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Hello all my name is Vanessa I'm 21, and I'm...

Hello all my name is Vanessa I'm 21, and I'm getting a tummy tuck, lipo and bbl done by Dr.mallo cotes. I'm 5'1 currently weigh 138. I gained a lot of weight after having my daughter my highest was 189 and I'm down to 138. I'm very proud of myself and have came a long way but the extra skin, still have flab on my mid section, love handles and back fat make me feel unattractive. I have always had a "lil extra" but when i had a child my body took it hard. Anyways I decided to share my journey seeing all you wonderful ladies posting and sharing your results, I'm like why not lol. I'm excited and nervous all at once but can't wait to get my body back.

Wish pics!

Flights booked

Just gotta get my passport I know I'll have to expedite it. And get a few more supplies and I'll be ready couldn't be more excited I'm going with my husband and we have to take my daughter so I'll be staying in a hotel not recovery home.

More before pics

So you know its real lol. I'm currently at work decided to put some more pics. Can't seem to upload my pics with out them being side ways ????

Applied for Passports today

Geez I never thought I would spend so much money in one day. Anyways got the passports they should be here within 3 weeks I'm also waiting for my results back. I got labs done on everything to be sure I'm healthy enough for surgery I should be getting the results back either Monday or Tuesday I will post as soon as I find out.

Test Results

My test results came in everything is good my hemoglobin is a 14.1!! I'm so happy I can't wait till May.


My supply list of what I have so far: 4 summer dresses 2 pks maxi pads Female urine funnel Bedding underpads (I'm staying in a hotel) 3 pks of baby wipes Dial soap Gauze Alcohol pads Colace (stool softner) Sunscreen and mosquito spray Triple antibiotic cream Scar cream Anti itch cream Stretch mark cream Ibuprofen Sleep aid pills Athletic tapes Bandages Antibacterial wipes Feminine wash Wash clothes Towels Deodorant Tooth paste Compression socks (ordered off of amazon will be here next Friday Q-tips Lotion Pill organizer Shampoo/ conditioner Supplements Snacks for the plane I need to get arnicare pills Not sure what else if I forgot something please feel free to comment what I forgot.


Passports came in really quick its getting closer and closer.

Second Guesses

I'm starting to second guess if I should get a tummy tuck due to the fact I want more children later in the future. If like it would be a disadvantage because I would get stretched out again from a baby so idk. I'm still gonna go through with the surgery just a case of nerves and thinking about the future....

3 weeks till!!

Can time move any faster I'm so ready to get snatched ladies!!

Daughter not coming

A little off topic but thankfully I found someone to care for my daughter while me and my husband our away. My daughters safety is more important than anything, my family (expect my husband) our very unsupportive of my decision to get this surgery that they won't even keep my 2 year old daughter for me. But a very close friend of mine took it upon herself to watch my daughter while I go through this dramatic transition. I don't care about the money I lost along the way as long as my baby is safe and doesn't have to see her mommy go through the pain I know I will face. My family may think I'm selfish and vain. But I have to do what's best for me. At the end of the day I still take care of my family.

Almost time!

I have 10 days left. I'll be leaving next Saturday for Dallas stay at my hubby uncle house for a day then he will take us super early to the airport since our flight leaves 6:00 am. I'm hoping for no delays but the Texas weather's been crazy here especially in Dallas so if I don't make it to Dr.Mallols clinic before closing, to get my labs done I'll just have to go early in the morning the next day. My anxiety has been higher then ever the closer I get the more I have trouble going to bed. I'm really gonna miss baby too I've never been away from her this long so I have no idea how I'll cope and how she'll be. It will all work out, I'm trying to be optimistic I'll post some more pre op pics, before I leave. I did gain a little weight but all in my stomach area.

