22 Years Old from Canada Ready for my Change - Dominican Republic

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Hey dolls. I'm 22 and from Ontario. 5'4 195 pounds...

Hey dolls.
I'm 22 and from Ontario.
5'4 195 pounds , looking to get a BBL and Tummy tuck.
I have been researching for 3 years and its finally my time for a change
I currently have no booty or shape , I hate it. Having two kids really made my body look unattractive. At first I was on the Contreras boat, but after what happened I changed my mind and want to play it as safe as possible. I decided on Dra.Fatima Almonte. I sent her my deposit already to hold my date on August.25 2015. I'm super excited. I will be staying at New life recovery house and arriving in the DR on August.21. I can't believe its only 4 months away, I'm so excited and nervous! Any other Canadian or us dolls going to the DR end of August? Maybe we can buddy up :) I speak some Spanish and would love to have someone to talk to while I'm there. Anyways since I'm 195 pounds I plan on losing weight. I want to be 175 by the time in in DR. Hopefully I can pull it off. Wish me luck :)

Surgery bumped up

Changed date since I have to be back in Toronto by the 26th, I'm scheduled to surgery with almonte on the 13 of August !:)

Pushing date back

Pushing my date further back because I am not at my goal weight I actually gained weight ... Going to wait and aim for July 2016 since I start college this septemeber , I would rather get surgery and heal during summer break. Anyone going in 2016? :)

Going December 2015

Change of plans AGIan lol deciding I'm going in December. I really want a buddy . I'm from Toronto Canada so anyone from anywhere let me know! I'm thinking of just doing a walk in with Yily or Duran ! :)

Small bump again

Going January 20 now. Any one wana buddy?!

Another bump, last one!!

Latest sx change. May. 11. Really wanted to go this month but it's better I finish school in April and not have to stress about catching up on work . May. 11 2016!!!!!!! Any dolls going in May??

Anyone want to swap dates for Almonte ? I'm booked may. 11

Hey dolls. I'm booked for May. 21 with Almonte , and was wondering if any doll wants to swap wth me (obviously you need to have a date booked with almonte too ) I'm looking to go end of May until middle August latest. Let me know ! Xox
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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