22 Years Old, BBL, , Liposculpture. Dominican Republic, DO - April 2016

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Heyy RealSelf Fam :)))) Im 21.. 5'2.. 130lbs ,...

Heyy RealSelf Fam :))))
Im 21.. 5'2.. 130lbs , going to get my procedure done w. #YILY in Dominican Republic. I JUST put my deposit down && I'm just waiting for yily to confirm my date on 2/20/2015.!!!!
Happy, anxious just want february to hurry up and come !! Im Going to DR w. My husband && my sister in law , as they will be helping me through out the way. My sister is going for round 2 with yily !! Im Getting Liposculpture, bbl and breast lift with implants. I just want to go 1 size up and lift these bad boys up !! ( My husband and i Have a 3 year old!!) . So im 21 feeling 41. just Want to feel more comfortable with myself again.

Ok so i was recommended to gain weight. && believe me me and my husband have been pig'n out. I eat eat eat and ive gained about 10 pounds . I need to gain more fat in order for yily to have more to work with. What should i be eating ? Believe me when i tell you i eat dominoes EVERY NIGHT . A whole box for a month straight . && all ive gained is about 10 pound. But you cant tell the difference though :/

Got my date confirmed !!!! ????????????

Sorry i havent updated , been working like a dog ! But i finally got my confirmation date frm yilyyy. My supplies are slowly but surely arriving. Deposit down. Im so exciteddd !!! Now just waiting for my husband to book us our flight lol .

So i was really thinking about getting breast lift && going one size up, but after hearing that the implants will have to be replaced every 10-15 (correct me && educate me if im wrong ) years i dont really think i want to fall through with the implants ... hmmmmm Still deciding . Any thoughtss ?

8 weeks to go !!

Ok , im so Ready. Not really nervous just anxious. I want to get over it already.
I've always had a nice shape i just want a bigger butt. I would gain and lose weight all the time and as i gained weight my butt would get bigger but as soon as i lost weight my butt would also dissapear. I will also be attaching the pic of me before yily told me to gain weight .
I have yet to start taking my vitamins ( will do in like 2 more weeks). I did stop smoking & drinking. Slowly stocking up on all my supplies . Ughh i wish i can just wake up && go to DR :/

5 weeks to go !!!!

So i have my appt tmrw to get bloodwork and just to see if im in good health. Ohhh boy , as the days get closer i just become more anxious !!!!

Im Back, With a new date !

Hey Realself Fam.
Ok so just to keep you guys updated. I never got to go to yily last year. My surgery was on Feb 20th && I just so happen to take a pregnancy test on FEB 15th and found out I was pregnant…. I automatically contacted Yily and explained the situation. She was really happy for me! I asked if I can just reschedule and she explained I’d have to wait 6 months after giving birth to have sx. So here we are. On april 24 I will finally be 6 months post partum. And my sx date is set for April 22!!!!!
Everything is ready. I’ve been taking my vitamins (GNC Women’s Ultra Mega One Daily @ $19.99, Which I Ordered While on Sale Buy 1 Get 1 Free). Also the iron pills and Prenatal pills that I received while pregnant, Im anemic. Hoping everything will be good once my sx date comes.
My luggage is set, Flight set, Passports in hand. Im soooo ready
Finding out I was pregnant a couple of days before my sx had me so sick and depressed. But a blessing is a blessing nonetheless, and my family and I are happy about my nugget.
So let me just tell you everything i have packed, and if anyone have anything extra to add on please feel free to add on . The more the merrier
What to Bring
- Government Id
-Loose Clothing (Shirts, Maxi Dress, Tanks, Wifebeaters.)
-Baby/Feminine Wipes
-Thick Kotex
-Compression Socks
- Mild Laxative
- Dial Soap/ Antibacterial Soap
-Neosporin/ Arnica
-Q tips
- Gauze Pads, Medical Tape
-Blistex, chap stick etc. Lip care
Pineapple Juice/Chunks ( GOOD FOR SWELLING)
-Disinfecting supplies
-Boppy Pillow
-Band Aid/Silicone Strips
- Bottled Water
-Vitamins && Supplement
-Hand Sanitizer
-Ponytail Holder