More before pics

Before weight loss

Like I said I lost a lot of weight I didn't just say hey I want a flat stomach and big butt let me get surgery to fix it. I actually took the time worked my butt off and lost 51 lbs. Kept in going but I still wasn't seeing any results on my stomach literally most of my weight came off of my legs and butt I did lose some off my stomach but it doesn't match my legs and every time I wear pants I gotta pull them over my pouch. I'm 21 with one kid and I feel like done had 5 kids with this body.

Before weight loss pics (continued)


Feeling Nervous

About to be leaving very soon I just hope everything works out! I'll keep you posted once I arrive.

I'm here

Woah its been a long day meet Dr.mallol he's very nice I'm getting my labs and surgery done tomorrow I'm so anxious and exicted I haven't gotten any sleep since last morning idk if I'll sleep tonight. Night Bella's hope to post tomorrow


My labs were good just waiting to have surgery he already marked me

Made it to the flat side

Just made it out my stomach is were o have all the pain and I'm exhausted and dehydrated still can't eat. Post pics when I can


My ass and back feel like a fire rocks I don't ever wanna go through this again fie those that are getting round 2 y'all are troops I had to get a blood transfusion before eating I'm very swollen and that faja sucks putting it on. I can't eat fast or drink just gotta take time I'm ready for this week to be over with but I do like love my figure and butt haven't really seen it with the faja off

More pics

Post op pics

For some reason pic didn't post first time

Out of the faja for a little

Massages from Hell!

Hello lovelies here with another update I got my first massage and boy did it hurt but she drained me out very well it was actually helpful because I didn't have too bad of a hard time putting on my faja I had a lot of fluid on my sides and back the fireball pain of her kneading me like a dough was rough I had to push my face into the pillow I wanted to cry so bad. She was a nice lady though and please keep in mind to download a translator as a lot of people here speak Spanish and little to none English I do speak and know a little as I'm half Mexican but its only enough to get understand some of what they say, so just a heads up.

Leaking drain and other things

I'm starting to feel the effects of surgery mentally I'm leaking from my drain which is not to uncommon. I messaged Dr.mallol he told me its normal I just have to change the gauze and put medical tape on it to hold to put pressure and keep it from leaking through. Well apparently I didn't buy the right tape o bought athletic tape so its not holding the gauze and I keep leaking through. I asked my husband to go to the pharmacy and see if they had some its only a 3 min walk but he rather be on his phone and go on his time and make it seem like its my fault for not coming prepared. I'm really starting to regret this and I'm ready to go home I'm probably being over emotional but I haven't left the hostel since I left the clinic so I guess that makes things a little tense since its just me and my husband. He feels like he has to do everything for me (well yeah I just had surgery) I tried to put it mentally in his head weeks before he left and he felt like he could handle it I even tried to get a rh last min but they want cash so all in all day 4 sucks. Not on the physical part because I'm actually standing up pretty straight and can walk pretty well but mentally I'm not feeling too well

Returning home

So yesterday I got my drain taken out thank god and a note clearing me to go get on the plane and return home Dr.mallol said my scar is healing well and even though i feel fine to stand almost straight he said not to I still have to walk with a hunch until 15 days post op and most of my fluid is out. I have to continue massages 2-3 times a week for a month and go for a one month post op visit, that's a concern because I know I'll have a hard time finding a doctor to look at me. Anyways its officially a week and I'm feeling OK still have lots of discomfort on my back and buty but it will go in time. I wanna give a shout out to Jennjade for giving me some laxatives last night y'all don't understand how much of relief it was to finally have a bowel moment I tried everything and thanks to her the laxative came through lol sorry for the tmi. I'm so ready to go home I miss my baby even though I still have a long trip and journey ahead.

Good stage 2 compression garment?

