21 Year Old No Kids..122 Lbs 5"4 .want a Bbl - Dominican Republic

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I really want my hips curved out more and a little...

I really want my hips curved out more and a little fat added to my but and I wan tn stomach flat as can be..I already have a good physique but my stomach is getting fat...im really looking forward to going next year in March and I really need some advice I'm really stuck between Baez fisher and Molina please help!!!!!


Heyyy have anyone have surgery with Baez? Did you like it is she sanitary? Any deaths

Implanys or stay with my boobs ?

Dolls I'm wondering if I should get implants or my boobs are fine? I want that nice look that blac Chyna has

Baez Contact

Hey dolls do anyone have dr Baez in DR contact info such as phone
what's app or anything? I'm trying to get a quote from her I emailed her
but I'm not sure if she will reply or whatEvr .....how long do you guys
take to actually plan for surgery...I'm thinking next year March am I
plannin to early???

Yay Baez Quoted Me

So guys Baez replied to my email she quoted me $3,000 (perfect price) but. She said I need to gain 15 to 20 pounds omg.....I have been trying to gain weight but I need some suggestions and on how to do so....like I stated earlier I'm looking forward to next year March so should I start my weight gain as of right now or wait? And she also stated to get some blood work done by my doctor to make sure I don't have anemia (so scared)

Boyfriend Annoying Me

Hey dolls so I have a little issue...my boyfriend isn't to ok with my
going DR for surgery...he basically saying that if something goes wrong
then I won't be able To sue them or do any legal actions blah blah....I
really wanna do this I just need him on the same page with me...ha any
of you dolls have this problem ? If so how did you deal with it
HELPPPPPP ????????????

Hey dolls so I had my mind stuck on Baez for s...

Hey dolls so I had my mind stuck on Baez for s while but everytime I see Molina post a pic I get second thoughts smh lol I like when he post pic he post in English and Spanish and he's seems very genuine....Baez quoted me $3,000 and told me to gain 15-20 lbs and Molina quoted me $3,900 and told me to gain at least 5-10 lbs ???????????????? now I'm stuck ....all Baez reviews were great reviews as far as cleanliness and health etc has anyone heard any bad stuf with Molina like deaths unsanitary situations etc?

Undecided Baez,Molina or Cabral???

Hey dolls sooo recently my bestfriend told me she contacted Cabral
for a quote .....we are gonna be goin dr the same time....she insist on
going to Cabral he have been my first choice for a long time but after
hearing those stories about CIPLA and horror storie I got frighten and
second guess.....I heard Baez is soooooo amazing and clean and
nice....Molina I have heard the same about him but Cabral name just has a
bed reputation but I don't like to go by hearsay I wanna see
proof....urghhh annoyed...ill post some pics of early what I want..keep
in mind I have a decent shape already D

Pis of me now still undecided Baez or Molina

I just want a flatter and smaller waist with a more plumped ass and wider hips I really am going for hips more than ass


Hey are they any Molina dolls that just got surgery recently?? I really narrowed down to him or Baez cause I haven't heard anything bad about both of them but I heard Baez doesn't do ages since lipo although I'm scared to get aggressive lipo and get burned I still want my waist small and enough fat to fill out my hips

Still doing research

Hey do any dolls know of any good affordable surgeon in Atlanta? If so list them

I'm going with Mallol

Have any of you dolls have surgery with Mallol ? His instagram shows that he does good work

Switched to Mallol!

Have any of you ladies been to Mallol? I honestly wish I could've gone to Cabral but the horror stories Issa no for me ..I'm confident that Mallol will do me good I'll post pics of myself...I weigh 135 now and when Mallol quoted me he didn't mention me gaining any more weight so I'm wondering if I should
Dr Baez

Heard a lot of great things about Baez but really scared to go to DR because of all the bad things I heard...fisher is close to home and heard great things about Molina as well

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