21 Years Old Wanting a Bbl and Breast Lift !! - Dominican Republic, DO

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I want a nice perky lemon drop booty. I have...

I want a nice perky lemon drop booty. I have gotten a lot of negative feedback from my family and friends about my desire to get the surgery but I say "Fuck Them" lol I really want to do it. I love my body of course but I have a put on some pounds since my freshman year of college and I am graduating in a month. I wanted to give my self a graduation gift with this surgery. I am shooting for March because that seems like the only time I Will have to recover. I emailed Duran and I am waiting for a reply !!

I switched doctors CABRAL IT IS !!

So for all you who have preaccusations and preassumptions on my doctor but are going to yily and duran... I got some news for you!!! They were both his understudies (he taught them both) and that is one of the reasons they are great surgeons today!! So thats why i chose him im like hey if im gonna go to yily or duran i might as well go to the person who taught them!!! Anyways im gonna get to the good stuff!!! Any one who is interested in having surgery and using there tax money .. SAVE IT!!! Use your tax money but dont set your appointment during tax season.. Trust me i live here. And my business requires me to go back and forth to the clinics.. January to april the clinics are flooded with people and cabrals office is like a voting poll shoulder to shoulder with women who come to get surgery. And he tells them all the same thing "Im gonna make you a barbie, Im gonna make you beautiful, "your gonna be the first to get surgery in the morning be here at seven" so at 7 oclock in the morning cabral has 8 girls who all claim to be going first!! But once your under anestesia you can only hope! Im in his office right now may 28th and im the only person here. Im trying to take the proper precautions so I know he does my surgery safe and himself. I dont want to wake up in the middle of surgery (as many of my clients have) and see someone else liposuctioning me. ???????? But im so excited im in the wating area using my global data to inform some my dolls whether your going to yily or duran, baez, or whoever, to avoid the high season!! Come during the low season and get the best care possible !! Ps. His office is beautiful on the fifth floor room 501 like a boss!! Biggest office in cipla!

Scheduled for July 5th

One week pre op i feel do anxious snd nervous.., there is no such thing as perfection in humanity but i hope that cabral makes me better !!! I mean how can he not.. I have no ass !!! Ok ladies i will be staying at bettys Recovery House of course !!! ???????? i will take pictures and post them .. See you next week!!

Post op pics !!!

Only two days post op my waist is so small

Round 1 post of pics!!

So Cabral is wonderful he is a great surgeon very charming.. I literally only spoke to him 14 seconds before surgery he took my before pics asked me if wanted nice or big.. I said nice he said ok and I didn't see him again until i came back for a check... Everything went by so fast !! I am now 6 weeks post op and I love my results !!! ladies if you don't like attention don't get a bbl omg my life has completely changed I mean I have a boyfriend already and not toot my own horn but I was already a bad bihh but now!!! Girls I had nfl player hawking all over me in the club when I went back to the U.S. I was in complete shock !!! It feels so weird so different because I know what they're looking and I'm like damn my cute little face definitely didn't get this much attention lol !!!

Night out booty pics and faja info

I started with a m├ędium stage One faja and a week and a halflater I bought I a medium stage two faja.. Even though the nurses at cipla told me to wait !! Ugh whatever I can't take hose nurses seriously they work the clients like working a assmembly line sucking out you fluid with a needle and then saying "Quien Sigue" (whos next) and moving on... It's proper procedure to wait at least 8days to get massage as well as wait another 2 days to change your faja but I didn't listen to them fluid was building up and getting on my nerves because it was so much pressure in back and abdomin I went to get a massage and a day later bought my stage two!! Omg those massage awesome !! The massage at cipla are standard .. And also bullshit .. They take out a little fluid to make it look like they are doing something.. Put paraffin on you and send you on your way !! LISTEN I DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT LET THEM PUT PARRAFIN ON YOU FOR THE FIRST 4 MASSAGES it os irritating to The skin!!! I went to The MASSAGE therapist ay Bettys and she saw my thighs (I had thigh lipo) and immediately new the lady at cipla put PARRAFIN on my thigh my stretch mark were swollen and it hard in that area ... It it not good to putt anything hot on your skin just after surgery not even hot water for bathing... Anyways after a couple massages my waist was getting smaller and smaller my faja didn't have as much compression which was allowing fluid build up .. So I went from a medium to an xs because the faja the store didn't have a small in the type of faja I wanted but it was definitely worth it because after two and half weeks I was on the third notch and I am pretty sure I can do an xxs now I really wanna try soon... Hey fajate is the best stage to faja .. I even work out in it... A lot of compression but it doesn't roll very much ..

Faja pics

Round 2 .. Wish pic

Ok so recently I have been thinking about a round 2 I want bigger bootay call me greedy but whatever .. I haven't told my boyfriend yet !!! He is gonna flip like whyyyyyy baby with his cute little Spanish accent anyway ... I want more projection from behind like my laterals are nice and my hips don't lie(shakira voice) but i want MORE !!!! I'm going back to the king because he can do it I mean he made the impossible happen since Baez turned me down telling me to choose between hips and ass !!! Like that was gonna happen (sarcasm) but anyways yo quiero un grande coolo lol( I wanna a big booty) i think my booty right now is nice like girl up the way booty... Grocery store big but I want vixen big now idk what happen but I'm officially addicted and I will be getting a breast life on round three which won't happen until after I have some ninos (children) because I want to be able to breat feed without complications!! Ok it's 3:49 am on a Saturday night this booth is going to sleep thanks for all the support ladies !! Happy healing!!

video post op

No faja Ass looking nice !!! I'm loving my new look !!

Going to Colombia got round 2

So I'm getting a round 2 bbl and lipo with breast implants .. I can't decide from Florez plazas or villabalos

One year post

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I went to Dr. Hector Cabral and I LOVED MY RESULTS

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