22 Looking for Banging Body Senior Year of College - Dominican Republic

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I love Dr. Mallol so far. He has answered all my...

I love Dr. Mallol so far. He has answered all my questions, in a timely matter. He told me he was able to give me what I wanted from my wish pictures(model: @thefull_monti) I only needed to gain between 5-10lbs which is fine. I'm so excited that I can't wait to have my procedure and then return back to school.

My BEFORE Pictures

I love my body. But I defiantly would love to have more curves.

Recovery House

On Average how long are you supposed to stay in a recovery house? Dr. Mallol recommended 10 days total for the to stay in the DR but that's an extremely long time.
Also thanks to mhazelton I found out about Rocios' recovery house and I think that's where I'll be staying during my rehabilitation.

Gaining Weight

Hey ladies, sorry for not updating. Been having some problems as of lately. I just can't seem to gain weight. My usual is 120lbs and I was perfect at this weight, and now I'm 130lbs and doctors are still saying I need to gain between 15-20lbs for a procedure. That's going to place me overweight according to my BMI so what's a girl to do. 10lbs is alread a lot for me I couldn't imagine gaining anymore weight just to have it all taken out at one time. But I found a new wish picture. Maybe doctors can make this happen... Or do you ladies have any other possible suggestions so my self esteem isn't shot during this process
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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