I'm on my last hook for my compression garment I'm doing fine healing getting better each day I realize i have some delict skin all the scabs I have and using the wrong tape tore a little of my skin I'm still swollen in the stomach area my back is healing fine the upper back is tight and back to normal still a little bruised and my lower back is coming together I have lots of knots which will have to be massaged out my legs no longer swell so yeah I'm coming along and btw my current garment size is a s 32 so would that mean I need a xs? Here's some photos from yesterday after my shower

Minor Complications

OK so I haven't updated in a while but been trying to take care of myself I had a little set back thankfully my mind has been put to ease my incision opened a little bit due to tension and I do have seroma no infection thank god I wasnt sure because I kept getting told my incision might be infected went to see a general surgeron today he said I don't have an infection the incision is healing well on the sides its just the middle opened a little kinda like when you cut yourself but you cut the first layer of skin that's what happened to me its common and it will heal on its own I do go back on Tuesday just to make sure its not worsening I don't think it will because its barley leaking through he cleaned my drain hole and put a wet gauze on it thats healing as well I'm doing fine feeling fine just have to watch for infection symptoms I do have seroma but he doesn't want to aspirate it just has to go down on its own.

Dreadful Seroma

Didnt really feel like updating but here's the update went to the general surgeon today tummy tuck incision is healing fine but I told him about my back leaking I have seroma in my back as well and the fluid is trying to come out so its coming out of my incision hole from lipo hopefully it will drain all the fluid and close or I will have to be drained on Friday and if draining it with a syringe doesn't work he'll have to open me back up and insert a drain (worst case scenario) he still didn't drain my stomach if he doesn't I will I have medical training used to do phlebotomy and give injections so I can do it I just was hoping it would go down on its own but the more my swelling goes down the more my seroma because visible I got a lot of stuff going on right now supposed to be starting school next week but idk everything seems to going wrong not talking about my seroma other things, anyways here's the pictures.

Seroma pictures and leaking back


Either my seroma in my stomach has encapsulated (harden) or its gone and now I just have a bulged out stomach but I'm thinking my seroma has harden because today I tried to drain myself and nothing came out no fluid and when I press down it doesn't make that waterbed wave anymore I'm pretty pissed off because I had my last appointment on Friday everything is fine my back stopped leaking and the incision is closing he said I'm fine the seroma is just going to take time to go away and I really don't have to see him anymore because he doesn't want to keep charging me (my insurance only covers 2 visits to a specialist) luckily I did make an appointment for this upcoming Friday just to be to have one more follow up. Now when I start to feeling good and back to myself this comes up it seems like I can never have it good without some flaw I'm really hoping it will just go away and I don't have to have surgery to remove it and I do wear my faja everyday I have it off in the pictures because I'm washing it right now

Lipo with a tummy tuck

From what I read and research if you get a tummy tuck and lipo most surgeons will lipo the flanks, hips and other areas but not the abdomen itself because 1. Blood supply injury and 2. Recovery time so Dr.mallol is not wrong for not doing lipo on the abdomen with a tummy tuck but he should however inform his patients that even though it shows in the quote lipo in the abdomen it will not be performed with a full tummy tuck. Now they say if you get a mini tummy tuck you can get lipo in the upper abdomen. And yes there is some surgeons that can do a full tummy tuck with lipo in the upper abdomen but that's very risky and they have to use caution when doing it. Me personally I think I should have just gotten lipo and bbl without a tummy tuck because yes I did have extra skin but it wasn't a lot and I went to a surgeon locally in the beginning of my research phase and he told me I might need a tummy tuck might not but that would depend on how my skin retracts back he doesn't do tummy tucks and bbls together so who knows maybe I would have had a little extra skin after but my tummy would be flat. But overall I learned to love myself I'm not going for a round 2 ill just lose the rest naturally because I'm so done with this recovery process and all the complications that have come with it I'm very blessed it wasn't life threatening or an infection that some of these women have been unfortunately through. Surgery comes with risks no matter what and I'm not willing to put my self or my family through that again. Anyways I wish all of you the best in your journeys and recoverys.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

He was very reassuring and communicative, he getting really busy so he has not been responding as fast as he was when we first interacted. But that understandable I did my research and followed a lot of other dolls and I feel he's the one for me. I will add more once I get my surgeries done so far, its going great.

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