DR Yily De Los Santos .. breast implants, Lipo on back , belly & Sides & BBL !! Here I come Santo Domingo

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So I picked Dr yily de Los santos because her work...

So I picked Dr yily de Los santos because her work is Amazinggggggg. I get so happy just looking at other peoples outcome can't wait for It to be me already ... I've been contacting yily for quotes for about 2 years now so I think it's time to really make the move. She quoted me for $4500 for stomach ,sides, & back lipo , fat grafting to my butt with breast implant. Which is not bad at all. I will be staying at the doll house recovery home. I will be in the DR in 9 DAYSSSS OMG so unreal ..

Pre op

Did anyone bring their own pain meds?

So I have 7 days until I leave to DR & I'm thinking about bringing my own pain medications just nervous to bring them on the plane :/ I don't know what yily prescribes

Wish pics !!

These are some of my wish pics and how I would love to look after

3 days into Surgery with DR Yily De Los Santos

Ok so I have 3 more days until the big Day and I am sooooo nervous I just hope all goes well & I make out Alive and Safe .... Other than the things that the DR tells u to bring like loose fitting clothes , wipes , pads , tank tops to wear under my faja ... I'm not bringing any hsir products I hope I'm feeling well enough to get my hair blow dried sometime before I leave ...

my flight was cancelled :(

Looks like I will be having surgery on March 4th instead of the third. My flight to DR for 6:30AM got cancelled due to this snow storm. I called the airline and switched my flight for the next day and thank God I was able to get a hold of yily to tell her about it , she first asked if I had already made my deposit lol so then she proceeded to tell me that was fine she will take me in the next day ... I was sooooo happy and relieved to hear that. So I have 1 more day to double check my bags and everything make sure I'm not missing anything.

It is timeeeee

Well ladies it's time to get my procedure done. I'm all marked up ready to go. Just got my blue pill. I will post an update as soon as I'm out

I made it !!!!

Surgery went very well. I woke up towards the end while they were finishing my boobs but didn't feel anything. Yily is sooooo sweetens so is her staff. I had a wonderful experience. I feel good. My boobs or belly don't hurt much but my butt is in pain lol.





The Dollhouse recovery home

Ok so since I can't post any pics of my results I will let u guys know how awesome this place is. Patricia which is the nurse here is soooooo sweet very caring & loving. I love her lol she helps me with anything and everything I need. Paola is such a sweetheart as well she would come with me to cipla and stood there up until it was my turn for surgery. She's very nice. She even Took my boyfriend out for lunch. Since I can't do much. Lol. Tia is super sweet as well she speaks English for those that don't speak Spanish & Paola does too. Patricia will understand whatever it is you're trying to tell her . I would Deff recommend this place to everyone looking for a place to stay during SX. Very helpful staff

Yilys work

I absolutely loveeeeeee my results. Exactly what I wanted. Yilys is a Doll , very sweet. I'm NEVER again getting any work done (shit hurt like HEll) but very worth it n I'm happy I did it. Can't wait for summer now :)

15 days post op

I'm finally starting to feel good. I still feel very sore when I massage my stomach and back but no pain at all. I still sleep on my boppy pillow for my butt and as far as my boobs I took the bandages off yesterday and started putting Maderma cream on today for the scars.

3 week post op picture

I'm feeling much better. My tummy and back are still very sore. Kind of little a numbing sensation. Weird lol

Bbl Correction and More Lipo

I got work done with Yily back in 2014 and I want to go back. I don't know if I should go back to her or cabral. I loveeeeee his work !! I feel like Yily messed up one of my buttocks by making one bigger then the other so idk if I should even go back to her for correction. But haven't seen anyone get done by cabral recently !!! HELPPP
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