23 Years Old, No Kids, 2017 BBL + LIPOSCULPTURE DRA. DURAN

Hello everyone! I just paid my deposit Friday to...

Hello everyone!

I just paid my deposit Friday to the surgicoordinator and booked my surgery with Dra Duran. I received a confirmation email but did not receive a response from Laura yet answering questions I have. I am hoping for the best! I just want to make sure I do everything correctly to prepare. Are their vitamins I am supposed to be taking prior to surgery? I am planning on only spending one night in a recovery house and a hotel with my boyfriend for the rest of the time in DR. Is anyone else planning on sx in 2017?

Days after surgery

Laura, Dra Duran's surgicoordinator told me 7 days after surgery will not be enough so I'll be staying for 10 days. She still didn't answer all of my questions, I am anxiously waiting to hear back!
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