal weight (160) without sacrificing too much fat. Bear in mind I am tall so 160 is not as bad as it sounds. I am also going to begin toning my arms instead of getting lipo on them since no one is pleased with their arm lipo results apparently. Further in the future like the same week that I am scheduled for DR, I am going to get a brazilian wax and box braids cause those are 2 things that I am not dealing with for a while post surgery. Im gonna take my daughter out frequently before then because i will be out of commission thereafter.

Before You Choose your PS......

Questions I asked the DR’s/ DRA’s that were not answered in their basic automated email that they send to everyone with the quote price and RH info

*The confirmation that you’re dealing with an assistant and not the surgeon is when they cannot answer all of your questions. You will know. They may use pronouns like “I” but trust that is not Duran (not that she ever responds anyway) ur chatting it up with.

How many surgeries does doctor do daily?
Do you open and close surgeries yourself?
Do you include hips and laterals in your BBL or is that extra?
How long to keep in drain?
How many massages in DR and how many once I go home?
How do I prevent, necrosis, fibrosis and burns?
Do you use dissolvable stitches?
Does your TT include muscle repair?
What is the difference between full and mini TT?
Do you do liposculpture and liposuction both?
What is a pain pump and do you offer it? (STILL not sure what this is)


This is a comprehensive list. Vets, let me know what’s unnecessary or any pointers you have. It will be much appreciated on my end. Again I do not intend on bringing all of this but most of it will be for post care once I get home. I will make a separate post as to what I am taking with me.

Bio oil
Rosa mosqueta oil
Vashe wound solution
Anika Forte or montana (Can't decide btwn )
Silicone strips
Noodle shaped high density pillow (flight to alleviate BBL pressure)
Huge heavy maxi pads (to line inside of CG:not doing board and foam)
Compression thigh highs
Mosquito repellent
Q tips
Peroxide (to clean blood from fabrics and CG)
Water pills
Digestive health (probiotics to counterbalance the antibiotics)
Ensure vs. Nutraments (reqs. further research)
White washcloths
Mass amount of baby wipes
Nivea firming lotion
Full body zippy sack (kind of like a bodysuit blanket)
Thermal blanket/pad (to wrap around waist)
Dermoplast (this was given to me when I had an episiotomy during birth)
Sleeping pills
Hand sanitizer
Funnel (not cashing out for no damn urinal)
Plastic sheet liner ( I would hate to leave blood and fluid all over the sheets)

* The heated blanket…. So through research I read that wrapping the blanket aids in movement of the fluid. Ideally when we do lipo, the fat is liquefied and after surgery we still have a percentage of this liquid fat in our body so the heat helps it to maintain in a semi liquid state while we make amends to flush t from our system via massages, water drinking or pressotherapy etc. This is not me endorsing anything or telling anyone to substitute a heated blanket or pad instead of getting their massages. Im just saying I deal with logic and that thermal pad/blanket makes sense to me. Don't compromise for price ladies, We are already taking cuts by going to DR so don't cheap out on post care. No one wants seromas, edema, necrosis, fibrosis,burns, etc.

24 Karat Magic

So I've contacted Robles, Almonte, Yily, Mallol, Cotes, Rodriguez etc. Strictly based on my intuition and research I have narrowed it down to Mallol, Yily and Baez. Other than that I am still trying to see who I feel more comfortable with or who does better work. Yily responds although it takes some  trying and her results are known to deliver. This is a comprehensive list. Vets, let me know what’s unnecessary or any pointers you have. It will be much appreciated on my end.

Bella Barbies

So I prolly should have asked permission now that they are officially an LLC but who can be mad at a plug putting you on. Bella Barbies is a new consulting agency helping women on their progress and journey ranging from advice to scheduling and coordinating the entire arrangement for you. These are women who are well versed and have done the surgeries themselves and have managed to establish a rapport with these surgeons and act as a liaison between them and the states. I mean prior to this, these surgeons had women promoting in NYC (especially in the Heights) tryna get ladies into the idea. A few years ago I prolly would have signed up for the Skipper package BUT I have found that by doing these steps myself, I am more educated about the process both post and pre op. This option is more for the woman on the go, those who are thoroughly confused or just someone with extra money to blow who can't be bothered with this type sh*t. I opt to do it myself cause I do not want to do the middle man thing and am not for the he say she say between all parties involved. They are willing to act as a support or do all of the legwork dependent on what you need. When reading through their packages I laughed because I actually watch Barbies Life in the Dreamhouse with my daughter and if you watch just one episode you will know why I laughed but very entrepreneurial and admirable on Bella’s part. You can follow her on insta @Bella_barbies. Her posts are inspiring, funny and motivational. I can always count on her posts to either laugh or learn.

https://www.bellabarbies.com/ (I have no personal or business affiliation with this site or its owners)


Just a mini rant. Daughters father had the unprovoked nerve to ask me what/ who am I getting surgery for. Unprovoked because it’s none of his business but in that same breath he will be watching the baby solo while I am gone and God forbid something happens to me, someone needs to know whats up. Now I do not claim this fool because this whore is public property but it prompted me to think what am I aiming to accomplish. Am I doing it to attract others or for myself so for the purposes of being 200% honest with you guys, it is both. With that said, please don't judge me but if you knew me personally there is not much lady like or dainty about me to make you think I would want this surgery. In my profile photo I have on a snapback like for real. I don't wear dresses or skirts and im too tall to ever consider heels. I’m not a tomboy but prefer being comfortable as opposed to cute. I don't do clubs, bars, Instagram or none of that shii but it is VITAL that I feel good in my own skin. I want to at least get back to some semblance of how I was pre baby but the post baby body among other things led to depression and a stagnated self worth. As women we place a lot of pressure on ourselves to achieve a certain look and I was never completely okay with my body shape but having a child pushed it over the edge. It took 4 years to do something about it because I have been trying to lose weight via exercise and even diet pills and I actually did lose some weight but that does not speak to the stretch marks, high flat ass, lack of hips and huge heavy boobs. In terms of attracting others, I do not even feel confident enough to speak to guys the way that I used to do and those who show interest in me, my self esteem is so fuc*ed that I do not let it progress. I say that to say this, remember the risks but do not let anyone else be a deterrent from your happiness. Im sure you ladies have heard at some point “youre fine the way you are or you should just go to the gym”. I'm the type that once my mind is made up that's pretty much it. I spent my life putting others first so Im not entertaining no bulshii on the subject of going or not going. I had my supervisor at work ask me “what am I gnna do if she doesnt approve my FMLA since its elective surgery”? . I dead ass (u can tell Im from NY lol) laughed right in her face. I damn near quit right there since it felt a little ultimatum-ey to me. I told her you'll be looking for a new employee Laura duh. I can get a job by the next day guaranteed and actually intend to quit right before I get the surgery anyway. My current job is not my goal career, its a placeholder while I am in college for my license but dont get it twisted, Im always good. Im not delaying what I WANT one more minute to appease others. The surgery is as psychological as it is physical. This is where shii stands as of now.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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