23 Years Old, No Kids, 2017 BBL + LIPOSCULPTURE DRA. DURAN

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Hello everyone! I just paid my deposit Friday to...

Hello everyone!

I just paid my deposit Friday to the surgicoordinator and booked my surgery with Dra Duran. I received a confirmation email but did not receive a response from Laura yet answering questions I have. I am hoping for the best! I just want to make sure I do everything correctly to prepare. Are their vitamins I am supposed to be taking prior to surgery? I am planning on only spending one night in a recovery house and a hotel with my boyfriend for the rest of the time in DR. Is anyone else planning on sx in 2017?

Days after surgery

Laura, Dra Duran's surgicoordinator told me 7 days after surgery will not be enough so I'll be staying for 10 days. She still didn't answer all of my questions, I am anxiously waiting to hear back!

Surgery getting closer

Booked my plane ticket last week. I also had my CBC test done a few weeks ago unfortunately my hemoglobin level is low (11.3) I need to raise this ASAP! I've been taking all the vitamins the vitamins the dr recommended hopefully they bring it above 13. Does anyone have any advice for this? I am staying in a hotel with my boyfriend and everyone is saying I should stay in a recovery house but my mind is already made up. As anyone stayed at a hotel? I should be buying all of my supplies by the end of this week! I am excited the nerves haven't hit me yet. My date is May 23rd!! :) I included someone of my wish pics

Hello Ladies! It's getting closer and closer to...

Hello Ladies!
It's getting closer and closer to my sx date and I cannot wait! The nerves definitely did not kick in yet, I just hope I am 150% prepared. I had my CBC test done a few weeks ago and my hemoglobin level was low 11.3, I need to raise it to a 13 before my sx date. I am aiming for above 13. I have started taking the pills recommended by Duran (iron, folic acid, vitamin c and B plus) is there anything else I should do? I am also trying to lose 10 pounds because when I initially got my quote I was 127 and I am now 138. So annoying!!! I don't see the big deal about me gaining weight but I asked SurgiCoordinator and she told me I should remain the same weight. I love to eat so this is really hard! I purchased my plane ticket last week. I will be purchasing all of my supplies probably by the end of this week. I am staying in a hotel with my boyfriend and everyone's telling me it's best to stay in a recovery house but I already made up my mind. As anyone had experience staying in a hotel?? Any advice or questions I'm ready to hear/ answer. Thanks for listening!!

Arrived in Santo Domingo yesterday!

Hello everyone! So I arrived yesterday, it's not my first time in the country but my first time in the capital. I have to go to Cipla today to get my testing done I guess. I was told to come at 9:30am so I'll be at Cipla in a little less than 2 hours. I have decided to stay at the Sheraton hotel which is literally at $2 Uber away from Cipla. I don't think I'll be nervous until after testing is done because then I'll know it's for real for real.

Currently waiting and counting down.

This morning, I came to cipla at 6:30am. We waited for Duran's office to open and then we went in around 7:00am. Duran arrived about 30 min later. She called the girls in one by one to mark our bodies and then sent us upstairs. She's nice, and she made me feel comfortable. I'm upset I can't eat or drink anything because I'm hungry. It seems like there will be 6 people getting surgery today. I asked Duran about the order she said she will decide once everyone gets marked if she wants to do the easiest first or the hardest. I showed her a few wish pics, she said she will try her best. I just want to get the whole thing over with already. My surgery was actually $3,900. $4,100 after paying the fee for surgicoordinator (I should've just booked directly) but the coordinator was very informative and helpful. I brought the wrong compression socks, so I purchased them here for $35. I really like Duran's assistant Wilikira, she's nice, she said me and my boyfriend remind me of her and her boyfriend lol. So yeah, I'm just waiting!!!
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