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I've been on here for ever just like you other...

I've been on here for ever just like you other beautiful dolls. I finally bought all my supplies & my plane ticket. I'm super excited can't believe I'm really doing this , the most surgery I've had was getting my wisdom tooth removed. I'm nervous & anxious mostly because of the pain might have to endure. I mean I do have a high tolerance for pain but some reviews say it's worst than child birth & I haven't even been through that so what can I compare it too lol. Anyways I just want you guys to follow me. I'm very discreet so I won't be posting many pictures , I know that's annoying but it's what I prefer.

Super excited

So I'm just here counting down the days I'm a bit nervous but I won't chicken out lol

I only found two bad review on Dr. Diaz , which happened about 3-4 years ago. One girl butt was deformed 1 year post op & the other caught a bacterial infection on her butt cheeks. But that's way less severe than the botched girls coming from Cabral & Duran also the women that lost their lives seeing Cabral (may they rest in peace) don't get me wrong Cabral and Duran does great work but I'm not risking my life and taking those chances. Another thing I like about Dr. Diaz is that he only takes 3 patients per day & I know that for a fact because my cousin had her breast done with him and she said his office only had 3 girls there including her I also contacted his wonderful assistant to confirm this. I need a doctor who won't be tired while their working on me. We are women ! Human beings ! We are not vegetables on a conveyor belt we need our doctors to take time on our procedures not rush us along so they can just collect they check & go then we end up botched when we get back home. Just so you ladies know when you have surgery abroad American doctors do not even want to touch you. So please dolls be careful and make sure you do extensive research cause this is your life and you are someone's mother, daughter , sister , and aunt & I know they want to see you home safely. 

Quit smoking

So I finally quit smoking (marijuana) wasn't as hard as I thought it would be I just stopped and I'm fine lol counting down the days can't wait !

Pics coming soon

I'll be uploading some before pics when I'm post op so you guys can see the before and after I'll leave it up for about a week then remove them. I just thought it was a bit selfish of me not to share photos. I want you guys to be on this journey with me ! If anyone is going to Diaz on January 9th let me know so we can connect. Also I had to remove my birth control implant that was in my arm today , since I'll be getting arm lipo.

Slow motion

Feel like time is going so slowwww hurry upppppp January lol I can't wait to get this over with !
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Replies fast and answers all my questions can't wait to meet him in person !

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