23 YO, 1 Child, TT,LIPO - Dominican Republic

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I am so nervous and All i have been doing is...

I am so nervous and All i have been doing is researching. I have sent over all my information to DRA DURAN. Hopefully I hear back soon. I know she is in high demand and most likely extremely busy. I have been researching like I stated before and I have decided to use DRA DURAN. The results are amazing. Of course I am not depending on her fully. I am working out and eating clean for the best possible results. This is not just a Want for me this is a NEED. A lot of people are judgmental and not really supportive but I know what I want and I know what will make me feel better about MYSELF> ALWAYS love yourself first ladies and do what MAKES you happy. Pray on it and move forward. I look forward to sharing my journey with you ladies.... Also, could someone explain RH to me? I am reading a little about it but what makes this different than staying in a Hotel close By?? -Philadelphia,PA(by the way)

Has Anyone Had a BBL in DR

I'm curious ! After the bbl how do you feel?? Does it feel different? Is it very soft?? Or is it Stiff?? I haven't had the procedure yet. And i don't know anyone who has had it done. I appreciate all HONEST feedback please. This is apart of my research. I don't want it if its going to be stiff , and not shake, move, or bounce lol.


Hey Ladies, I am still waiting on a Quote from Dr. Duran. Submitted all my information 8/3/2016. Any tips or advice for Pre SX? I am becoming impatient with this wait game. I just want to pay and get it over with since I have been wanting this for a while. So any advice in regards to what to travel with? Vitamins to take? Also, I see she request certain things that are not included with the price. Do I purchase these things while I am there in DR or before I take the flight there?

DURAN DOLL NOV 21,2016! Recieved Quote Dominican Republic!

Hey Ladies! I finally recieved my quote from SurgiCoordinator. When I say I was jumping up & down once I received my quote I was excited. The email leaves out a few important details as far as how I would submit payment or how much required to secure date. I am super happy. So now I am getting ready to plan my flight, etc. Still unsure about RH because I've never been. So i am stilluncomfortable. Plus I don't know any names of RH or how I am suppose to locate one. I am super happy today lol. Ttyl Ladies. Stay tuned for my journey, this is one you don't want to miss. If you have any advise pre SX please let me know.


I received my quote today through surgicoordinator for Dr. Duran,
Initially I wanted to have my Sx done Nov 20, 2016, but I think I am
going to push it back to 02/01/2017, It seems far but I know it will be
here before I know it. I just don't want to stress myself out trying to
get everything ready in 3mnths, then that gives me no time to mentally
prepare... Anyway, My question is what RH did any of you ladies stay at
during your visit in DR? I am just finding out about RH but have no idea
how to locate them so I can price them. I have been looking into hotels
out in DR but if all I have to do is book my round trip flight and the
RH is there for transportation to & from then that seems better than
dealing with a hotel and my own travel. Thanks in advance

Scared, Unsure Confused Dominican Republic

So I thought i was 100% sure sold on Dr Duran, but recently i have
been reading reviews not so good from THIS year, few months ago. I see
her work is amazing but idk if its just a act from other ladies. I hear
about burns, open wounds from lipo, TT. Botched patients who travel back
home just to end up in the ER. Please if anybody has any input it is
greatly appreciated. My life means more to me than a price. I just want a
surgeon who really cares about their patients before i cause this kind
of trauma to my body

Wish Pictures for BBL, TT, Lipo

Wish Pictures. I'm only 5'1 . Im on the petite side. I want a nice Ass lol. Dont want the " my waist so small it look like it hurts to carry my ass" look lol. Just enough to turn heads and be like "Damn" she's body goal lol. I'm going for a BBL, TT, Lipo with Dr. DURAN. Maybe i need to submit a request for a Breast Lift. Not sure if it can all be done at once. Don't want too much trauma on my body overtop of what i will already be going through.

Wish Pictures

Just a few wish Pictures. I love her body. Originally, i didnt have wish pictures because i wanted to be realistic about how I look. But Dr.Duran could get me close. Especially with the weight loss . TT,BBL, Lipo. Can't wait. Pray on it every night. Feb 2017 can't come fast enough. I just need to figure out what RH provides the best post care.

Sernity RH Price

So I contacted Serenity RH because I kove what they offer, I love that they also communicate in proper english as well. I uploaded a picture of the price that was given to me. I am still unsure if i want to bring a guest but i think that would make me feel way more comfortable. If i travel alone i will be nervous the entire time. Thats just a little update., now i have to look into massages as well as flights

Sernity RH Price

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From DR. Duran to Dr.Blinski.. I Made the Switch

After a lot of research, thought, and my gut feeling. I decided to
switch doctors. Honestly after seeing how great Duran was I said forget
my first choice and maybe it's cheaper. So i started the quote prices
for Duran in D.R. she quoted me 5,000 for lipo, tt, bbl. Deposit is only
$250.00 to hold date(Not bad ) .... As i continued to read on the risk
of going to the DR, and reviewing some burns and other things, I went
back to re-evaluatere my first choice , which was Dr. Blinski. For him I
was quoted for a BBL which consists of lipo from certain areas. (He is
board certified btw) My quote was ($6,200) with a deposit of ($900 to
lock in my date) . I really didn't have $900 to book him yet I knew he
would fill slots very quickly. So I became discouraged and looked at
different surgeons. I say all this to say, I was about to go to D.R
& risk my life over $1,200 more. When the trip to D.R would have
cost me a total of $8,000. Using Dr.Blinski in total will cost me a
little under $8,000. I really had to put things together. I am happy
with my choice, I can sleep better tonight a little. I have to figure
out where the heck I am pulling $900 from (real tears))..

Good LUCK ladies and I will still continue my journey on RS. I
still support the dolls who are going out DR and coming back Fabulous!!!
And my sincere prayers are with everyone going through with sx, for a
safe and great recovery.

Update, BBL, TT, LIPO Duran 2017

So I've been back & forth about doctors. My mind was set on Duran after I saw her work & the price gave me the extra push. Then I start reading and doing research and became scared. So I backed out and said I would stay in the states. Well today I was on YouTube researching and a lady had a whole video involving Duran and the surgery and her surgery was successful and she looks amazing. So I said going to D.R shouldn't be that bad. I told my mom and she said she would stay out there with me for a few days, just to make sure I get through the surgery safely . That made me feel a little better and my excitement is sort of coming back. I know Duran will give me exactly what I want , I just need to inform my PCP, so I'm trying to figure out when I should inform my PCP because my surgery is not until Feb 2017 ( God Willing)

Butt in Faja or Butt Out

Ladies, which Faja is better? I have read some reviews where ladies
say butt out Faja is better then butt in Faja. But then I see certain
doctors put their patients in a butt in Faja. Just would like to know
which one is better for post op , to keep the booty nice. I know we
automatically lose 20% of fat after a BBL is done. Let me know .

TT,Lipo,BBL .. Ladies Help, I Need a Meal Plan!

So I am 6 months Pre Op. I am scheduled for Feb 20 Inshallah (God
Willing) . I have gained so much weight this month. I went from 158 to
168. I am tripping out because I am trying to get down to 138 and
maintain it. The only thing that seems to help me lose pounds is fasting
which sucks. Please let me know what has worked for some of you ladies.
I know ppl bodies respond differently to things but this weight needs
to go ASAP,. My metabolism is also very slow. Help me

List from Duran

If anyone has the list from duran about the things you need to buy as far as vitamins , please screenshot it and send it to me, or send it to me via email. I am not sure what vitamins i need to be taking i am 5 months pre op and want to go out there healthy and make sure my body is as ready as possible. Thank you in advance

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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