22 5'2 160lbs No Kids Dr Yily Dominican Republic, DO

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So I've been back and fourth with this procedure....

So I've been back and fourth with this procedure. I'm from Boston so I went to a doctor that my friend referred me to out here. He quoted me 9,600$ ????. So I started looking in other places. Dr Baez hasn't replied and Dr cabral got back to me rather quick and 4200 is affordable. I'm leaning more torwards Dr cabral if I don't get a response from Dr Baez this week I'll be going with Dr cabral and booking a date for march 2017.

Thinking of switching doctors

So the negative remarks and videos on cabral is starting to grow on me. I really was into him his instagram is POPPING! I might be interested in Dr. Yily still no response from Dr. Baez. Hopefully Dr. Yily is reasonable with her price because Dr. Cabrals price was. Fingers crossed. Still keeping my date for March 2017.

Dr YILY Doll 2017

So Dr yily sent me a quote and it's for 4,500$ which isn't to far from cabrals price and it includes everything like blood work and all the good stuff in like Dr cabral. She was way more detailed with her response. Her email was informative way more the. Cabrals. I checked out her IG also and her work is dope also! Deffinitly going to make my deposit today and set a date for march 2017.

Down payment

Just sent in my deposit to lock my date!! Finally starting my journey after so long of procrastinating. Anybody going to yily 2017 march let me know would love travel buddies !!!

Just got my vitamins!! Starting today!!

Just stopped at the GNC and got some vitamins which is a iron supplement, Folic acid and multivitamins. If anyone has any idea if these are okay let me know or if you can Referance me vitamins that are better!

Stopped smoking

I'm on my 2nd week ever since I last smoked weed. It's so hard I swear I'm around it all the time and I'm so tempted but Dr. Yily stresses I stopped a month befor my surgery. Anything at this point is worth it.

Ticket bought !!! Couple steps closer to my dream!!!!

Just ordered my recovery box!!

Starting to buy last minute things. Just bought my recovery box and buying a luggage and some maxi dresses on line. Those of you who are looking order your recovery box from ( Diamond Recovery ).

Recovery Box is in 5 more days until take off to DR

I'm so excited that my recovery box is in for those of you who don't want to go through the hassle of buying every knit and crane. I went to through the Diamond recovery and they send me and everything I needed for my BBL recovery.

Finally a Yily doll !!

One day post op. Unbearable pain but I'm defiantly snatched and love my body I can't wait for my final #RESULTS !! #YILYDOLL2017

1 week post op

Sorry I haven't been updating the pain is really bad. I don't like taking pictures and I'm always resting. But I love my results right now and can't complain unless it's about the pain.

Last day in DR

I started feeling better after my 10th day there. I only stayed for a total of 10 days. But I'm loving my results and can't wait to fully heal.
Dr yily dos santos

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