Travel Checklist :
Wallet (Purse, CASH) . I was going to take my credit cards but heard theres too much fraud in DR
cell phone, charger, headphones
ipad, laptop
ticket/ reservations confirmations
Maps, direction
Light blanket
Perfume/body spray
Sunscreen/ Bug repellent
Flat iron/blow dryer
Nail clippers

Wish pics

Almost there !!!!!! :)


So this was me about 1yr ago. I was 130. Now I'm 170!!!! ???? :(

Luggage packed :) :) :)

Im so ready

Pre Op measurements

Arm - 11.5
Waist- 36
Hip- 40
Butt- 43
Chest- 39


Death At CIPLA . with DR. Wilfredo Rodriguez Pena

If anybody can read spanish...
In the video a young lady (maybe daughter? ) says that they had her walk downstairs from the 2nd floor post op . Hmm . IDK


13.4 Hemo !!!

Just got my hemo results. 13.4
7DAYS TO GO !!!!!!
pray for me yall

1 Day Left!!!

1 Day left and ill be in Dominican Republic. Going straight in for testing and then surgery time.
Guess what guyss !. .. Im sick... Not sooo sick anymore. but still phlem (NOT ALOT, but still enough to be spitting back out often) in my chest. Ive been drinking everything from Tea with lemon and honey every 2 hours, Dayquil, Nyquil, to even some spanish home remedy of ONION soaked in with honey and lemon. (DISGUSTING!!!!) but anything to take this cold away. Im still sipping my tea with lemon and honey. this has to go by tmm :( :( #Sad.


Tmm is the day!

No surgery still.

Went in today 7AM .. When i called to reschedule my sx date for a earlier date, yily assitant told me to go in and get my testing and if its good then i can get my surgery today... SOOOO. I go in today and nobody ever told me that.??? I was pisssed! My aunt went in with me and she was ready to curse everybody out LOL. So anyways, i get my testing done. EVerything is good. Yily assistant tells me sit down and wait... I HAVENT ATE NOTHING SINCE 8 LAST NIGHT!!!! The nausea was REAL. And a headache i wouldnt wish on my worst enemy . So im glad i didnt get my surgery today because i really felt like iwas going to PASS OUT. Giving my body a rest, eating some food so i can be ready for friday! Ill keep yall posted !

Wait wait . I forgot.

So i forgot... i got my testing done and yily assistant tells me to sit and wait.. (Again im hungry AF).. I waited a good 1hr and a half . I asked her am i getting my sx today she says No. So i asked her can i just get my results when i come in for surgery. She goes "your waiting for your results?" ...... ????????YOU TOLD ME SIT AND WAIT!!!! Wtf . And she goes no i didnt tell you to wait. (I was so hungry and sleepy i just walked out. I didnt say anything didnt look at her i just picked up amd left... (My aunt and brother heard her say sit and wait , so my aunt just laughs and shakes her head while mumbling something about the assistant. Lol i came home and instantly opened a can of Ensure and dry crackers. Felt soo good. After that i fell caught up on my sleep. Went to supermarket and bought food to cook.


Yes they do have uber here. I paid 4 (FOUR DOLLLARSS!!!!!!!) on a ride to the clinic that was 40 minutes away !!!!!!!!!!! And i spent 1.50 (( ONE DOLLARR!!!! And 50 CENTSSS)) on a ride to the supermarket. And 1.50 to come back... GUYS DOWNLOAD UBER! GET YOU AN UBERR!! Life Saver! Money Saver .. Sooo loving uber right now

Surgery done

Now just recovering, i have a wholeeeee lot to say about this dissointing stay. Im IN LOVE with my results, but yily smh RUDE AS FUCK. Will write my review when im not so tired!

Lymphatic massages

Calll her!!! She is awesome.! Her name is Brunilda !!! Tell her Barbie sent you !!! ( thats what she nicknamed me lol)
She goes to your house & charges 25 if your near her. She charges 30 + if she has to travel far... But she is damn great at what she does. Makes you feel so relaxed. Give her a call, you wont regret it!!

Ok so heres my review.

I got to the clinic (not cipla. Whatever the clinic where yily is now doing surgery at) at 7:30 Am. I got my lab results from the day after my hemo was 14.5 everything was great. Now i was just waiting to meet yily. Guys i really really really wanted to say yesss thats my Dr shes the best but 1. She is soooo FREAKING RUDE.. I was so dissapointed. She had the only attitude && when i asked her assistant whats up with her is she ok today, she goes yeahhh shes moody like that. First of all im putting a couple of thousands in your hand at least fake a smile to make me feel comfortable, Nope. She was a straight up bitch. She didnt ask me fir no wish pic, she did t ask me any questions. Her assisant just called me into a room and yily started marking me up. I was suppose to do my arms along with my chin. But yily said no because thatll make me bleed alot. (With her attitude). So i was dissapointed but w/e better safe than sorry.. Waited , waited, waited and around 1pm i was called upstairs because i was about to be next. Ok. So im nervous and theres a young lady who was also doing her lipo with another dr and she just made me feel so much better with her jokes and such good spirit.. So fast foward. The anesthesiologist comes in, pokes me with the needle about 4, 5 times ( i was PISSED!) . Whatever. Then i get pushed to the sx room. The anesthesiologist goes ahead and give me my epidural (AGAIN POKES ME 3,4 timess!!!) and finally gets it so he rises the bed at the foot All the way up to where my head is all the way down so the anesthesia spreads all over my body. So this is where i get uncomfortable. This mothafuckin anesthesiologist, my head is put between knees and the assistant is holding up my legs. WHY THE FUCK DOES THIS MOTHERFUCKER START SHAKING HIS LEGS?????? Making my titties jump.IVE NEVER BEEN SO OFFENDED AND SO DISGUSTED. So i look up at him like what te fuck is wrong with you. I told him stop im uncomfortable. The nurse assistant also asked him what was he doing and he just chuckled "just giving her a massage" and i quickly responded No! Stop. .. Smh . I was soo disgusted. I started panicing. He had his phone out the whole time. In my head im like he has me recorded on his phone this fucking pervert. Amd i just kept yelling i want to go home. I GENUINELY wanted to just go back home. I did not want to proceed withe surgery anymore. I was really panic. So im telling him no i want to speak to yily i want to speak to yily... yily comes in ON THE PHONE and looks at me like im bothering. She goes your alright your alright. And walked right out on her phone. (Im so heart brokenand upset. The sweet lady i read so much about was just this arrogant dr who didnt give 2 fucks about me)


So after yily left the room on her phone i automatically fell asleep. I woke up during my surgery and guess what .... NO YILY!!! Yuppp no yily. It was a guy doing my surgery, gladly ive been stalkin realself and knew some wake up in mid surgery, so i prepared myself for that. And when i woke up my head was covered. I didnt make a peep i just stayed up listen to who was in the room. And it was a guy doing my surgery cracking jokes with the anesthesiologist. Yesss. Again YILY WAS NOT INTHE ROOM WITH ME. I then started moving around so they know im awake and the anesthesiologist quickly came to me and started carressing my face, i just kept shaking him off and trying to get him off my face. And then after that . I dmt remember anything. Just back to sleep... Woke up in my room, no pain. But girlll i thre up for 2 straight days. Everything i took in came out. . I was miserable.

Drain out today

I started my massages 3 days later , im receiving one everyday until i leave . Today i had a drain scare. I thought it was clogged so i went to the clinic and they ended up taking the drain out. WHAT A RELIEF!!! I feel sooo much better. So comfortable. I cant wait to get my massage tmm. But i do have before and after pics. And i will private msg if anybody wants a peek :)

3 weeks post

Its been 3 weeks. Body is still sore. I depend on these massages like no other. I received 8 lymphatic massages out in Dominican republic . And 4 so far since ive been in NY (10 days) i wish i could do it everyday but the spa be booked :( :( my body feels so uncomfortable when i dont get the massages. IN LOVE WITH MY RESULT . I know they will only get better. But like i said . Everyone asks me if i would ever do it again , HELL NO! Would i ever recommend yily? Hell no. I tried private messagin some of you ladie who asked for pictures and it wont let me . So ill b postin a few soon! Happy healin dollls !!!

Before & After

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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